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  1. This Is Why Gender Gap Rebuttals Are Silly: Girls Are in the Lead Academically Worldwide

    "But girls' brains are just better suited to—" Shuttupshuttupshuttup!

    When trying to put together an informed opinion, it's important to consider all sides and then run screaming from the rabbit hole of insanity you've inevitably fallen into. In the course of reading what our detractors have to say, we've noticed that some people actually think the gender gap in science and tech employment is because women either don't want to be in those fields or, worse, because boys just innately have minds that are geared towards them. This will come as a shock, then.

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  2. Study Shows Boys Aren’t Falling Behind Girls in School, They’ve Always Been Behind

    And girls, being smarter, have always known that boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.

    Those who are worried that there's a "boy crisis" where boys are (God forbid) falling behind girls academically, you can rest easy tonight. A new study shows that boys have been academically behind for a pretty long time with no appreciable difference in recent years to concern yourself with. You're welcome!

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  3. How To Use Social Media To Get Better Grades [Infographic]

    When we think of students using social media, it's hard not to imagine the college freshman holed up in the library spending hours on Facebook when they should be studying for exams, but maybe there is a little more value in social media for students than you would think. An interesting infographic by Masters in Education suggests that being involved in social media is actually good for students' grades. However, the graphic doesn't really get into the nuts and bolts of how they established a correlation. Still, some of the claims seem pretty believable, like students using social media to organize themselves into a study group when one wasn't organized by a professor. Even if the social media addict is unlikely to be at the top of the class, it is still good to note that there are positive ways to use social media for educational purposes. It doesn't have to be a brain sucking vortex of wasted time, in fact, it could provide some great new ways for students to learn.

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  4. Tough Times for ‘D’ Students as School District Drops the Grade


    Attention students of Morris County, New Jersey: Those 'D's on your report card just aren't going to cut it anymore. On a meeting Monday night, the School Board approved the decision to eliminate the D grade, making anything below a C- a failing grade.

    There has been some serious disagreement about the issue. While everyone supports putting measures in place to ensure that kids succeed and actually grasp their material instead of skating by, not everyone thinks this is the right way to go about it:

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