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  1. Rejoice! Hulu Has Officially Saved The Mindy Project!

    What is even the point of cable anymore?

    It's been rumored that Hulu would step in ever since our hearts broke at the news that Fox would let The Mindy Project go, but it's finally official! Mindy Kaling's hilarious antics will continue on the platform we all watched it on in the first place anyway.

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  2. Fox Canceled The Mindy Project, but Hulu May Pick It Up and Restore Meaning to Our Lives

    C'mon, TV. Let's work this out.

    Entertainment Weekly says that comedic-genius-Mindy Kaling's show, The Mindy Project, has been canceled after just three seasons—which we still managed to hear despite plugging our ears and yelling "LALALA" really loud. But there's still hope for TV comedy! Hulu is reportedly in talks to bring the show back.

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  3. Happy Festivus! Hulu Nabs Exclusive Streaming Rights to Seinfeld in Almost $180 Million Deal

    The characters of Seinfeld couldn't even have begun to imagine the idea of streaming television, what with their VHS tapes of Mets games and Melrose Place viewing parties. But they've finally made it to the future as Hulu just announced a deal with Sony Pictures TV for all 180 episodes. You heard that right, they're paying almost $1 million per episode. Hoochie mama!

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  4. Verizon Fios Soon to Offer “Custom” Channel Packages to Lure You Back to Cable TV

    Netflix and Hulu can be heard laughing maniacally.

    Hey, do you remember how you used to have to pay a Cable provider a bunch of money to watch approximately 5% of the channels that paid for? Or maybe you still do, because there's a show or two you just can't get through an alternative service? Either way, Verizon wants to get back in your good graces by offering custom-tailored cable channel packages.

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  5. Samsung’s Smart TV Now Puts Pepsi Ads in People’s Personal Videos

    Would you say these Pepsi ads are popping up... out of the blue?

    Call it off, everyone. We found a way in which we don't want TV to be more like the Internet. Shut it down.

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  6. Selfie Creator Says Series’ Final Episodes To Premiere On Hulu Starting Tomorrow

    I am having feels!

    Selfie is being resurrected by the same entity that gave the show its central conflict: the Internet.

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  7. All The Best Places To Watch Anime That Aren’t Actually In Japan

    It's anime-zing.

    These days anime is easy to find for cheap (or even free)—and it’s easy to find the official, licensed stuff, too. There’s no need to bootleg or torrent because you can access dozens of titles right on your computer, often without having to pay a dime extra. Not everyone knows where to find all these shows, though, which is why I’ve put together a little reference guide for the best spots to satisfy your anime cravings.

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  8. Shaking And Crying: Sailor Moon Crystal Is Available To Stream Right Now

    In the name of the moon [unintelligible due to nostalgia tears]

    My pure heart crystal is shattering into a million pieces with feels this morning, because the time has finally come. Sailor Moon Crystal, the new adaptation of of our favorite Senshi, is finally here - and you can stream it for free online right now.

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  9. Hulu Might Produce a New Comedy Starring Gillian Jacobs!

    Our timeline is brightening.

    We're still reeling from word that talks for Hulu to bring back Community fell apart, but there's a silver lining! It looks like Hulu also has a Judd Apatow pilot in the works starring none other than Gillian Jacobs! Don't Britta this one for us, Hulu.

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  10. New Study Says Binge-Watching TV Might Kill You, No Matter How Healthy You Are

    First the radio us?

    Guys, I have some bad news. Are you ready? You might want to sit down, I'm not sure your ticker can handle the shock: according to a majorly depressing new study, our bodies are so profoundly impacted by TV-viewing that watching more than one hour a day is highly likely to have serious health consequences. Better hope there's no buffering in the afterlife.

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  11. This Is the Darkest Timeline: Talks to Bring Back Community Have Reportedly Broken Down

    Six seasons and a *sob*.

    Remember that time Hulu was maaaaybe going to bring Community back, bringing us one step closer to the "six seasons and a movie!" that will unlock the 666th Sacred Seal and allow Dam Harmon to tear a gash in the crust of Hell and call forth his army of bloodthirsty, comedy-writing demons to wreck their dread havoc upon the earth? Good news: The world is saved! I'm just trying to put a positive spin on this, OK?

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  12. The Pilot For The Sadly-Defunct Delirium Series Is About To Be Online For Your Viewing Pleasure

    YA fans, rejoice!

    Emma Roberts' new show Delirium may not have gotten picked up to series (tragically), but fans of the series will have at least one thing to keep them going: on June 20, Hulu is going to make the Delirium pilot available for streaming for a limited time.

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  13. Technology and Anime, a Beautiful Love Story


    It’s 2014. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m checking my queue on Crunchyroll to see if some of the anime series I’ve been following this season have been updated. Technology has altered the way I consume anime, and sitting in front of my computer is a far cry from my childhood self sitting in front of the TV in 1985. I desperately waited for the next episode of Robotech to air because I wanted to see if Rick Hunter would choose Lin Minmay or Lisa Hayes. Of course, my 10 year old self had no idea that Robotech was actually culled from a Japanese animated series called Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and the whole saga was stitched together from three different series to make the 65 episode count for daily syndication.

    I just wanted my love triangle and my mecha space battles, okay?

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  14. Hulu Plays With Our Emotions, Announces They’re In Talks For Community Season 6

    Almost Totally Excellent

    Just when fans of NBC's Community were resigning themselves to the fact that they'd never get their "six seasons and a movie," Hulu swoops in with a glimmer of hope on the back of a soaring eagle! 

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  15. Hulu Is in Talks to Bring Community Back to Life for a Sixth Season!

    Now, about that "and a movie"...

    When the official announcement of Community's cancelation came through, I (and approximately infinity other fans) tweeted to Dan Harmon asking if Netflix had called yet. Cult shows like Community are a perfect fit for digital platforms, and it looks like Hulu might grab this one.

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  16. Microsoft Will Finally Sell You an Xbox One Without Kinect and Let You Watch Netflix Without Paying Extra!

    Xbox: where watching something you already pay for at no additional fee is considered an incentive.

    The PlayStation 4 has been the clear choice for gamers so far this console generation, and Microsoft has snapped into action with a movie to get rid of their Kinect tax bundle requirement for the Xbox One. Hopefully for Microsoft, this move to level the playing field and put both consoles at $399 will put them back in the running.

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  17. The Final Episode of The IT Crowd Is On Hulu, So Now You Have No Excuse Not to Watch It

    The Internet isn't just coming -- it's here now!

    If you're a decent, moral Internet user who, unlike the rest of us, doesn't use a proxy service to watch out-of-country videos and never ever pirates stuff that's unavailable in North America, then your patience has paid off! Now you can watch the final episode of The IT Crowd in a totally legal way.

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  18. I’d Watch Hulu’s April Fools Prank The Field If It Were Real

    Fox, feel free to make this a reality.

    It's April 1st, so every site on the web seems to be pulling some kind of prank. I even heard some jerks are using pictures of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen as the featured image on all their stories today. Hulu's April Fools effort is a trailer for a Terry Crews-centered Brooklyn 99 spin-off that I'd totally watch.

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  19. Review: Hulu’s New Original Series Deadbeat Tries to Combine The Sixth Sense With The Big Lebowski

    I see dead people, and they really tie the room together, man.

    Hulu showed off the first episode of their upcoming original supernatural comedy series Deadbeat at SXSW, and I got to see it. I've been really impressed with some of Hulu's other originals like Moonboy and especially the wonderful The Wrong Mans. How does Deadbeat hold up?

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  20. Things We Saw Today: Wow, I Didn’t Know There Are No Female Characters In Adventure Time!

    Things We Saw Today least that's what you'd think if you looked at McDonalds' line of Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, which has only male characters and is marketed "for boys," while the Paul Frank monkeys are "for girls." Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, etc. must have been figments of my imagination this whole time. (Serious Eats)

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