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Improv Everywhere

  1. Improv Everywhere Brings Spartacus to Real Life, He Just Wants Some Coffee [Video]

    Fighting in a resistance against Roman armies will make a man thirsty.

    Improv Everywhere continues Movies in Real Life, which is exactly what it sounds like, by bringing Spartacus into the real world. Unlike the Spartacus who fought Roman armies, this guy is just trying to order a coffee, but that doesn't stop his loyal friends from coming to his aide. Time to switch to decaf, guys.

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  2. Improv Everywhere Brings LOTR to New York With Gandalf’s Infamous “You Shall Not Pass!” [Video]

    This is actually Gandalf the White, but a few days in the city made his robes all grey again.

    To the Grey Wizard of Central Park, we are all vicious balrogs who seek to unmake the Fellowship with our fiery whips of many thongs. Luckily, Improv Everywhere has given this noble Istari his moment in the spotlight as part of their "Movies in Real Life" series. Soldier on, Gandalf Greyhame. Eventually someone will heed your warning. Maybe.

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  3. Backwards-Moving Flash Mob Confuses the Hell Out of NYC Tourists [Video]

    New York City is a weird enough place, justifying daily the phrase "only in New York!" As the Geekosystem office is situated in the Big Apple -- which no one who lives here calls it, by the way -- we're happy whenever something positive livens up our town. In a prelude to April Fool's Day, more than 2,000 people moved backwards in Times Square for 5 minutes, confusing locals and tourists alike.

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  4. Improv Everywhere Stages Huge Line for 99 Cent Store on Black Friday [Video]

    The folks at Improv Everywhere sure know how to find a deal on Black Friday. They didn't pay more than 99 cents for anything that morning. That's because they staged a huge line outside of a 99 cent store on the shopping holiday. They even had pretend security and a fake news team there to cover the "event."

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  5. Improv Everywhere Demonstrates a Mute Button for Real Life [Video]

    In their latest joint, prank collective Improv Everywhere assembled a noisy contingent of 23 actors and 2 dogs by the northern entrance to Prospect Park in Park Slope, Brooklyn. After making a New York ruckus of sax music, cell phone conversations, break-dancing, arguing, and street-preaching, the co-conspirators all went totally silent at the same time, much to the amazement of everyone around them. (Improv Everywhere via Laughing Squid)

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  6. King Philip IV Signs Autographs in Front of His Painting

    Improv Everywhere conscripted a man who looks quite a lot like King Philip IV as depicted in Velázquez's famous painting to stand in front of the painting during its exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and sign autographs. Did they fool anyone?

    We got a wide variety of reactions from the patrons in the museum. Some stared bewildered, some laughed, some took photos, some wouldn’t stop asking questions. I’m not sure if we actually fooled anyone, at least not anyone who took the time to do the math at how old someone depicted in a Renaissance painting would have to be. Yet with my suit and the King’s costume, we did look pretty professional. We looked like we were supposed to be there. I overheard a few people guessing he was a modern day king, a descendant of the king in the painting.
    (Improv Everywhere via Laughing Squid)

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  7. Improv Everywhere’s MP3 Experiment Seven Creates Lighthearted Public Chaos in Manhattan

    Improv Everywhere started out as a prankster group and evolved into a group that likes to create what they call "organized fun." Their latest "mission" involved over 3,000 participants downloading an MP3, going to a retail store in New York City, pressing play, and following the instructions given in the MP3 file. The above video is the result.

    The instructions included slow dancing with a product of the participant's choice in a retail store, freezing in the middle of the street, high fiving strangers, and having a toilet-paper-wrapped mummy dance party in Bryant Park.

    There are seven MP3 Experiments in total, all of which grow in participants from the previous experiment.

    (Improv Everywhere via Gizmodo)

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  8. Improv Everywhere Turns The NYC Subway System to the Dark Side

    Whether its organizing flashmobs, freezing time, or throwing birthday parties for unsuspecting strangers, Improv Everywhere makes people laugh with no shortage of flair. And this time they've outdone themselves in the geek department. Things started out at a weirdness level that could just spontaneously happen in New York: Princess Leah boards a subway train reading Galactic Rebellion for Dummies. But she cannot hide there for long, as the dark side is always hunting those with goodness in their hearts and Jedi in their family tree.

    Watch below to see Leah's New York subway ordeal.

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