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  1. Last Night the Grammys Reached Out To Victims of Domestic Violence


    We know that the Grammys are not usually a nerd hotspot of viewing, but the dedicated segment on domestic violence, which gave abuse survivor Brooke Axtell a national stage for a stirring speech about her experiences, is definitely up our alley.

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  2. We’ve Got An Update On Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth Musical!

    Once More With Feeling

    Considering the ever-wonderful Guillermo del Toro has a tendency of talking up several different projects at once, when we first heard he was working on a musical version of Pan's Labyrinth, we were skeptical. But thanks to the Grammy Awards, we have news on that front! 

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  3. Despite The Grammy Awards & Downtown Abbey, The Walking Dead Broke Ratings Records


    Looks like people were really craving some zombie action. The midseason premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead drew in huge viewership on Sunday despite airing at the same time as the Grammy Awards and Downton Abbey

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  4. Guys I Think Carrie Underwood is in The Hunger Games

    Real Or Not Real?

    Last night at the Grammys Carrie Underwood stood stock still in a silver satin dress to sing her hit "Blown Away." After an evening where one band was literally, intentionally rained on, it seemed somewhat subdued. At least, it did until the projectionist started up. May the odds be ever in Ms. Underwood's favor.

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  5. Listen to the Entire Grammy-Nominated Journey Soundtrack Right Here

    Of all the Grammy nominations that have ever been made, there are few we can say we support wholeheartedly. That's mostly because the Grammys tend to be a boring affair, full of uninteresting nominations for uninteresting folks. It looks like that's not the case for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, though. Of all the nominations, our absolute favorite is hidden within the Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media category. Composer Austin Wintory, thanks to his soundtrack for the video game Journey, is up for a Grammy. Hit the jump to listen to the entire thing.

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  6. Steve Jobs Posthumously Wins Grammy

    The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has announced that they will be awarding a Grammy to Steve Jobs. Jobs will receive the Trustees Award for is contributions to the music scene, cited as having helped create products that changed the way people consume music -- a summary that is actually true, rather than something we boast after someone respected has passed on. The award focuses on how the iPod and the iTunes Store as changed how music was distributed and bought, which, again, is actually true.

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  7. Grammys Formally Recognize Video Games

    Though everyone's favorite Swahili title menu song recently won a Grammy, video games weren't formally recognized by the Grammy Awards as of then, and the song only won because it was released on a full length album by the song's composer. However, video games can now win Grammys on their own terms, without having to release on some other form of media first, as the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has changed four annual award categories, which now recognize music from video games.

    The changed categories are The Music for Visual Media, Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media, Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media, and Best Song Written for Visual Media, all of which cover the areas of Motion, Television, Other Visual Media, and now Video Games.

    Though video games have now been separately recognized as a viable form of media, Vice President for the awards of the Academy Bill Freimuth understands that this isn't where the recognition of video game music should stop: "I think this could be viewed as a first step in the direction of video games getting their own category." With events like Video Games Live and soundtracks being given out with every other game these days, the Academy is only hurting themselves by not giving video game music the recognition it deserves.

    (Industry Gamers via Joystiq)

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  8. Migraine Aura, Not Stroke, Caused Reporter’s Grammys Aphasia, Doctor Says

    Though a video of CBS News reporter Serene Branson uttering gibberish at the Grammys instantly went viral earlier this week, amusement in some quarters quickly turned to widespread concern when viewers with medical backgrounds or family experience pointed out that Branson's aphasic speech patterns seemed like they could have been the result of a stroke. CBS was further criticized when it was revealed that after paramedics checked her out, Branson simply went home rather than immediately getting a more comprehensive neurological scan. Fortunately, it appears that Branson's speech patterns can be explained by something called a migraine aura, which is far less dangerous than a stroke.

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  9. Obnoxious Bieber Fans Deface Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia Page

    In retaliation over Esperanza Spalding's win for best new artist over Justin Bieber in last night's Grammy awards someone, presumably a Justin Bieber fan, defaced Spalding's Wikipedia page. The user added "JUSTIN BIEBER DESERVED IT GO DIE IN A HOLE. WHO THE HECK ARE YOU ANYWAY?" The user also added "Quesadilla" to Spalding's name on the page. Spalding, who is of mixed Spanish and African-American ancestry, is an accomplished musician and singer, notable for her use of a stand-up bass which she plays while singing. Her style leans on the jazzier end of the musical spectrum, though she has voiced a desire to simply be recognized as a musician of popular music. This particular display of rivalry from supposed Bieber fans is especially disheartening since both Bieber and Spalding share unique stories, rising from obscurity and building their reputations as successful performers. Since the person who defaced Spalding's page could not answer his or her own question by simply scrolling down the page, here are some highlights from Wikipedia that will hopefully shed some light on who she is, anyway.

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  10. Cee Lo Green Pulls an Elton With Muppets at Grammys

    Last night, America tuned in to see which bands would take home the gold plated paperweights that indicate success in the music industry. What they were probably not expecting to see was Cee Lo Green dressed in a sequined bird costume performing a cleaned up version of his hit song "F---- You" backed up by a band of muppet-esque creatures. Oh, and Gwyneth Paltrow was there reprising her appearance on Glee, or something. Green, who rose to prominence with Danger Mouse as part of Gnarls Barkley was apparently invoking Elton John's performance on the Muppet Show from years back, using the same costume and surrounding himself with muppets.You can take a look and judge for yourself.

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  11. Civilization IV is First Video Game Nominated for Grammy

    Composer Christopher Tin received a Grammy Award nomination for the song "Baba Yetu," the theme song for the stellar Civilization IV, making this the first time in history a video game has been nominated for a Grammy. The song, performed by the Soweto Gospel Choir, was nominated for the Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists category. You can listen to the song after the jump.

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  12. 2010 Grammy Nominees Don’t Just Sing: a Rundown of their Voiceover Work

    From the blog Whose Voice is That? comes a truly extensive post on tonight's Grammy nominees, or at least those who also have voice acting credits. WViT's list covers a number of areas within our geeky purview, including David Bowie, Yogi Bear, Mos Def, Metalocalypse, and more.

    Our three favorite new bytes of knowledge are:

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