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Gut Check

  1. Gut Check: The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead has proven to be a massive crossover hit. Not only have the comics and television show been successful, the video game from Telltale Games has also received its fair share of critical praise. The downloadable episodic game even managed to grab Game of the Year at Spike's Video Game Awards this year. The PC version of the game's been out for a bit, but Justin and Rollin decided to give it a go since the console version released not too long ago. Did it deserve to win Game of the Year? Watch the two of them run from the undead, and go with your gut feeling.

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  2. Gut Check: Wii U

    Nintendo's been somewhat behind this entire console generation. The Wii is often referred to as more of a half step rather than a whole step, in that both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are simply more powerful machines despite the Wii being the last to release. Nintendo's just released their latest console, making them the first to hit a new generation, but they might fall victim to a similar problem a second time. Is the Wii U worth buying if it's just going to be outclassed next year? Hit the jump to watch Rollin and Justin take a look at the Wii U, and go with your gut feeling.

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  3. Gut Check: Nintendo Land

    Of all the games available when the Wii U launched on Sunday, Nintendo Land is the obligatory minigame collection that everyone's come to expect Nintendo to put out. Everyone loves a good minigame collection, right? Right. It's essentially the equivalent of Wii Sports in terms of function. Though the game is packed in with the Deluxe version of the console, those not willing to pony up the dough for the bundle will have to purchase a copy separately. Is Nintendo Land worth buying if you didn't get it automatically with your Wii U? Hit the jump to watch Glen and Justin hop on the fun train to Nintendo Land, and go with your gut feeling.

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  4. Gut Check: New Super Mario Bros. U

    As you're probably already aware, the Wii U launched in North America yesterday. Like any console launch, the games currently available are a mixed bag. It's always difficult to tell which games are worth the time and money, and which have been lobbed over the plate by the console's developer in order to make some quick cash. For example, is New Super Mario Bros. U actually worth getting? Hit the jump to watch Sean and Justin take a tour of the Mushroom Kingdom's latest outing, and go with your gut feeling.

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  5. Gut Check: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 released yesterday, though some PC gamers might disagree, and those that obsessively purchase each installment have already been hard at work killing their fellow players. Not everyone's so blindly devoted, though, and sometimes folks have to make a judgment call on whether a game's worth their money. Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 worth your cash? Hit the jump to watch Rollin and Justin give it a shot, wander through multiplayer and campaign modes, and go with your gut feeling.

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