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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Halle Berry

hold on to your butts

First Teaser for Halle Berry and Steven Spielberg’s Extant

Extant is a miniseries about astronaut Halle Berry returning to her family after a year in space in which she experienced something that will “change the course of human history.”

Is it dinosaurs? Did she find dinosaurs in space? I hope it’s space dinosaurs.

Previously in Extant


she blinded me with science

Halle Berry Is Doing A Sci-Fi Show About a Female Astronaut For CBS

Houston, I have no problem with this.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Paperman meets Star Trek

Artist Eddie Snow‘s illustrations make us wonder if Captain Kirk, Tony Stark, Don Draper, or Brock Samson could win the heart of the lady from Disney’s Paperman.  Spock doesn’t like Kirk’s odds.  (via iGeektrooper)


Nope. Still Not Happening.

Does Our First Look At Storm From X-Men: Days Of Future Past Feature A Mohawk?

Sadly, no, but it’s so close we can taste it! Halle Berry’s hair has gotten progressively shorter each time she’s played Storm, so maybe next time? Of note here though, this new costume looks somewhat apocalypse-y. What say you?

(Bryan Singer via MTV Splash Page)

Previously in X-Men 


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Katniss Looks At Something in a New Catching Fire Promo

So. *twiddles thumbs* (Think McFly Think)


Mutatis Mutandis

Your Daily X-Men: Days Of Future Past Roundup – Body Paint, Bishop, & Halle Berry?

Lots of X-Men: Days of Future Past news has been floating around the last few days. Here it is in one easy to read post! 



Monday Cute/Awesome/Attitude Role Model: Quvenzhané Wallis on the Red Carpet

Not shown: the reporter who decided to call her “Annie” (her next film role) rather than learn how to pronounce her name beforehand, and got yelled at by a nine-year-old. True story. But it wasn’t just about meeting reporters for Wallis. It seems like she made quite a few new friends at the Oscars:


i'll just leave this here

It’s Official: Hugh Jackman Will Be Back to Snark at Professor X and Magneto in Days of Future Past

…if you consider director Bryan Singer‘s Twitter an “official” source. I used to, considering he’s the director and he should know about these things, but after his Twitter announcement that Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart had signed on turned out to be a bit premature, I’m not sure whether I can trust him anymore.


Just Go With It

Julie Newmarr Purrrrrfers the Batman Series She Did With Adam West, Thankyouverymuch

Julie Newmarr thinks that Batman these days is just too scowly and dark. The first woman to play Catwoman on TV (Lee Meriwether played her in the 1966 movie), Newmarr longs for the days when the Bat was a light-hearted, silly crimefighter played by Adam West who had fights festooned with comic book-style violence bubbles. And while she thinks Anne Hathaway will do a fine job in the role, she had a few choice words about some other latter-day Catwoman portrayers.


i'll just leave this here

Actresses With Steve Buscemi’s Eyes

Sometimes the internet shows you things that make you super excited and you run out and show them to everybody. And sometimes the internet shows you things that you have that are so weird and inexplicable that you have to run out and show everybody just so that other people can feel the same pain. So, someone took the time to superimpose and then blend the eyes of famous culty actor Steve Buscemi onto various Hollywood starlets known for their ability to not look like Steve Buscemi. (Who we love, but if we’re being honest …) Just be glad we’re not leaving you with this as our last image of the day. (You’re welcome.)