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Image Comics

  1. Arrow’s Katie Cassidy Plays a Very Different Comic Book Character in The Scribbler

    Oh, hai, Buffy squad!

    If I wasn't told the star of this film was Arrow's Katie Cassidy (aka Laurel Lance), I never would have guessed it.

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  2. Celebrate With Your Favorite Dave – Rat Queens Is Being Made Into A Cartoon!

    Shut up, Gary!

    Orc Dave's bluebirds must be getting really excited, because Image Comics' Rat Queens is being developed for television! Written by awesome Canadian Kurtis J. Weibe and drawn by Roc Upchurch, the tale of "sass and sorcery" is being brought to the small screen by Weta Workshop's Pukeko Pictures and Heavy Metal.

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  3. The Mary Sue Reviews and Interviews: Leila del Duca, Creator of Shutter


    Shutter starts out with an innocuous enough backstory. Well, it even starts out with me looking at our proto-protagonist Kate Kristopher and thinking "You're wrong, kid. So wrong." I'd kill to be mucking around on the moon for no particular reason. Probably drawing lewd things with moon rocks so they can be seen from Earth. Hey man, no one said I had to be classy while I explored new frontiers, did they?

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  4. The Images Comics Humble Bundle Features Saga, Chew, Morning Glories, and More

    Well, there goes my wallet.

    The Humble Bundle is one of our favorite things on the Internet. This time around they've teamed up with Image Comics and the Comic Book Defense Legal Fund, and the line-up is pretty awesome.

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  5. The Mary Sue Interview: Kelly Sue DeConnick on Pretty Deadly and Captain Marvel Relaunch


    Kelly Sue DeConnick has risen into a fan favorite writer of comics. Her stories featuring Carol Danvers, the original Ms. Marvel, taking up the mantle of Captain Marvel made the series a hit and inspired fans to form the Carol Corps. Her recent western fantasy series Pretty Deadly has completed a successful first story arc. Recently, DeConnick relaunched the Captain Marvel series with a new direction that makes Carol Danvers the Avenger who patrols outer space. At WonderCon 2014, Kelly Sue was kind enough to take the time to chat with us about all her fun projects.

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  6. Young Women Are The Fastest Growing Demographic According To New Comics Retailer Survey


    "While many stores report that their children’s comics sections continue to grow, the demographic that seems to be growing the fastest is young women, aged 17–33. Image titles like The Walking Dead, Saga, and Pretty Deadly have gotten their attention, but Wayne Wise reports that at Phantom of the Attic there are "a lot of young women who are really invested in Marvel and DC titles, as well as the Indies. New titles aimed at this group are an important part of this. Books like Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Young Avengers have been particularly successful.' Data from a reader survey by digital comics vendor Comixology supports what retailers are seeing. Chip Mosher, Comixology’s v-p, communications and marketing, confirmed that 20% of its new customers in the third quarter of 2013 were females ages 17–26." - Shannon O’Leary writing for Publishers Weekly on findings in a recent comics retailer survey. Previously in Women and Comics

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  7. Things We Saw Today: Schmexy Star Trek Body Pillows

    Things We Saw Today

    Hey, remember that Loki/Thor cuddle blanket? Here's another thing kinda like that. For sale by IdentityProductions on Etsy. (via Creepbay)

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  8. Part 2: The Mary Sue Discusses Women In Comics With Dark Horse Comics’ Editor In Chief

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    Yesterday we brought you the first part in our two-part conversation with Dark Horse Comics' Editor in Chief Scott Allie. We discussed their Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe, Tomb Raider, and just some of the phenomenal talent they've got behind them. Today we focus on Greg Rucka, Hellboy, diversity in the industry, and literally judging a book by its cover.

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  9. Image Comics Publisher Calls Women “The Fastest Growing Demographic” In The Industry

    This Makes Sense

    This is one of those things that's so in line with what we're all about here, it's hard to not copy-paste the whole shebang. Yesterday morning, at the ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting, Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson gave a speech on expanding the industry's appeal. Stephenson spoke passionately about advancing the medium, and talked at length about how both publishers and retailers need to focus on bringing in new readers. His remarks on one group in particular were highly relevant to our interests.

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  10. The Mary Sue Exclusive Preview: The Adventures of Apocalypse Al #2

    The Mary Sue Exclusive

    J. Michael Straczynski's The Adventures of Apocalypse Al premiered with its first issue last week from Image's Joe's Comics imprint, and the second will be hitting comic shops on March 5. Here's your first look!

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