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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Hurricane Irene

We Can Be Heroes

Spider-Man Braves the Hurricane, Admits Possible Stupidity [Video]

Attention East Coast residents: You were supposed to stay inside yesterday! Unless you were Spider-Man. If you were Spider-Man, you were allowed to try surfing in the hurricane-tormented Atlantic Ocean. But really, only if you were actually Spider-Man, Marvel Superhero and not “Some Dude in a Spider-Man Outfit” who admits he’s “not being that smart” about trying to catch some waves. But what’s done is done, and we are assuming this masked man is now safe. But also: Watch for a guy in a poncho trying to be Rocky the Flying Squirrel at about the 2:00 mark.

Seriously, what the hell is everyone doing on the beach during a f*cking hurricane??

(Topless Robot)

Good News Everyone!

The Schulz Library Sustains Hurricane Damage, But the Books Are Safe

After the east coast was done feeling the wrath of Hurricane Irene this weekend, it was clear that a lot of structural damage was sustained and we all wondered if anything was actually lost and unsalvageable. One of those places was the Center of Cartoon Studies, but more specifically, the Schulz Library, named after Charles Schulz. The library is located in Vermont, close to the White River, which saw a lot of flooding in addition to the torrential rain and wind. The rivier itself wasn’t expected to crest until this morning. Many were worried about what could have been lost, and there’s good and bad news: nothing was lost, but the library itself did sustain serious damage.


Elsewhere on the internet

Our First Look at The Hunger Games

Get More: 2011 VMA, Music

Good morning everyone, we hope you had a happy, or at least minimally frustrating hurricane weekend. Speaking of feats of modern survivalism, here’s the very first bit of footage from next year’s movie adaptation The Hunger Games, fresh of the VMAs, because you were watching the Venture Bros. marathon and news special instead last night, right?

In a related note, if whoever checked out copies of Catching Fire from the New York Public library could return them as soon as they get the chance, then I could actually read more of the series. Thanks in advance.

Natural Disasters

In Case You Were Wondering About How Bad Hurricane Irene Was Going to Be …

I’m not saying we’re arming ourselves with dead squirrels, but this hurricane is supposed to be insane. It is scheduled to start hitting the New York area tonight, and people are expressing their panic by buying tons of wine at Trader Joe’s and joking about zombies. And the fact that they might have to read books by candlelight. But we at The Mary Sue are intent on surviving this thing and posting as much as we can before our power is interrupted completely. Even if we have to use smoke signals! … In the rain and wind! … Yeah, that might not work either. But dammit, we’ll try it first!