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  1. 3 Million-Year-Old Hidden World Found Under Greenland Glacier

    Don't let the wampas out! (And you thought we would make a Frozen joke.)

    80% of Greenland is covered in an icy tundra that formed almost three million years ago, but apparently there's a lot more green hidden by the inhospitable landscape than previously thought: scientists have found an "antique" world 10,000 feet beneath the ice's surface and remarkably preserved by the country's natural ice box.

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  2. Greenland Surface Ice Melts at Levels Not Seen in 123 Years

    Greenland's huge sheet of ice always experiences some surface melt during the summer. Not all the way, mind; the about 50 percent of the surface see some melting naturally. This melting refreezes almost immediately or is lost to the ocean and is normal. But NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has discovered that by July 12th of this month, 97 percent of the ice sheet's surface had seen some amount of melting. The last time surface melts occurred at similar levels was 1889.

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  3. Ice Chunk the Size of Two Manhattans Breaks Off from Greenland Glacier

    Yesterday morning, an ice island roughly twice the size of Manhattan broke free from the Petermann Glacier in North-West Greenland. The glacier connects the Greenland ice sheet to the Arctic Ocean and suffered a similar but much larger break in 2010, creating an ice island roughly 4 times the size of Manhattan.

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  4. New Atlas Shows Greenland With Fewer Glaciers, More Green

    The 13th edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World has a subtle but perhaps significant change: The island nation of Greenland is now a lot more green, and brown. Greenland -- allegedly named because Erik the Red wanted to trick people into moving to the rocky, glacier covered land -- has long been covered in mostly ice and snow. However, recent warming trends have caused some of the glaciers to retreat, reducing the island's generally white appearance. The latest version of the Times Comprehensive Atlas will reflect this change. Perhaps more shocking than Greenland's color change act is the addition of Uunartoq Qeqertaq, which translates to Warming Island. In 2005, the island was "discovered" when the retreating glaciers revealed a strait separating the island from the mainland. You can see a fullsize comparison between previous versions of the Atlas over at the 80 Beats blog. (via Discover, image via NASA)

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  5. Fog Will Not Save You From Vikings

    Vikings are already famous for their beards and badassery, not the least of which springs from their sailing prowess. Spreading from Sweden and Norway, the Vikings sailed and settled Northern England, Iceland, Greenland, and were the first Europeans to arrive in North America. They also pillaged and terrorized an unready European populace with their ferocity and totally sweet boats, but a lingering question faced by historians is how they managed to sail as well as they did with such limited technology. Navigation in the far north poses several unique problems.

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  6. Almost Three Miles Of Glacier Break Off in One Night

    The globe just keeps on warming, and on the night of July 6, the effects of that made themselves known in drastic fashion. In just a single night, a 2.7-square-mile block of ice completely broke off from Greenland's Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier. For a look at the before and after images, see above, and you can click to enlarge for a better comparison. Now, while this seems like a huge occurence, it isn't all that uncommon these days. What's unique about this particular ice-loss is that it happened at a time when climate conditions didn't foreshadow it at all.

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