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  1. You Can Print a Prosthetic Hand for $50 That’s Better Than One That Costs $42,000

    For when you want to feel less like A MONSTEEEEEER!

    Being born without a left hand really sucks. Jose Delgado Jr, however, is pretty used to it at this stage in his life, and has decent enough insurance that he didn't need to pay the full $42,000 sticker price for his prosthetic device. But as it turns out, he actually prefers a much cheaper prosthesis that you can make yourself with very minimal effort.

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  2. A Quick Primer on How to Properly Wash Your Hands, Because Apparently We All Need One

    A quick guide to make sure you're one of the 5% of people who does.

    Like many of you, we were shocked, disgusted, and disappointed to learn earlier this week that the percentage of people who properly wash their hands in public restrooms is a dismal 5%. Yes, just 1 in 20 people are doing that right. That disappointing number got us thinking -- there are four editors here at Geekosystem, and we all think we wash our hands properly. That means either A) there are 76 other people out there doing it wrong or B) some of us think we're washing our hands correctly, but really aren't. We're surely not the only ones faced with this grim thought, so we're taking a moment to offer this handy reminder on the right way to wash your hands.

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  3. Palm Reading Technology Could Unlock Your Next Cell Phone

    Science has finally cracked the code of ancient gypsy magic, making it possible to unlock your cell phone with just a quick digital palm reading, rather than typing in a password. Engineers are still working out kinks in the program that will also inform you of the winning lottery numbers, where you'll meet the love of your life, and the exact time and circumstances of your demise, but for now the unlocking the phone thing seems pretty good.

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