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  1. A Quick Primer on How to Properly Wash Your Hands, Because Apparently We All Need One

    A quick guide to make sure you're one of the 5% of people who does.

    Like many of you, we were shocked, disgusted, and disappointed to learn earlier this week that the percentage of people who properly wash their hands in public restrooms is a dismal 5%. Yes, just 1 in 20 people are doing that right. That disappointing number got us thinking -- there are four editors here at Geekosystem, and we all think we wash our hands properly. That means either A) there are 76 other people out there doing it wrong or B) some of us think we're washing our hands correctly, but really aren't. We're surely not the only ones faced with this grim thought, so we're taking a moment to offer this handy reminder on the right way to wash your hands.

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  2. Study Finds Only 5% of People Wash Their Hands Properly in Public Restrooms

    Seriously, people -- how do we even have to have this conversation? I am disappoint.

    Here's a story I need your help on, folks, because I can't tell if it's depressing and gross or gross and depressing. According to a recent study by Michigan State University, only 5% of people wash their hands properly after using the bathroom. That's right, folks -- 1 in 20 of you are doing that right, and the other 19 are, statistically speaking, disgusting.

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  3. Chris Hadfield Shows How to Brush Your Teeth in Space [Video]

    At some point in their lives, nearly every right-thinking kid wants to be an astronaut, because being an astronaut is awesome. You get to ride a rocket ship, live in zero gravity, and dine on freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream, which is clearly the food of the gods. Being an astronaut isn't all awesome, though, as things like basic personal hygiene can get complicated in space, and sometimes even downright gnarly. In his latest video message to Earth, ISS Commander and Unofficial Explainer of Things That Happen in Space Chris Hadfield explains why being able to gulp down a mouthful of toothpaste is one of the many keys to being a successful astronaut.

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