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  1. The Geek Girl’s Guide to Antigravity Conspiracies: The Stories of The Women Who Believe

    Or, how to build a believable (and perhaps even useful) conspiracy theory using our friend, mainstream science.

    Guess where geek girls are under-represented? Old joke: everywhere! Anyway, there’s one aspect of geek culture where very few forays have been made by women: antigravity and its associated conspiracy theories. It’s a shame too; four of the biggest and most respectable figures in the field are women.

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  2. Giveaway: Gravity Rerelease Blu-ray!

    Courtesy of Dolby, The Mary Sue has a special edition of Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, to give away!

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  3. Gravity Dropping a “Silent Space Version” That Removes the Score for Increased Scientific Accuracy

    In space, no one can hear your Oscar-winning score.

    Warner Bros. wants to remind everyone that Interstellar isn't the only space movie that's ever tried to stick to some actual scientific reality. They're releasing a new Blu-ray of last year's Gravity with new features, including a version of the movie that removes the score to drive home the silence of space. Now there will be nothing to distract you from hours of Sandra Bullock's panicked gasping.

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  4. And Now: Weightless Cats [VIDEO]

    These cats are NOT IMPRESSED.

    This is a clip from 1947 footage of work undertaken by the Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories. Apparently, this Very Important Space Learning included finding out what happens to cats in space. And now - now we know. Cats do not handle themselves well in weightlessness. Also, no kitties were harmed in the making of this video. Well, except for maybe their pride.

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  5. This Chart Graphs Diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy Films. Guess How Wide The Gap Is?

    Yikes. That's, like, Gap of Rohan big.

    As this graph shows, we have a really, really long way to go when it comes to depicting diversity in these genres.

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  6. These Are Literally The Most Literal Movie Posters We’ve Seen Today

    In the strictest sense.

    I have a liking for literal humor, so these clever movie posters by Danish Ahmed tickled my funny bone (figuratively). To be honest, I kind of want to see his version of The Wolf of Wall Street. It's got potential.

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  7. Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains “Everything Wrong With Gravity”

    Problem #1: he's not in it.

    The folks at Cinema Sins may be experts on mistakes in movies, but when it comes to science, they could use a little assistance. So, they got everyone's favorite astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, to help them bring Gravity down to Earth.

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  8. Behold! The 2014 Hugo Award Nominees!

    May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

    Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Gravity, Frozen, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Saga, and more high-quality SF/F than you can shake a stick at. That certainly covers a whole bunch of our post tags. The Hugo Awards honor both pros and fans alike, and as usual, the 2014 nominees provide a superb checklist of things to read, watch, and enjoy. The winners will be announced on Sunday, August 17 at Loncon 3 (aka the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention). The full list of nominees is available below. And should you need to gush about your favorites, mention absent works you feel are deserving (*cough* Janelle Monae's The Electric Lady for Best Related Work *cough*), or...ah...have a measured discussion about nominees you may object to, the comments are here for your disposal.

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  9. Neila Rey’s Nerdy Workouts Make Me Actually Want to Work Out, and That’s Saying Something

    Maybe it's just that for the first time in my life I actually miss having time to work out, but Neila Rey's pop culture themed work outs are really  as physically challenging and logistically easy as one could hope, and for every kind of nerd reference you might care to make. We've posted only a few here, there are lots more at her site.

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  10. Superman Ruins Gravity in About 60 Seconds With Some Clever Editing and Gives It a New Ending

    This is pretty much why it's hard to write a non-boring Superman movie.

    Yeah, the plot of Gravity doesn't last that long when a guy who doesn't need to breathe in space and is capable of spontaneous flight shows up. Thanks a lot for ruining everything, Superman. The editing and the jokes in this "alternate scene" are really great, too, and it ties up the whole movie pretty neatly with its... alternate ending.

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  11. Gravity Would Be A Lot Shorter If Superman Was Around

    There are a lot of movies that would be substantially shorter if Superman were around. I don't want to spoil anything, but there also might be a lot of new movies that would exist if Superman was around. Previously in Gravity

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  12. Cornell University Invented a Bike You Can’t Steer… For Science?

    Congratulations, we guess?

    Meet the "Bricycle" -- a modified bicycle built by Cornell University engineers to test what it would be like to ride a bike in zero gravity. What they found is that although we blame gravity when we fall off a bike, without it, you'd be unable to steer.

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  13. Contemplate The Infinite Void With These Unused Gravity Poster Designs


    Even I, who thinks dying adrift in space would be an outstanding way to go, have to admit that these posters are a bit chilling. You're looking at the artwork of Framestore, the design firm who not only put together Gravity's final poster, but worked on the film's Oscar-winning visual effects as well.

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  14. This Video of a Russian Experiment Looks Like Real-Life Gravity

    Don't waste your money on the DVD, the Russian prequel was way scarier.

    In the wake of Gravity's Awards Season success, Sploid has this eerie video to remind us that Astronaut Ryan Stone's horrifying space odyssey essentially happened "for real" back in 2006. Yes, the Russian experiment was all in the name of education, but that doesn't make the footage any less bone-chilling.

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  15. The 2014 Oscars: The Good, The Awesome, and the Silly

    Oh Hollywood

    If you watched the Oscars broadcast, you should know that Ellen DeGeneres wasn't joking: this really was the star-studded selfie tweeted 'round the world, breaking the previous record set by President Obama's re-election victory tweet and becoming the first user to top  one million retweets on a single tweet. For everything else you need to know about the Oscars today in order to have a water cooler conversation about it, and, of course, the winners, read on!

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  16. Things We Saw Today: Superheroines In Love

    Things We Saw Today

    Kat Leyh's webcomic Supercakes chronicles the off-duty moments of super-couple Molly and May. Dang it, now I want pancakes. (via io9)

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  17. Physics Students Explore Possibility of Gravity’s Space Debris Incident Becoming An Actual Problem

    Houston, we're boned.

    We all know that Gravity is a work of fiction and the Hubble telescope didn't really get hit with debris from a defunct satellite. As students from the University of Leister pointed out in a recent paper, though, there is a defunct satellite that could pose a threat to current real-life space missions: Envisat.

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  18. Gravity Summed Up In 60 Seconds [VIDEO]

    I Want to Believe

    Didn't catch the Academy Award-nominated Gravity in theaters? Thanks to Leigh Lehav, you can catch up before the big night. Plus, it's less scary this way. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  19. Louis CK’s Thoughts on Gravity Are Pretty Funny and Insightful

    There's no such thing as a reluctant astronaut.

    It's awards season, and people have a lot of feelings about Gravity. (The movie—not the very important force.) Louis CK has expressed those feelings on Opie and Anthony, and whether you liked the movie or not, his insights are pretty funny. Enjoy them, but if you liked the movie, try to remember that they're just jokes. Please?

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  20. Feed Your Oscar Fever With Honest Posters Of This Year’s Nominees

    Real Or Not Real?

    CollegeHumor's posters are only of the nine films up for the big award, but it does make me wonder what titles for the other nominees (complete list here) would be. Like Pacific Rim. EXCEPT, OH WAIT, PACIFIC RIM DIDN'T GET NOMINATED FOR BEST VISUAL EFFECTS. EVEN TRANSFORMERS GOT THREE OSCAR NOMINATIONS. DAMMIT. Ahem. Thus begins my yearly litany of "Don't take the Oscars seriously, Rebecca. Don't take them seriously. They don't deserve it. Simmer down."

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