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  1. Recent Sony Hack Reveals Huge Diversity Problems and Gender Pay Gap Among Top-Level Executives

    Who's surprised?

    On the off chance that you didn't already assume that an overwhelming majority of highly-paid movie executives in Hollywood are white and male, now the recent cyber attacks against Sony have proven that to be the case, at least for them. Thanks, maybe North Korea?

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  2. Sony Hackers Leak Fury, Annie, Other Unreleased Movie Files

    Do you... do you think Sony is... furious?

    Sony Pictures Entertainment has been under a cyber-attack since last week. The hackers made good on threats over the weekend by releasing several full-length files of Sony movies, some of which have yet to be released in theaters.

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  3. Sony Pictures Reportedly Hacked and Brought to a Standstill With Threats of Blackmail

    "Give us the Spider-Man rights and no one gets hurt!" -Hackers?

    Yesterday, reports began flying that Sony Pictures' entire computer system had been locked up by a hacker group making undisclosed blackmail threats. We can only guess the hackers' demands have something to do with Spider-Man movie rights based on absolutely no information other than that's what we'd blackmail them for if it were us.

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  4. Chinese Hackers Steal 4.5 Million Hospital Patient Records From Community Health Services Network

    Call Zero Cool on these chumps.

    Community Health Systems is a network of 206 hospitals in 29 states, and today they've announced they were hacked. The hackers, working out of China, managed to get 4.5 million patient records including names, social security numbers, and addresses. CHS is now working with the FBI to identify and arrest the thieves.

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  5. eBay was Hacked, Change Your Password and Blame Embarrassing Late Night Bids on Criminals

    Weird this Jar Jar mask has zero bids.

    Good Bad news, everyone! eBay was hacked, and they're saying passwords have been compromised. According to the company there's nothing that indicates any financial information has been compromised, but it's best to be safe and update your account before you end up paying for someone's limited edition Jem and the Holograms figurines.

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  6. Call Your Grandparents: Every Version of Internet Explorer Subject to New Vulnerability

    "Billy, there's something wrong with the googles."

    If it's been a while since you've visited MiMi and PopPop, now's probably a good time to check in on them. Microsoft has confirmed that every version of Internet Explorer is vulnerable to a security flaw, making "remote code execution" possible. This could give hackers full control of a system remotely.

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  7. Dutch Art Installation Reportedly Hacked, Now Makes Porn Moaning Sounds

    Either that, or somebody's got a favorite location to have loud public sex.

    Today's a weird day for art and explicit content, huh? Except this time it's not intentional on the part of the artist. Apparently a public arts project in Enschede, Netherlands, been hacked so that instead of playing natural bird sounds as intended, it emits very creepy sex-moaning noises out of loudspeakers placed around a large part of town.

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  8. Did The New York Times Just Get Hacked? Here’s What We Know So Far

    All the news that's fit to Http:/1.1 Service Unavailable.

    If you tried to access the New York Time website over the past two hours, you might have encountered a very unusual error message saying that the site was down. It's back up now, but what happened? Hackers happened, an unnamed source at Fox Business claims. Uh oh.

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  9. Oh Dear God No: Toilets Can Be Hacked

    Now I'm all clogged with toilet jokes.

    High tech toilets have always fascinated us as a civilization. Well, maybe not always -- toilets didn't even used to exist for a while -- but there's something oddly appealing about a crapper that dazzles us with flashing lights. You know, except when it falls prey to hackers and floods your bathroom, because that's now a thing that's possible.

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  10. New Tool Can Tell How Much Your Email’s Worth to Hackers

    Just in case you weren't paranoid enough.

    Now that everyone is nice and freaked out about the NSA stealing all of their data, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a program to determine how much the data in your Gmail account is worth -- not to the government, but to the hackers that target such accounts, in case anyone forgot that this is still an issue.

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