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  1. Chubby Checker Would Like You to Stop Using His Name to Guess Penis Sizes

    Let's say tonight you're on a date with a handsome fella for Valentine's Day. Things are going well, and you start to wonder what he's working with downstairs. You pull out your HP Palm phone, fire up "The Chubby Checker," an app made for guessing penis size, and get an estimate. The real Chubby Checker, the singer, wants everyone to stop doing that, and has filed a lawsuit against HP. Also, you probably blew the date the second you pulled out your Palm phone on the date. It's rude, and who still has a Palm phone?

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  2. HP Beta Puts Open Source WebOS in the Palm of Your Hand

    HP may have gotten out of the tablet game, the smartphone game and, well, pretty much every branch of the consumer electronic market a while ago, but that doesn't mean their legacy won't live on. Members of the team that created WebOS, the operating system used by HP and latter-day Palm devices, are thrusting their product into the public trust, making the code open source. Yesterday, HP launched the beta for "Open WebOS," the first major milestone on the way to releasing it to the public in January.

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  3. Pay Raise for Chinese Workers May Raise Prices on Tech Products

    Workers in in the Chinese city of Shenzhen are due for a pay raise next year that could mean higher price on technology products across the board for the rest of us. Located in China's Guangdong province, Shenzhen is home to factories that supply parts for some of the world's biggest technology names, including Microsoft, HP, and Apple. Low labor prices in Shenzhen -- and in China more generally -- are largely responsible for keeping prices on consumer tech low. As those labor prices rise, you can expect the price of your next laptop, tablet, or cell phone to rise with them.

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  4. HP Is Sending An Army Of Twitter Wishes for 2012 Into the Sky on Balloons

    In neat and showy PR stunt, or maybe a hearkening back to paganistic tribute to the gods, HP is going to send a whole bunch of Twitter wishes into the sky attached to balloons. It works like this, go to the HP TwitterWisher and tweet out your wish along with the Homestar Runner-esque hashtag #Everybody2012. Once you do that, HP will release your wish on a balloon from their headquarters in Dubai sometime between 11am and 4pm Dubai local time. HP also has a mechanism set up by which you can confirm that you've found one and help to make a crazy balloon-landing map.

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  5. Millions of Printers Open to Exploits That Could Light Them on Fire

    In a world where more and more things are getting connected to the Internet, it's getting more and more important to focus on security for things that aren't traditional computers. I'm not just talking smartphones and tablets, but things like cars, prison security systems, and printers. According to researchers at Columbia University, tens of millions of printers have firmware vulnerabilities that make them super hackable. But what's the worst a hacker could do to a printer? How about set it on fire.

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  6. Geekolinks: 8/7

    HP ousts chief for hiding payments to friend (NY Times) Amazing marriage proposal in memes finds success (TDW) PB&J's deconstructed (Neatorama) 8-bit comic superheroes reimagined for the NES (ComicsAlliance) Matthew Vaughn: Superhero movies will be dead soon (Nerd Bastards) Civilization V is starting to sound pretty awesome (GameSpot) The greatest, most dramatic, and silliest Wikipedia edit wars (Gizmodo) Bonus video: The mini-cannon is back:

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  7. HP is Buying Palm for $1.2 Billion. Update: CNBC’s Breaking Report [Video]

    For weeks, the tech media has wondered who was going to buy Palm, Inc., the pioneering smartphone manufacturer that has since fallen on harder times. Now, we've got an answer, and a price: The buyer will be HP, which has reached a "definitive agreement" to buy Palm for $1.2 billion.

    This knocks out recent rumors that RIM or HTC would buy Palm, although an HP acquisition is a thought that has crossed some people's minds before.

    Update: CNBC's breaking report on the acquisition, after the jump:

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  8. HP Slate Leaks, First Review a “Meh” — Poof! First Review Disappears

    The HP Slate, HP's coming entry into the tablet PC market, aspires to be an iPad killer, and some publishers miffed by Apple's hubris and restrictive policies may still see it as a welcome alternative. Earlier this month, specs for the device leaked, the most pertinent being its price ($549-$599), its processor (a 1.6-GHz Intel "Menlow" Atom), its weight (roughly the same as the iPad's), and its battery life (5 hours, or half the iPad's 10). Now, a Mexican site,, has gotten its hands on a leaked HP Slate, and its inaugural review for the device is, in their words, a "meh." (Apparently, Simpsons-based expressions of ambivalence know no language barriers.)

    Oh, and after the wave of attention that first review started getting on the Internet yesterday, that review appears to have been pulled:

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  9. HP Slate Demo Videos Counterpunch iPad with Flash and AIR

    After Apple introduced 41.3 million or so people to the iPad with their surprise Oscar ad, HP struck back in a decidedly cheaper and lower profile way: Put some demo videos for their own tablet device, the HP Slate, on the Internet, show it running Flash and Adobe Air, and wait for the blogosphere to whip itself into a frenzy.

    We're not entirely frenzied by the HP Slate demo vids, but we do think they look impressive:

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