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  1. Is Spam The Native Art Form Of The Internet? [Video]

    Everything happens so much!

    Like us, Mike Rugnetta was pretty bummed to find out that Horse_eBooks hasn't been a real spambot for the past two years. However, it got him and the rest of the crew at PBS Idea Channel thinking about the true nature of spam and whether it might, when done well, even be considered artistic. Huh. Well, that's an odd twist.

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  2. Creator of @Tofu_Product Explains His Bot, Tries to Convince Us It’s Real

    We need to learn to trust again.

    Last week we had a bizarre conversation with alleged Twitter bot @tofu_product, but we had some doubts about it's authenticity. Is it really a bot, or just a person trying to Horse_eBooks us? Since then the creator has reached out to us to assuage some of our doubts. Here's what programmer Joe Toscano had to say.

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  3. Updated: Our Conversation With @Tofu_Product, an Insane Twitter Bot We Don’t Think Is Really a Bot

    Someone really wants to be the new @Horse_eBooks.

    Meet @tofu_product. It claims to be an account that will mimic the way you write. It apparently works by going through your tweets and pulling random words, phrases, and hashtags and slapping them together. It might be that we were recently burned by @Horse_eBooks, but we're not entirely convinced @tofu_product is real. Here's our conversation.

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  4. The Bear Stearns Bravo Guys Totally Feel Bad About Being Huge Dicks To That Journalist/Everyone

    "We're so sorry that gaslighting a journalist made people angry at us! Oops!"

    o, remember the horror you experienced when you discovered that @horse_ebooks and Pronunciation Guide were the same guy? And that they were all part of some weird performance art project? And that the guy behind them took their secrecy so seriously that he seriously manipulated and messed with a journalist? Well, he's "sorry" about all that.

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  5. Turns Out The Bear Stearns Bravo Guys Are Kinda Dicks, Lied To Daily Dot Reporter For Months

    Unfortunately, as you probably already know, people.

    One thing's for sure after all the fallout from the Pronunciation Books reveal -- it wasn't Battlestar Galactica like that Daily Dot reporter Gaby Dunn thought it would be. Except here's the thing: Dunn knew all along that Jason Bakkila was behind the project, and he created really awful, really elaborate lies to keep her from reporting it.

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  6. Horse_eBooks Is Dead, So Here Are Some Other Surreal Twitter Feeds to Comfort You

    As you know, I am a full time internet.

    Probably the saddest thing about yesterday's horse_ebooks reveal -- that the Twitter account once thought to be an automated spambot was actually a curated performance art project -- is that we won't be getting any more of its random-yet-sometimes-profound nonsensical tweets. So what should you fill your feed now? Here are our humble suggestions.

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  7. We Went to The Address On The Bear Stearns Bravo Website and It Was Really, Really Weird

    Big surprise there.

    If you've been following the joint Pronunciation Book/ @Horse_eBooks art project announcement, then you know about its new ARG component, Bear Sterns Bravo. You probably noticed the address at the very bottom of the site for "Bravospam." It happens to be six blocks away from our office, so we stopped by -- and lived to tell about it.

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  8. Horse_eBooks and Pronunciation Book Are The Same People and We Have to Lie Down Now

    Everything happens so much.

    Did you guys watch the big Pronunciation Book reveal today? Because we for sure did not see this coming.

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  9. Plunge Websites Into Madness With the @horse_ebooks Bookmarklet

    What you're looking at above is what would happen if the legendary Dadaist word salad spewing, questionably legal eBooks marketing Twitter account @horse_ebooks ran Geekosystem. Thankfully, we were able to enjoy the view without having to lose control of our site thanks to the horse_ebookmarklet. The brainchild of Ben Nyberg, the bookmarklet systematically replaces all the text on a given website with @horse_ebooks tweets and likewise changes all of the images to the infamous @horse_ebooks avatar. Wondering how you can enjoy the madness on your own computer? It's easy. Find out how, after the break. 

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  10. Firebox Will Make a Portrait Out of Your Tweets, Or Anyone Else's

    Got a whole bunch of tweets you hold near and dear? Not happy enough to just look at them online? Like having a picture of yourself in your house? Have a creepy stalker-crush on a celebrity or just somebody with a public feed? In any of those cases, a Firebox tweet portrait might be right for you. All you need is a Twitter account with at least 230 tweets (or someone else's) and 25 bucks.

    When you enter a username, Firebox goes out and grabs the most recent tweets from the public timeline and colorizes them to match your profile picture. The posters are 24" by 24" and are written in 18pt font, so they'll be readable from a ways away, but still look remarkably like your profile picture.

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