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  1. Things We Saw Today: Models Merged With Superheroes


    French photographer Christophe Serrano did a series of superhero-infused photos with models. Some are very normative. Some — Hulk, for example — less so. Thoughts? (via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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  2. Stanford Researcher Explains the Science of Captain America and the Hulk’s Powers [VIDEO]

    "Get in, losers. We're going to do science."

    Stanford biologist Sebastian Alvarado is here to take the wind out of your sails, pedants. Superheroes will probably never be 100% scientifically accurate, but Alvarado's rationalizations for the real science that could be at work behind the Hulk and Captain America would make the Science Bros. proud. Watch him explain Captain America above and then hit the jump for the Hulk.

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  3. Rich Jerks Love Hulk Hands in This Rap Video

    "You know I never leave my house without my Hulk Hands."

    Remember "Hulk Hands"? Those giant novelty toy gloves that make it look like your hands are really the Hulk's hands? Dave Ebert and Douglas Widick sure do. That's probably why they made this great rap video about two rich jerks who always wear Hulk Hands. Always.

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  4. Fukushima’s Radioactive Water to Hit United States Shores Soon, Probably Won’t Make You the Hulk

    Or Spider-Man. Probably.

    "Hey, there's radioactive water coming to your shores," only sounds like good news if you're looking for a really bizarre new origin story for Aquaman. Luckily, it's not terrible news, either. At least in the case of the water from the Fukushima nuclear plant mishap, it's not, because it looks like the water is within safety standards.

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  5. Weird Safe Sex PSA Reminds Us That Condoms Are No Good for Stopping Daleks or Jaws [Video]

    Let's just hope Doctor Who writers don't see this as some kind of weird dare.

    We're imagining that there's either some kind of geek STD outbreak in the UK, or they're just tired of geeks making so many little geeks, because their Centre for HIV and Sexual Health has put out a geek-centric PSA about proper condom use. To be fair, we'd definitely have paid more attention if sex education involved Daleks and the Hulk.

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  6. You’re Going to Want to Buy All These Gorgeous LEGO Marvel Variant Covers

    Start saving your money now, nerds!

    LEGO and Marvel have been joining forces recently to make my eleven-year-old self foam at the mouth with rabid glee. First they put out the amazing Super Hero minifigure sets last year (now's where I would brag about my Hawkeye minifigure if I knew where the heck I put it). Then they released the trailer for the Marvel Superhero LEGO PC game. Now they've announced that in September, several comic book titles will put out LEGO variant covers featuring your favorite characters all adorable and LEGO-fied. I'm not a big variant collector, but I might camp out at my local comic book store for these.

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  7. Northlake Library’s Getting a Giant Hulk Statue With or Without Crowdfunding

    Hulk like literacy.

    In May, I wrote about the Northlake Library's Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a nine-foot-tall Incredible Hulk statue. There are still four days left in the campaign, but they're woefully short of their $30,000 goal. At the moment, they're sitting still at $3,710, but don't let that get you down, because the library is getting a Hulk statue. It's not the one they wanted, but they're not going to look a gift Hulk in the mouth.

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  8. You Can Help This Library Buy a 9-Foot-Tall Hulk Statue

    If there's a better use of crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo than getting the Northlake Public Library a nine-foot-tall statue of The Hulk, we don't know what that use is. The librarians of Northlake have big plans, and those plans involve a giant Hulk statue, and helping people read and create more comic books. They also have one of the most awkward campaign videos we've ever seen.

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  9. The Incredible Hulk on the Toilet in a Mall, for Art

    Supposedly seen in a mall in Seoul, Korea by redditor TheMistah, this is a statue of the Incredible Hulk doing his business. As one can see, he does his business with force. The statue exists in the name of art, which is why most things that are crazy seem to exist. If you thought you were being clever by immediately thinking to make the pun, "Hulk splash," you can bet that everyone else who saw this picture felt the same way at first.

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  10. Geekolinks: 9/25

    Pac-Man is Moleskine (Kotaku) Miyamoto Wants to Make A Rubik's Cube? (Eurogamer) This Deer Made Out of Typewriter Parts is Adorable, Actually (Jeremy Mayer) Hello Kitty R2-D2 (Google News) Mark Zuckerberg on Oprah (Cindy W) Avengers Hulk Will Be Mo-Cap (Blastr) Samus and the Colossus (David-Hsu-Yen) (pic (click to embiggen) via Wondermark.)

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