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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Home Alone

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Ugliest, Best Doctor Who Christmas Sweater Of All Time

Bask in its glory. (by ElvesGoneWild, via Geekosystem)


Holy Rusted Metal Batman!

Batman Replaces Hermione, Leia, Dorothy Gale, & More In Their Respective Films [VIDEO]

YouTuber PistolShrimps decided to inject a little Batman into classic movies like Harry Potter and Star Wars. Which is great, because more Batman is always a good thing. But my favorite might be when he replaces Kevin from Home Alone because, well, you’ll see…

(via Blastr)

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What It Says On the Tin

Have Yourself A Geeky Little Christmas

Simply put, a collection of geeky holiday themed pictures we’ve been saving for today. Merry Christmas!

(via DailyDCU)


Curiouser and curiouser!

Alternate Endings To Robocop, TDKR, Home Alone, & More In Bottleneck Gallery’s New Show

The Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY recently held a show called “The Gang Is All Here,” which featured some great teams from pop-culture. Next up is “Alternate Ending,” where artists take some of our favorite films and either change the ending or add a scene to completely alter the ending. Over 50 artists will take part in the new show, which is co-curated with Silver Screen Society and opens this Friday at the gallery. Works that don’t sell out at the opening will go on sale December 15 at 12pm eastern. Take a look.

(images via Bottleneck Gallery, additional images via /Film)


Olden Lore

Home Alone, Disguised As Harry Potter [Video]

Maybe some of you (or us, if we’re being honest) was born, um, a few years early to really become part of the target audience for the Harry Potter series. And maybe, we had a different movie franchise directed by Chris Columbus about a precocious boy with mysteriously absent parents, battling an evil bald man. And unexplainable superpowers. Seriously, they might be the same movie.

(Oh Have You Seen This?)

Just What You've Always Wanted

The 15 Most Awesome Fictional Kids’ Rooms

When all else fails, a kid can count on one thing to always be there for them: their room. Through painstaking research and innumerable screen grabs, a list of the ultimate kid rooms has been compiled — all taken from various television sitcoms, cartoons and movies (mostly from the ’90s). Some rooms are extravagant in appearance and capability, while others are more simplistic, yet timeless. Let us know if your favorite rooms of yesteryear made the list… or didn’t.


Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal

The House From Home Alone Is For Sale

The house from Home Alone, where the most hilarious case of child neglect and aggravated assault ever depicted on film took place, is up for sale for the reasonable price of $2.4 million. According to the Chicago Tribune, the red brick Georgian house in Winnetka, Illinois was bought by John and Cynthia Abendshien in late 1988 for $875,000. The price tage is not only related to the cinematic history of the house, but also because it’s a “residential masterpiece.”