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  1. Those Conical Princess Hats? Borrowed Fashion From Mongol Warrior Women

    Consider the Following

    You know, the ones that you made out of construction paper, tape, and a bit of whatever was left over from the trip to the fabric store for the princes party you were invited to when you were seven. The ones inspired by one brought back to Europe by Marco Polo, who'd borrowed it from a Mongol queen. Since Mongol dress was more or less gender neutral, the very vertical hats (sometimes five to seven feet) helped differentiate the male and female silhouette from a distance. But I don't want to give it all away; you can read more at Medieval POC.

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  2. The Quest for Scumbag Steve’s Hat, One Man’s Journey for an Internet Icon

    This story is better than Crystal Skull. Actually, most things are.

    We've all seen the Scumbag Steve meme. It's been populating the Internet for years now, but what makes it fascinating is that it's gotten a number of spin-offs. These offshoots center not on "Steve" but rather his iconic, ridiculous-looking hat. Matt Mirandi over at Connectivist tried to track it down, and his story is wonderful.

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  3. Thai Anti-Cheating Hats are Stylish and Functional

    Folders up!

    Cheating at Bangkok's Kasetsart University is apparently so bad that they've taken to requiring students to wear anti-cheating helmets (pictured above) when taking tests. I caught a few kids cheating when I worked as a teacher, but it was never so bad that I considered busting out silly hats.

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  4. May the Mouse Be With You: Star Wars Themed Mickey Mouse Ears

    May The Force Be With You

    You can use these Star Wars Mickey Mouse ears made by Etsy seller And The Thread Goes On to prepare for a Disney Star Wars Film, or to just walk around Walt Disney World. Disney already sells some Star Wars themed ears, like the R2D2 pair that you can buy at the parks, but these designs let the wearer be the Jedi, Sith Lord, Wookiee, Bounty Hunter, or Princess of their choosing, as well as the iconic Disney mouse. Shop owner Jessica Danker has even made some of these hats based on buyer requests.

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  5. Clever Girl: Velociraptors Are Taking Over The British Vogue Website

    Clever Girl

    Type the Konami Code in on the homepage of the British Vogue website, trust me.  You will not be disappointed.  When you do, you can see an array of very fashionable velociraptors in a variety of hats, that an unknown genius has arranged to slide across the webpage in response to the videogame cheat code.  I like to think of them as the residents of Jurassic Park Avenue, strolling around in wonderfully coordinated ensembles, photo-bombing unsuspecting models, and gnawing on intestines.  Head past the jump for more screenshots from the British Vogue website.

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  6. I Wear a TARDIS Fez Now. TARDIS Fezzes Are Cool.

    Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

    Says the creator of this TARDIS fez:
    This is a little project my teenage daughter and I dreamed up a while back. I decided to surprise her with it as a Birthday present. She’s delighted to say the least. Features all the coolness of 100 bow-ties and has an integrated LED lantern on top!
    Dad of the year, methinks. Hit the jump for a video of the lantern in action.

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  7. Scare Friends And Strangers This Winter With Knitted Monster Hats!

    old gods do new jobs

    Tracy Widdess designed the fantastical creatures you're about to see from Brutal Knitting. Perfect for Halloween of course but perhaps also something to have fun with walking down a busy city street in the winter? That's for you to decide. Widdess is available for commissions and exhibitions. Take a look at the monsters of Brutal Knitting. (Brutal Knitting via GeekTyrant)

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  8. Spider-Man’s Secret Weakness: Hats


    This happened yesterday when I was trying to figure out the name of Mysterio. Further research indicates the particular search phenomenon was caused by the credits sequence of The Amazing Spider-Man. Further research did not actually commence until I'd stopped cry/laughing. Previously in Hats

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  9. One-of-a-Kind Giant Magma Bubble in South America Looks Just Like a Sombrero

    A team of geologists has identified one of the largest magma bubbles on the face of the planet, and delightfully, it happens to look like a giant sombrero. A bubble of superheated magma 62 miles across is constantly growing and rising in the center of the geologic uplift, while all around it, the rest of the valley sinks incrementally lower each year, turning the sombrero uplift into the new Most Awesome Geologic Phenomenon Named After a Thing You Wear On Your Head. Sorry, Mount Hood, Helmet Peak, and Hat Mountain.

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  10. Monday Cute: Chicks in Hats


    Julie and her nine-year-old daughter have maintained the ChicksinHats Etsy store since 2011, where they sell prints, magnets, calendars, and other physical representations of the pictures they take of the chicks born on their family farm wearing tiny hats. The chicks are only briefly "hatted" before they carry on their normal chicken life cycle, which Julie describes as "long and happy." And briefly is a good term. I can't imagine many of these chapeau-ettes stay in place for very long. Thank goodness for modern photographic technology.

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  11. FBI’s New Facial Recognition Program Leaves No Place to Hide

    We've been worried about the government using security cameras and other devices to track our lives for a little while now. Well, what may have started as paranoia is rapidly becoming a serious concern: The FBI has announced that they plan to spend one billion dollars to build a new type of facial recognition database that will allow the agency to identify suspects and people of interest using security footage from public cameras.

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  12. Pasta Strainer Recognized As Official Hat Of The Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

    The Austrian government recently made policy changes to allow citizens to wear "confessional headgear" of a religious orientation in official photographs, like driver's license pictures. Well, never ones to miss a good loop-hole, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (also known as Pastafarianism) has won the right to have members don a pasta strainer as a hat in photographs for official government documents. Niko Alm of Austria has won his three-year battle with the government, which included a mandated psychological evaluation to see if he had the mental ability to drive at all. Alm passed with flying colors and was granted government permission under the religious statute to sport a pasta strainer on his head in his official driver's license photo. For those not familiar with the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it was founded in 2005 in opposition to the teaching of intelligent design in American schools.

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  13. Cats in Cup Hats [Video]

    These are some cats, and they are completely indifferent about having cups on their head. What else is there to say? (via Reddit)

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