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  1. Strapping Tiny Cameras To Falcons Lets You Experience Flight Like You Are A Hardcore Bird Of Prey

    They used tiny bird hats and tiny bird backpacks, everything about this is amazing.

    Falcons are awesome, and not just the Captain/Millennium versions. These intense air predators have some serious skills when it comes to dive-bombing their prey from above; and, in order to find out exactly how falcons do what they do, physicists strapped tiny cameras to their faces. For science!

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  2. THRESHER SHARK Used “Tail-Slap” Against SARDINE! It’s Super Effective!

    If you're looking for another reason to be afraid of sharks, some of them can smack you with their tail.

    Thresher sharks have prominent tails that scientists believe are used in hunting. Exactly how they use their tails to hunt was never well documented until recently. A new study analyzed footage from multiple hunting events to better understand just how the sharks go about slapping sardines. Fun fact: The sharks tail-slaps are so powerful they can release dissolved gasses out of the water into bubbles.

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  3. Just Like People: Humpback Whales Teach Each Other New Hunting Techniques

    Think humans are special because we can show one another how to do things? Think again. According to a study published this week in the journal Science, humpback whales not only developed new ways to hunt different prey -- they also shared that information with other whales, teaching one another new hunting techniques.

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  4. European Pike Dies Trying To Swallow Fish Nearly As Big As It Is

    With the holidays still fresh in our mental rearview mirrors, most of us have some fairly fresh memories of sitting down to meals so big we had no business trying to consume them. All of our piled plates have nothing on this pike, though, which died in a valiant, if misguided, attempt to consume an entire zander -- a fish almost as big as the pike itself.

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  5. Hunter Hospitalized After Being Mauled By Bear He Thought He’d Killed

    We'll admit it -- we've never really gotten the point of hunting. Driving way out into the woods to kill a thing when there are any number of fine grocery stores and restaurants just a short walk from home never really made much sense to us, and the sporting aspect always rang false because, well, you have a gun and the animals, by and large, do not. We do know one thing about hunting, though, neophytes though we may be: If you shoot a bear, you had best make certain it's dead, because if it's not, well, then it's just an angry bear. That's a lesson Oregon deer hunter Alex Machavo learned the hard way this weekend, when he was mauled by a bear he was pretty sure he'd killed.

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  6. Common Aquarium Fish A More Badass Hunter Than Suspected

    Pelvicachromis taeniatus may sound like an exotic name, but you've probably seen these dwarf cichlids in your local aquarium before. The fish normally dwell in African rivers, but are also popular as fish in domestic aquariums. When they're being fed floating food pellets, though, one of their most interesting evolutionary developments is going to waste. It turns out these cichlids hunt with a highly developed sense of infrared vision.

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  7. Fox Shoots Hunter — After Being Shot by Hunter

    In an act of cartoonish, anthropomorphic revenge, a fox, after being shot by a hunter, somehow managed to slip its paw into the trigger and pull it, shooting the hunter in the leg. From The Daily Mail:
    The bizarre incident happened as the unnamed 40-year-old hunter tried to kill the fox with the butt of his gun after shooting it from a distance. The fox made its escape while friends took the injured man to hospital.

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