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  1. He-Manifest Destiny: Kick-Ass 2 Director Updates Script For Masters of the Universe Movie

    Hey, what's going on?

    Back in 2012, Jon M. Chu was attached to the Masters of the Universe reboot but when poked by a fan on Twitter about the prognosis on the company's He-Man adaptation, Columbia Pictures' Senior VP of Production Devon Franklin didn't reply "we try... oh my god, do we try." Instead he did the responsible thing and tweeted a picture of the title page of the movie's script

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  2. The Mary Sue Holiday Gift Guide, Part 4: Stuff & Things!

    You'll have to supply your own disapproving look at Lori, though.

    Face it, nerds love stuff. Memorabilia, merchandise, collectibles, what have you—if we can display it proudly in a glass case in our living room, most of us are pretty happy. Here's a bunch of neat plushies, figures, and other odds and ends (some of them are even practical!) for the collectors and enthusiasts in your life. And don't forget to check out Part 1: Books, Part 2: Movies & TV, and Part 3: Gaming & Tech!

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  3. Gross: Honda is Using Jem, Skeletor, Strawberry Shortcake, & Stretch Armstrong to Sell Cars This Holiday Season

    The 80s nostalgia is strong with this one.

    What... what is happening?

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  4. The Mary Sue Exclusive: She-Ra’s New Look In DC’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #18

    Now where did I leave that sword...

    You've been waiting for it and DC Comics have given The Mary Sue the exclusive reveal of Adora's transformation into our beloved She-Ra!

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  5. Get Back To Basics With This Pop Culture Alphabet


    This charming series is the work of Jeff Victor, whose art we've featured previously. If you have young ones this might benefit -- or an empty spot on your grown-up wall -- he's got a poster print available for sale. The V, W, and X panel makes for an interesting discussion piece on the signature outfits of female characters, wouldn't you say?

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  6. Things We Saw Today: Miss Piggy Wearing the Actual Hope Diamond

    Things We Saw Today

    Today is Jim Henson's birthday, and in honor of that date, nearly two dozen of his puppets will now join the original Kermit the Frog in the Smithsonian's collection. So yes. This is Miss Piggy wearing the actual Hope Diamond. Piggy herself will go on permanent display, presumably along with Kermit, and presumably with the diamond back at the National History Museum. (Smithsonian)

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  7. TV and Movie Scenes Re-Created In Minimalist Legos

    Audience Participation

    Lego artist Nick Desimone has taken minimalist movie posters to the next level: minimalist Lego scenes. He renders classic characters in dioramas using the least amount of bricks possible, creating iconic moments without the benefit of faces, intricate detail, or non-geometric shapes-- just with brightly-colored blocks. Can you guess all of the movies and shows which are Lego-fied here? (via GeeksAreSexy)

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  8. DC Comics Resurrects He-Man, Starts Off With the Awesome Hordak

    I'm all about there being more things that there aren't enough of. Superheroes dominate the world of comics, and that's fine, but I always felt there weren't enough comics in other sci-fi/fantasy subgenres. It's getting much better, though, and I'm personally stoked to see He-Man -- you know, blond Conan in space sans the womanizing -- return to the world of comics in April. Masters of the Universe (MotU) is the perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy: Swords, spaceships, magic, pseudo-science, laser guns, and crazy doomsday devices. DC Comics picked up the reins and announced the new series in January, but now they're showing off some artwork from the first issue. Folks, Hordak's back, and he's getting scarier.

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  9. Real Master Blacksmith Forges He-Man’s Sword of Power [Video]

    Oh, hell yes. Tony Swatton is a blacksmith by trade, and he's made weapons for scads of movies and TV shows. Swords for Game of Thrones, cutlasses for Pirates of the Caribbean, Batarangs for Batman, and so on. But now he's turned his craft-- and his YouTube series, Man At Arms -- to the ultimate weapon of the universe. Swatton has forged He-Man's Sword of Power.

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  10. Things We Saw Today: The Justice League, Ottoman Empire-Style

    Things We Saw Today

    The Justice League meets the Ottoman Empire, by Ben Senturk. My inner history nerd is freaking out so much right now. Hit the link for individual shots, plus Ottoman-style Joker. (Geek-Art)

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