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  1. Crimean Zoo Welcomes Baby Zonkey, a Half-Zebra Half-Donkey, Named Telegraph

    Watch, as it stubbornly blends into its surroundings.

    A Crimean zoo has a new addition after the recent birth of a zonkey named Telegraph. Telegraph is a cross between its zebra mother and donkey father. The zonkey is already a popular attraction at the zoo, but not everyone's happy about it.

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  2. New Species of Wacky Monkey-Porcupine Hybrid Discovered In Brazil

    It has a fancy name, but we're going with "monkey-pine."

    Biologists from the Federal University of Paraíba in Brazil have discovered a new species of porcupine that - to the uninitiated - basically just looks like an amazing, pug-nosed, spiky monkey.

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  3. The Many Flavors of Corgis

    Over the weekend, a Reddit user posted the above picture of a Husky/Corgi mix, which soon found itself disseminated to all corners of the Internet. This should come as no surprise since, as we've discussed before, the Internet cannot help but love corgis. But now there's more to love since the Horgi (Corskey?) has inspired other Corgi hybrid owners to show off their mutts, with adorable results. My corgis, let me show you them.

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  4. Chevy Accelerating Volt Distribution To All 50 States in 2011

    You want a Chevy Volt, the new plug-in hybrid from GM, and you want it sooner rather than later. That, at least, is the assumption made by the auto giant as they ramp up distribution to bring the $40,280 car to all 50 states before the end of 2011. In their press release, U.S. VP of Chevy marketing Rick Scheidt said, “we’re accelerating our launch plan to have Volts in all participating Chevrolet dealerships in every single state in the union by the end of this year."  (Full disclosure: my father, and other members of my family, are current and former employees of General Motors. I am not, to my knowledge, getting a free car out of this.) Volts have been available in California, Connecticut, D.C., New Jersey, New York, and Texas since December 2010. Michigan will begin seeing the car in spring 2011, with Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington in the third quarter. Everyone else will follow-on before the end of the year. The push to bring the car to consumers faster comes on the heels of it winning big at the Detroit International Autoshow, among other honors. Furthermore, the Volt recently replaced the Prius as the most fuel-efficient vehicle in America. While the Volt is shaping up to be a technological marvel, the real success could be the psychology behind the car.

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