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Guinness World Records

  1. Dubai Office Tower Officially Has World’s Largest Vertical Maze, Also Probably the Eye of Sauron

    You step into the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.

    In January Guinness officially named Dubai's 55-story-tall "Maze Tower" the largest vertical maze in the world, which it means it's only a matter of months until James Wan decides to drive a car through it.

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  2. First-Ever Female Game Programmer and More in the New Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition

    Unsurprisingly to us, girls were into gaming before pretty much anyone thought it was cool.

    Gamers are a passionate crowd, which makes for a lot of crazy world records to be held. So, the people at Guinness World Records have been putting out a Gamer's Edition, and this year's version just released today.

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  3. The World’s Largest Video Game Collection Is up for Auction, Can Someone Spot Us Some Cash?

    It's for very important life necessities. We promise.

    You dreamed of amassing the world's largest collection of video games as a child. Then, tracking down all of those games turned out to be too much work (and money), so you gave up. Now that you're an adult and fabulously wealthy, you can pay someone who's done all the hard work—unless becoming fabulously wealthy turned out to be too much work, too.

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  4. Guinness World Record Holder for Largest Walking Robot is a 50 Foot Fire-Breathing Dragon


    Every August for the past 500 years, German festival goers come to the Bavarian forest to see a performance of the traditional folk play Drachenstich, or "Slaying of the Dragon." Naturally you'd expect there to be a dragon in this performance -- except currently, the part is being played by an enormous animatronic robot that spits real fire.

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  5. Guinness Officially Awards “Cat With Longest Fur” Record to Colonel Meow [Video]

    I sort of want to pet him but I think I have enough hair on my body as it is.

    The 2014 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records is set to drop on September 12th, and will feature some brand new records -- including "Longest fur on a cat." Come on, you know you were really, really curious about which proud feline would receive that particular accolade. Or should we say... furrrious? Okay, we won't. I'm sorry.

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  6. Romania Now Has the World’s Largest Flag in Case You Were Curious About That Record

    The United States either has to step up its game or just let Romania have this flag-based record.

    On Monday, a village in Romania unfurled what Guinness World Records has confirmed to be the largest flag ever made in the world. Unsurprisingly, it is a Romanian flag. In a related story, who knew the Romanian flag looked like that before now? We sure didn't. Then again, there's a lot of things we don't know about other country's flags.

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  7. Morphinominal! The Green Ranger to Shatter World Record for Breaking Pine Boards While Skydiving

    Since retiring from his role as the green-hued leader of the Power Rangers, actor Jason David Frank -- better known as Tommy Oliver on the TV series -- has been a busy, busy man indeed. Aside from instructing others in the ways of karate, busting skulls in the mixed martial arts arena, and pretty much living up to his erstwhile on-camera persona of "karate-chopping bad bay," Frank enjoys attempting to shatter world records just as much as his opponents' ribs in the ring. Later this month, Frank is looking to break the world record for the number of pine boards broken while skydiving. Which is seriously an actual record that exists.

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  8. Reddit Sets the Record for Largest Secret Santa. Why Stop There?

    We got word today that Reddit now holds the world record for the largest online secret santa game. The site will now take its place in the Guinness Book of Records alongside other greats like the man who rode a unicycle on the mouths of 30 feet of beer bottles and the man who collected his own belly button lint for 26 years. This is Reddit's first and only entry into the record books and we have to ask: Why stop there? There are dozens of records that the community we all know and love could easily set! We have a few in mind.

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  9. 7,000 Pound Lollipop Proves Hard to Fit in the Side of Your Mouth

    Here at Geekosystem, we love big candy, but there aren't many sugary treats that top this world record breaking sucker cooked up by See's Candies. This is not a lollipop to be trifled with. I would love to see its calorie count! Read on for more about this marvel of human candy-neering.

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  10. Bad Weather Deters Men From Flying On Lawn Chairs Tied To Helium Balloons

    On Saturday, Kent Couch and Fareed Lafta sat on lawn chairs tied to 350 helium balloons and lifted off from a parking lot in Oregon. With clear skies and light winds marking the start of their journey, drifting the 500 miles to a Guinness World Record for the longest two-man cluster balloon flight seemed a matter of time. But, the weather trolled and they had to land a mere 30 miles from where they started.

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  11. MMO RIFT Successfully Set That Guinness World Record for In-Game Marriages

    MMO RIFT announced that they were attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the most in-game marriages in a 24 hour period. Those wondering where one could go to find a virtual spouse will be happy to know RIFT did indeed set that record. Between 9 am PST on February 14 to 9am PST on February 15, 21,879 virtual marriages were confirmed.

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  12. Woman Aims to Break World Record for Facebook Comments With One Million Posts, Mostly Two-Letter Words

    This is one of those stories that starts big, and then makes you go, "oh." Here's the big part: Sacramento, CA resident and FrontierVille player Cathy Matthews has acquired some one million comments on a single Facebook post. That's quite a feat, but here's the part that wrinkles the whole thing: Most of the comments were two-letter words. "Go" seems to have been a popular one.

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  13. Check Out the World’s Largest Video Game Controller

    Technology just keeps getting smaller and smaller. That's the general trend, right? Maybe the general trend, but some crazy dudes at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands decided to take it far, far in the other direction and made the world's largest video game controller, Guinness approved. Benjamin Allen, Stephen van’t Hof, and Michel Verhulst --the aforementioned crazy dudes-- are to be held responsible for this behemoth, a 12ft x 5ft 3 in x 1ft 8 in NES controller that weighs 265 pounds and cost $6,000 to build. Try bringing that to your buddy's place.

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  14. MMO RIFT Attempts to Set Guinness World Record for Most Virtual Marriages in 24-Hour Period

    In this day and age of MMOverflow (I just made that up!), MMOs need a way to stand apart from one another, especially since most MMOs (EVE Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online excluded) and  get stuck in the same routine of killing or collecting X of Y, leveling to the max level, then killing bosses that drop good equipment, so you can harder kill bosses that drop better equipment, so you can kill even harder bosses that drop even better equipment. Trion Worlds is looking to separate their MMO RIFT from the rest of the pack, not with gameplay mechanics, but by attempting to set a Guinness World Record. Which one, you ask? The most virtual marriages in a 24-hour period, of course!

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  15. Man Builds World’s Tallest Sandcastle

    Ed Jarret of Farmington, CT has beaten the world record for tallest sandcastle, creating a structure that is 37-feet, 10-inches tall. Jarret had the help of 1,500 volunteers who helped him hand pack more than 1.6 million pounds of sand and water to make the sandcastle. Originally standing 38-feet, 75-inches high, the castle's hight succumbed slightly to weather conditions and a pesky bluebird before the structure could be evaluated by Guinness World Records. However, at 37-feet, 10-inches the castle is now officially a record breaker. In fact, it broke Jarret's own previous world records of 29-feet (built in 2003) and 31-feet (built in 2007). (via Daily Mail Online)

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  16. Guy Can Twist Feet Backward, Will Attempt to Set Two Guinness World Records

    Moses Lanham Jr., 49, as one can plainly see in the above picture, can twist his feet so they face backward. He's not just using this totally not-gross-at-all feat of feet as a fun parlor trick, as he is planning to set two Guinness World Records in Rome at the Guinness World Records Show, one of which being how far he can rotate his feet, and the other being how fast he can walk twenty meters with backward feet.

    Like any good superpower origin story, Lanham's started with an accident: When he was 14, he fell from a rope in gym class, landing in what everyone initially thought was a terrifying position, until he stood up, unharmed. Lanham claims the act is painless, and doesn't even require any kind of warm-up, even claiming that the position is actually more comfortable for him than regularly oriented feet. According to doctors who have examined Lanham, the source of his not-so-super superpower comes from being born with extra tissues and cartilage in his legs and joints, making it so his ankles, hips and knees are able to turn and provide enough support for Lanham to rotate his feet at such extreme angles.

    His Guinness World Records segment is set to air in Italy on March 30.

    (AOL News via J-Walk Blog)

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  17. Charlie Sheen Sets Guinness World Record for Hitting 1 Million Twitter Followers

    The ghoulishness of the media obsession with Charlie Sheen has been well-documented, and we apologize for not covering every crazy thing he says about tiger blood with more diligence, but a Guinness Record in social media is a Guinness Record in social media, and so congrats, @charliesheen, for winning Twitter. Guinness has verified that Sheen's is the fastest account ever to reach one million followers, though the Guinness Book of World Records did not previously contain a record for that category. Sheen joined Twitter on the afternoon of March 1st, was almost immediately verified thanks to the intervention of celebrity endorsement broker, and within 25 hours and 17 minutes, he hit one million followers. As of posting, Sheen has 1,256,636 followers and is insane. (via Mashable)

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  18. Man Collects His Own Belly Button Lint for 26 Years

    That's dedication? A librarian named Graham Barker has managed to collect his belly button lint for more than 26 years, collecting 22.1 grams of lint, earning a Guinness World Record, and managing to sell part of his color-coded collection to a museum for "an undisclosed sum." Telegraph:

    He was motivated by "simple curiosity" and began his collection in 1984. "One evening, when a little under-occupied, I noticed the lint in my navel and started wondering about it. I became curious as to how much of it one person can produce, and decided the only way to find out was to collect it for a while and see." ... The 45-year-old from Perth, Australia, has sold three jars to a museum for an undisclosed sum. "The raw material is worthless but as a unique world record collection and a piece of cultural heritage, of debatable merit, it has some curiosity value," he said.
    (Telegraph via Neatorama)

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  19. Over 7,000 People Tagged in One Facebook Photo, Winning a Guinness World Record

    Over 7,000 attendees at this year's Glastonbury Festival in England have collectively snagged a Guinness World Record for "Most People Tagged in an Online Photo." The photo in question, taken by telecom operator Orange, was a whopping 1300 megapixels and contained more than 70,000 people, allowing festivalgoers to zoom in and tag themselves and their friends. The photo was taken during halftime in the England vs. Slovenia World Cup match on the first day of the event.

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  20. Over 10,000 in China Set Human Domino Record [Video]

    10,267 people, to be exact. In the city of Ordos, located in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region of China, the throng of people toppled over from seated positions, shattering the previous record held by 9,234 Singaporean students in 2000. It took them an hour to complete the entire domino chain. What's more, the group of human dominoes, divided into more than 50 groups, dressed in color-coordinated clothing that spelled the word Ordos in both Chinese and English. Even though they were bound to break the record, they made the effort to go the extra mile -- impressive!

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