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Independence Day

  1. Star Trek’s Brent Spiner to Return For More Alien Puppetry in Independence Day 2

    Hey... wait a minute...

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  2. Jeff Goldblum Officially Returns In Independence Day Sequel, Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher Also Join Cast

    That sound you hear is Sam Maggs gleefully shrieking.

    Start placing bets on what Roland Emmerich gonna blow up this time. Personally, my money's on the Great Wall of China. Has he done that one yet? It's so hard to keep track.

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  3. Website Wants You to Send Famous Movie Clips Instead of Greeting Cards

    Elsewhere on the internet

    As consumers of franchised media, we're no strangers to stories of rights acquisitions and company mergers, but you don't expect there to be licensing elements in a story about an eGreeting startup. I'm not so sure about Ditto Greetings in practice, but in concept, there is absolutely a large part of me that wants to send people Bill Pullman's Independence Day speech to people whenever it is even remotely relevant to their lives.

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  4. Summer 2015 Releases: No To Independence Day 2, Yes To The Fantastic Four

    Officially Official

    The long-awaited Independence Day sequel had been moved from July 3, 2015 to July 1, 2016, escaping the mess of blockbuster competition that the summer 2015 season is shaping up to be. The Fantatsic Four reboot, however, is going to be thrown right into the middle of the melée with a June 19, 2015 release date.

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  5. Casting Roundup, ’90s Nostalgia Edition: Actors Rumored For Jurassic Park, ID4 Sequels

    Oh Hollywood

    Bryce Dallas Howard and Michael B. Jordan might be attacked by dinosaurs and aliens, respectively.

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  6. Happy Fourth of July! Here’s Bill Pullman’s Speech From Independence Day [Video]

    Welcome ta Earf. We've got fireworks!

    For the fine folks from the United States, it's that time of the year where we set off a bunch of fireworks, drink way too much, grill meat, and watch Independence Day. That's not exactly the plan for everybody, but it's a pretty good guideline. Sure, Independence Day is all about fighting aliens on a global scale, but Bill Pullman's speech as the President of the United States just before the final assault in that movie is as good a speech as any to celebrate with on the Fourth of July.

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  7. 7 Minutes in Heaven With Jeff Goldblum [VIDEO]

    hold on to your butts

    Mike O'Brien is at it again, but this time he's roped one of my long-time Hollywood crushes into his 7 Minutes in Heaven routine - Jeff Goldblum. Beware: some serious flirting goes down in this episode. Previously in 7 Minutes in Heaven

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  8. Here’s What the Independence Day Sequels (Yes, That’s Sequels, Plural) Will Be About

    It Came From Outer Space

    Director Roland Emmerich knows that the world doesn't need an Independence Day sequel. It needs two Independence Day sequels. Luckily, he's all too willing to provide, and he's given us some info on what ID Forever Part One and ID Forever Part Two (yes, those are their titles. I refuse to say anything good about them, even sarcastically) will be about. I'm not saying it's aliens. But it's aliens.

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  9. Bill Pullman Says Independence Day Can Go Without Will Smith; Jurassic Park to Hit 3D Imax… Is it 1993?

    Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

    Ok, so we all know that Jurassic Park is coming back to theaters in three months, for its (brace yourself) twentieth anniversary? Yes? Good. It's not the only film that's looking to cash in on moviegoer nostalgia. On the far side of the "probably going to happen" spectrum is the ever rumored Independence Day 2, which at least one actor thinks will be okay without one of its original stars.

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  10. 5 Stars, Would Elect In Real Life: Our Favorite Fictional Presidents

    It's just about over, folks. You're one day away from not having to see another political ad for nearly 24 months. Now that you've made your voice heard -- you did vote, didn't you? -- for the candidates of your choice, take a moment to sit back and reminisce about some of the Presidents that the world of geekdom has given us. After all, participating in a democracy is tiring work, and you've earned a break today of all days. If you're not done telling people how you think things should be done, though, by all means, let us know what Commanders-in-Chief you think should or shouldn't be on this list, either in the comments or on our Facebook page. It may not be your civic duty or anything, but we always want to hear what you think.

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  11. Sequels to Independence Day Now Have Names, Are Depressing

    Remember Independence Day, the plucky action flick that paired the lovable Will Smith with the amusingly cynical Jeff Goldblum back in 1996? Well, there are two sequels in development for the franchise. Not one, but two. If this still leaves you with a glimmer of hope that they'll defy the odds and somehow turn out amazing, the titles that have been attached to the duo should stamp that thought out quickly. Hint: They're not good.

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  12. Independence Day Writer Gave The Studio Back Their Money The First Time He Tried To Write A Sequel

    Not a Misprint

    When we first heard about an Independence Day sequel we weren't really sure how we felt except to say it had to have Jeff Goldblum attached to star. Well producer/writer of the original, Dean Devlin, is still working on the script but it turns out he tried once and was so disappointed with it he gave the studio back their money. Find out exactly how that went down plus some new details on Independence Day 2 and whether or not Will Smith will be along for the ride.

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  13. Things We Saw Today: Happy 4th of July, Everyone

    Things We Saw Today

    This Captain America cake (based on Avengers fan art by Adventure Time's Natasha Allegri, so how's that for a geek pedigree) and other patriotic cakes by Nerd Ache Cakes. Try to eat that and not feel guilty. (via Pancake Pancake Pancake)

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  14. Assassin’s Creed III Independence Day Trailer is Cool but a Bit Weird [Video]

    Ubisoft released a new trailer for Assassin's Creed III today. Don't get me wrong, it's a super rad video. There are just a few things that might make you go "Huh?" A trailer for a game about stalking and killing people set to Amazing Grace. Huh? A call to "Ignite the Revolution" this July 4th. Huh? All this coming from the Montréal division of Rennes-based publisher, Ubisoft. Huh? Well, watch the trailer yourself and see what you think. One thing is for sure, I'll still be waiting in line this October 30th for my copy of ACIII.

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  15. Let’s Celebrate A Few More Independence Days With More Independence Day Movies

    It Came From Outer Space

    Kick the tires and light the fires, there's a possibility we're getting not one but two Independence Day sequels. I don't care what happens as long as they have Jeff Goldblum attached.

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  16. This Guy Walked Around NYC Reciting the ID4 Speech — For America [Video]

    For great justice

    Funkanomics Comedy sent its own Sean Kleier out into the streets to deliver the triumphant pre-battle speech originally given by Bill Pullman in Independence Day. And like a demented, patriotic evangelist, Kleier hit various locations throughout New York City -- the subway and a Subway -- to inspire and possibly piss off everyone who never wanted to listen in the first place. But you know what? They were probably ready to fly a plane into a spaceship by the end of the speech. How could you not be? Now, can he please go around doing the "I'm Afraid, Dave" speech from 2001: A Space Odyssey? That would be nuts. (A.V. Club)

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  17. If the US Had Been Founded By the Characters from Independence Day, As Told By Garden Gnome Mr. T

    Almost Totally Excellent

    If you've ever wondered what Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullman would act like as Founding Fathers, now you (kind of) have your answer, courtesy of this video featuring them all as bric-a-brac characters. At one point there are salt-shaker Daleks, and from now on we shall call this day "Exploded British Day." (via Youtube)

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  18. The Real Story of Independence Day


    Most of you will be familiar with the award winning documentary Independence Day, featuring the talent of Agent J, Ian Malcolm, Lone Starr, President Laura Roslin, Data, Randy Quaid, and more. But Independence Day, for reasons of national security, could not be completed, at the time, as a completely accurate portrayal of the events of July 4th, 1996. The events of the day have since been unclassified, and we bring you now, the true story. Admit it, you never really bought that an alien civilization could be brought down by a virus from a power book anyway. (via Reddit.)

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  19. Behold: The Carbeque

    The 4th of July is nearly upon us, and what better way to spend it than behind the wheel of a classic car turned into a barbeque/diner? This two-tone beauty has been completely gutted, its engine block replaced with a high-powered fuel-injected four-burner propane grill, and the passenger compartment converted into retro dining for four. It even has a sun umbrella. More pictures after the break, and bonus points to the commenter that correctly identifies the make, model, and year of the carbeque.

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  20. We ToneCheck Famous Speeches: Confusion Ensues

    Do you ever have that feeling where you're staring at an e-mail, mouse over the send button, unsure that this really conveys the message you want to send. Maybe your phrasing is a bit off. You wouldn't want someone to get the wrong idea, after all. You don't want a giant conflict to arise that was all the result of a simple misunderstanding. If only there were some sort of program that could check to make sure the tone of your e-mail is appropriate.

    And now there is, kind of. Lymbix, a Canadian tech startup, has launched ToneCheck today. It's a program that runs through Microsoft Outlook, which I just discovered is really aggravating, and it sifts through your e-mail like a spell-check, telling you if something might be too sad or too angry. In theory.

    In practice, it's HILARIOUSLY WRONG VERY OFTEN! And even when it's right, there's hilarity to be found in having it analyze the tone behind some of the greatest and worst speeches of all time. We happen to have documented instances of both kinds of hilarity. Let it begin!

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