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  1. Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner and Rose Leslie Have Horror Movies Coming Out, And We Have Trailers

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    For Game of Thrones fans who aren't total wimps when it comes to horror films (no judgement), Sophie Turner's Another Me and Rose Leslie's Honeymoon belong on your to-watch list.

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  2. Nerdy Knittings: All Your Favorite Nerdy/Horror Characters Made Out of Yarn

    I need to learn to knit now...

    Oxford-based Hannah Simpson sells knitted dolls based on her favorite nerdy and horror movies!

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  3. If You Don’t Stay In School In Australia, You Will End Up In A Horror Film And Die

    Which is actually one of the least terrifying ways to die in Australia.

    Educational ads usually say, "stay in school or else you'll be unemployed and sad all the time," though that's also applicable to most university grads I know. In Australia, though, they're not satisfied with vague threats about your career and your future; oh no, they want you to know that if you drop out of school, you will die a horrible death.

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  4. Screen Junkies Explores The World of Underrated Horror Movies For Halloween [Video]


    Halloween -- and the entire month of October -- might technically be over now, but that doesn't mean we can't take the time to indulge in some wonderfully creepy horror films. Hal Rudnick of Screen Junkies sat down with actor/stuntman Derek Mears and Mad Monster's Eben McGarr to discuss some of the most underrated horror flicks in film history.

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  5. Let’s Split Up and Check Out the Latest Horror Movie Supercut from Slacktory [Video]

    Nothing bad could possibly happen, right?

    People in horror movies make terrible decisions. Case in point: somebody always suggests that the big group of people break up into smaller, more easily murderable groups of people, and nobody thinks this is a bad idea. In other news, "check it out" and "split up" don't sound like a phrases anymore.

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  6. Check Out This Supercut of Cats Terrifying The Heck Out Of People in Scary Movies [Video]

    Now try to imagine the same amount of terror being provoked by a dog. Tricky, huh?

    It happens in basically every horror movie: somebody's walking down a long dark hallway or spooky area early into the film, a cat runs by, and everyone loses their minds for a second. Someday it's going to be the cat that's secretly killing everybody and we're all going to feel real silly -- at least, that's what Slacktory thinks.

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  7. French Teacher Suspended for Showing Saw to Sixth-Grade Class

    Saw is probably not a good film to show 11-year-olds, and not just because of the predictable plot and hackneyed direction.

    It's that time of year again when kids are starting summer vacation and teachers just couldn't give a damn. Yesterday, we brought you the story of a fourth-grade teacher from Wisconsin who got falling down hammered while chaperoning a class field trip. Today, Europe is getting in on the action as a sixth-grade teacher in France has been suspended for putting on a viewing of Saw for a roomful of 11-year-olds. If he really wanted to watch a Cary Elwes movie that badly, it occurs to us that The Princess Bride might have saved him a lot of trouble. Also, it's a good film, unlike Saw.

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  8. A Very Netflix Halloween: Our Top 10 Halloween Picks On Instant Watch

    Horror movies and Halloween go together like football and Thanksgiving, or Christmas and screaming recriminations. No doubt plenty of our livelier cohorts will be doing things they can feel bad about posting on Facebook later on tonight, but for those of us who are staying in tonight like dang old grownups, we put together a list of our favorite selections for Halloween that you can access right from your Netflix Instant Queue. These movies are guaranteed instant Halloween -- just add a snack, an adult beverage of your choice, and someone to snuggle up with for the scary parts.

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  9. Actual Mike Myers is the Scariest Michael Myers of Them All

    Since Halloween lands right in the middle of the week this year, there's a good chance that a lot of people are going to be celebrating by cozying up on the couch to watch horror movies. For horror-film junkies, Halloween may be a classic, but it also might not be the first thing they run to if they're looking to really their hearts pumping. What could we do make the original Halloween more scary? The Screen Junkies think the movie would be much more disturbing if iconic slasher Michael Myers were played by the real Mike Myers. After watching this prototype trailer, I'm inclined to agree. Myers' performance in The Love Guru proved that he has the ability create truly terrifying characters, and I have no doubt he that his take on the role would continue to haunt my nightmares for years.

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  10. Scientists Think Horror Movies Make Us Appreciate Abstract Art

    Thinking about going going to that new Cubism retrospective at the art museum later? Make sure you save enough time to watch Nightmare on Elm Street before you go. A new study suggests that people find more enjoyment from abstract concepts after being frightened. Better yet, the study specifically indicates that watching scary movies before looking at abstract images will make us enjoy them more.

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