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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Hey Arnold!

Meddling Kids

All Grown Up: the Redesign Art of Celeste Pille

Celeste Pille‘s really all grown up redesigns of Rugrats characters have been getting a lot of attention lately, but a quick dip into her Tumblr reveals examples of her work for a massive swath of 90′s kid nostalgia, from Pepper Ann to Hey Arnold!, The Magic School Bus, Recess, Kiki’s Delivery Service and more.


Our Adorable Past

Get Your 90s Nostalgia on With It’s the shizNICK; an Exhibition of Classic Nickelodeon-Inspired Art

I didn’t immediately recognize which Nickelodeon show Nicole Gustafsson intended to show here… until I read the title of the piece, “Seeking the Neematoad” and noticed that one of those tiny figures is wearing a green sweater vest. It’s Doug! It’s the shizNICK opens this Friday in Los Angeles, but if you, like most people, aren’t going to be around (you know, you’re a busy person) you can see a bit of the art from it right here.



Real-Life Superhero Phoenix Jones Unmasked, Revealed to Have Gerald’s Haircut from Hey Arnold!

After being arrested for assault earlier this week, the man behind the mask of real-life superhero Phoenix Jones has been revealed. Benjamin Fodor, a 23-year-old man living in Seattle who has a family of his own and moonlights as a man in a rubber suit, fighting crime and protecting the innocent. And he has Gerald’s haircut from Hey Arnold!, which we would never exaggerate about.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Coolest Star Wars Disney Princess Cake Ever

One of the coolest dads ever, Anthony Herrera, is at it again. You might recall that last we heard from him, Mr. Herrera had Photoshopped Ewoks into some family pictures taken at Sequoia National Park because his daughter is a huge Star Wars fan. It also happens that she is a fan of the Disney princesses. Well now, he’s combined the best of both of her worlds by having this cake created for her birthday by family friend Trisha Patterson. Thanks for the tip, Anthony! (via Anthony Herrera Designs)


Olden Lore

Attention: Come September 5th, Clarissa Explains It All Will Leave TeenNick’s Retro Programming Block

In the next phase of its interactive retro programming block, TeenNick has announced its first show swap. Starting September 5, Clarissa Explains It All will be replaced with Hey Arnold! and Doug will be replaced with Rocko’s Modern Life. Some might be sad to see Clarissa go, but personally? I think this means Roundhouse has a fighting chance of making a triumphant return to the air. Come on, Twitter! What are we waiting for?


Just What You've Always Wanted

The 15 Most Awesome Fictional Kids’ Rooms

When all else fails, a kid can count on one thing to always be there for them: their room. Through painstaking research and innumerable screen grabs, a list of the ultimate kid rooms has been compiled — all taken from various television sitcoms, cartoons and movies (mostly from the ’90s). Some rooms are extravagant in appearance and capability, while others are more simplistic, yet timeless. Let us know if your favorite rooms of yesteryear made the list… or didn’t.



Francesca Marie Smith, Voice of Helga on Hey Arnold!, Does Reddit AMA

Francesca Marie Smith, who provided the voice talent for the be-unibrowed, Arnold-obsessed Helga on Nickelodeon‘s Hey Arnold!, conducted an AMA on Reddit yesterday (with the assistance of Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett, also pictured above) and answered questions from fans, including how many actors played Arnold, who left her starstruck, and how the show was connected to The Simpsons.