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  1. Save the Clone, Save the World: Heroes Reborn Casts Orphan Black‘s Dylan Bruce

    Damn right.

    I'm so reluctant to give Heroes Reborn my attention, but NBC sure knows what I like.

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  2. Heroes Reborn, AKA the Reboot No One Asked For, Releases First Images

    If you release photos, but no one gives a crap, did a TV show fall in the forest?

    Heroes Reborn, the reboot that no one—not even Heroes fans—asked for, just released its first images. We're posting them here, because now that's it's being made, we might as well see how it's gonna turn out, right?

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  3. Cutie-Patooties: Zachary Levi Tweets First Look at the Cast of Heroes Reborn

    Like lambs to the slaughter.

    I'm honestly still not convinced that Heroes Reborn hasn't just been one big April Fools' joke all along, but if so, I commend them on their dedication: Zachary Levi just tweeted the first image of the cast (minus late-addition Maki Osa), and the gang sure does look excited.

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  4. Yatta! Heroes Favorite Masi Oka To Return For Heroes Reborn

    Remember that new Heroes series with Zachary Levi that is totally happening? Right, yeah - that's still a thing. If you weren't quite sold on the show resurrection, you might be excited to learn that original Heroes star Masi Oka will be returning for the new show.

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  5. Heroes Alum Milo Ventimiglia Joins the Cast of Gotham as a Super Gross Villain

    The press release says Ventimiglia's role will be "a multiple-episode recurring arc." But as which DC Comics character?

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  6. Zachary Levi Set to Lead Heroes Reborn Cast

    His power is going from brunette to blond and back again.

    Oh right, I forgot that NBC Heroes reboot was happening.

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  7. BREAKING: Gotham Casts Heroes Star For Two-Face, aka Harvey Dent


    This was bound to happen sooner or later.

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  8. Heroes Alum Joins the Cast of Star Wars: Episode VII

    Save the Jedi, save the world.

    Hint: He's a he, and he's also a J.J. Abrams regular. Give up? It's...

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  9. Things We Saw Today: I Chews You, Pikachu Burger!

    Pikachu burger uses Bun-der Shock! It's super effective!

    As delicious as it looks, I kinda feel like I wouldn't be able to eat this burger from the pop-up Pikachu café in Tokyo. Instead I'd probably just let it follow me around while I eat food shaped like other Pokémon.

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  10. Christopher Eccleston Would Really Like To Be In Heroes Reborn, Please

    I'll wait. I've got plenty of time.

    Like so many eclipses and/or Petrelli-based explosions, Heroes Reborn is fast approaching and there is nothing we can do about it. But you know what would get a lot of us on board with the NBC series reboot? If they brought back Claude Rains, AKA The Invisible Man -- AKA Christopher Eccleston. Yeah. that'd do it.

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  11. NBC Is Doing Even More Heroes That Will Be Impossible For Them to Screw Up More Than They Already Have

    We Can Be Heroes

    Look at it this way: As big a disappointment as Heroes Reborn and its just-announced prequel series might be, there's no way it can be as big a disappointment as the OG Heroes became. Right? Right?!

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  12. Heroes Actor Joins Agents of SHIELD as Hulk-Chasing Colonel Glenn Talbot


    It's easy to forget that the Hulk has his own franchise, given that the character has been played by a different actor in each of his appearances (well, unless you count the end of Iron Man 3). It might also be that there hasn't been a Hulk movie since before Marvel really started pushing the shared universe idea, which is a pity, because Mark Ruffalo did a pretty great job. But bits of the Hulk's expanded cast have now been confirmed to appear in Agents of SHIELD.

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  13. NBC Is Bringing Heroes Back To TV Despite No One Wanting That Ever

    Will saving the cheerleader also save the writing on this show?

    Ah, 2006; that innocent time when Twitter was brand-new, Pluto was still a planet, and Heroes was the best show on TV. Little did we know that slowly, over the next few years, this wonderful superhero drama would become a sad version of the show we once loved. But don't worry, Heroes fans (?), because NBC is out of original ideas bringing it back.

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  14. Today In News We Did Not Expect: Heroes Is Coming Back

    Save The Cheerleader Save The World

    Yeah. We're surprised, too. During last night's Olympic coverage, NBC announced that Heroes will return as a stand-alone miniseries in 2015. 13 episodes of Heroes Reborn (no, not that Heroes Reborn) are on the docket, with Tim Kring, the original series' creator, back in command. NBC's press release is predictably vague on details, though NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke does suggest that some familiar faces may make an appearance.

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  15. Crime-Plagued French City Asks For Help From Batman

    The hero Marseille deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

    France's second-biggest city, Marseille, has been plagued with gang crime for months, and the problem is only getting worse. With the police seemingly incapable of bringing law and order to the streets, Marseille residents have reacted in the only reasonable manner available to them -- they've called for help from Batman.

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  16. NBC’s Heroes Will Return In Comic Book Form

    We Can Be Heroes

    Like a cheerleader with regenerative powers, Heroes is making an improbable comeback. The former NBC show will be getting a new comic book series from Dynamite Entertainment and Cullen Bunn. Bunn, famous for The Sixth Gunn and various Deadpool titles, will take the many preexisting characters from the show,which ran from 2006 to 2010, and steer their lives in unexpected directions, according to the press release from Dynamite, released in anticipation of San Diego Comic Con later this week. Apparently a fan of the original series, Bunn talked about where he wants to take the already comic-influenced world of Heroes in the new series.

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  17. A Rebooted Heroes Might Be Coming To an Xbox Near You

    Cautiously Optimistic

    In news I didn't think I'd see today, or ever: Xbox might pull a Netflix and bring a much-beloved show of their own back from the grave.

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  18. Charmed and Supernatural Are Among the Top Ten Shows We Foolishly Decide We Can Watch All At Once, If Only We Don’t Sleep

    The Idiot's Lantern

    Ahhh, binge watching. I love it and I hate it. Thinking of that time I watched 16 episodes of Community in one day fills me with pride, just as remembering how I spent that whole day slouched on the sofa, smelly and covered in popcorn kernels and spilled salsa, makes me feel the tiniest bit bad about the direction my life has taken. Even if we feel bad about binge watching, we've all done it. And a recent study by The NPD Group has determined which shows we're binge-watching most frequently.

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  19. Batman Goes Cowboy In These Gotham Spaghetti Western Illustrations

    eye candy

    Italian artist Giovanni Costa has a cool style and has used his talents this time around to turn Gotham into the Wild West. See how he's transformed Two-Face, Catwoman, Nightwing, and more. (Giovanni Costa via Project: Rooftop)

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  20. Jodie Foster Fronting Female-Centered Mob Drama Angie’s Body

    Consider the Following

    Showtime is saying goodbye to two of its female-headed shows soon; Weeds airs the end of its eight season run this September, and The Big C will end with four hour-long episodes next year. The network won't be completely bereft of shows with women in the lead role, however; Jodie Foster is developing a show that kind of sounds like the female Sopranos

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