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  1. Watch Live as NASA Launches MAVEN to Mars! [Updated]

    Fun Fact: The MAVEN will carry poetry and the names of Earthlings to the red planet.

    At 1:28pm EST tomorrow - Monday, November 18th - NASA will launch MAVEN, the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN spacecraft; you know, the one loaded up with our Earthling names and haikus. MAVEN's mission is to determine how Mars went from wet and warm to the terrifying rock of death it is today.

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  2. NASA Sending Crowd-Sourced Poetry to Mars, Martians Probably Impressed

    NASA is awesome / Don’t you want to go to Mars? / Ugh, haikus are hard

    Now that the US Senate has re-authorized NASA, the much-maligned Space Agency is going out of its way to convince Congress and the tax-paying public that exploring the final frontier is an essential service (essentially rad, in my humble opinion.) To that end, NASA is sending your haikus to boldly go where no poetry has gone before: the red planet!

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  3. Send Your Name, or Possibly a Haiku, to Mars

    Most of us will never go to space, but that doesn't mean we can't send our names there. As part of NASA's MAVEN mission to Mars, they're asking the people of Earth to include their names on a DVD that will orbit Mars. They're also taking poetry submissions in haiku form. Go ahead and let the Universe know you exist. It's free and takes about two minutes.

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  4. Morgan Freeman Haiku is the Best Haiku [Video]

    Impressionist Jim Meskimen putting on the voice of Morgan Freeman is one thing. A very amusing thing but just a thing. When he then continues to perform as Mr. Freeman throughout a series of haiku it transcends typical impressions. The best part? They are written as if Morgan Freeman himself were composing them.

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  5. Sad Keanu’s Ode To Happiness

    In June 2010, the Keanu Is Sad meme exploded on the internet, after Splash News photographer Ron Asadorian got a picture of the actor Keanu Reeves sitting alone on a park bench eating a sandwich. Poor Keanu looked so sad, that the  Canadian/American star of the Matrix films garnered a reputation for just being so down all the time.  In addition, he garnered a piece of internet notoriety as the Keanu Is Sad meme spread rapidly. But Sad Keanu may not really be sad at all. Sad Keanu may actually be happy. At least, that is what Reeve's latest project, a book called Ode To Happiness would suggest.

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  6. HaikuLeaks

    Haikuleaks is a swell example of data-mining meets found poetry: By running a Cablegate parser in conjunction with a program called HaikuFinder which searches for the five-seven-five syllable pattern associated with haiku, Tetalab's Fabrice Fourc has created a program that can find unlikely little haikus within the mess of diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks over the course of this past month. Here are a few:

    King Hamad flatly stated that Bahrain is not happy with Qatar.

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  7. CEO of Sun Resigns in Haiku, on Twitter

    We've previously written about the impending resignation of Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz. Well, it's no impending: Schwartz has gone out with a haiku -- on Twitter, of course. “Today’s my last day at Sun. I’ll miss it. Seems only fitting to end on a #haiku. Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more.”

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