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Health Care Reform

  1. Application Vs. Private Application: Which is Faster? [Video]

    Luckily for the ACA, time is relative.

    In a handy video comparison, John Green of vlogbrothers pits and an unnamed private insurance application against each other in a race to determine if the government's solution is really as slow as critics say.

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  2. Problems with Likely More Than Just Traffic

    Opponents of the healthcare program are probably super stoked.

    Any implementation of new technology on the scale of is bound to run into problems. Unfortunately, now that some time has passed, it seems like the site's troubles may not have just been your run of the mill, version 1.0 bugs. Get out your party hats, "Big Government" haters.

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  3. The Avengers Discuss Their New Healthcare Plan

    A group of comics fans going under the YouTube username of AvengersWeb have put together a series of videos (so far three) where the Avengers themselves sort through the thorniest issues of the day. First on the docket? Health Care Reform. Not exactly an easy thing to work through when your empoloyees are citizens, non-citizens, and gods; some of them not only qualify for Medicare but were around when it was created; and pre-existing conditions include things like gamma radiation, alcoholism, and cryogenic freezing. At least, somewhere, Spider-Man is excited about student loan reform, and Wolverine, as always, gets the best punchline. Watch it below.

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  4. White House Uses SEO To Sell Health Care Bill

    Not even the White House can ignore the power of the Google. TechPresident picked up on this subtle use of phrasing by the White House blog to optimize the SEO of their posts ... in this instance, how to cause them show up higher on Google search results.

    Which was something the White House was extra interested in last week when the Internet was afire with health care reform:

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