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  1. Science Can Use DNA GPS To Determine Where Your Ancestors Lived 1000 Years Ago

    Maybe everything you know about yourself is a LIE.

    Most of us can trace our lineage back a few generations, but what about way back? Like, would-need-a-TARDIS-to-determine-the-truth back? Two scientists have collaborated to create a new kind of DNA GPS that can accurately pinpoint where in the world you came from, over a thousand years ago.

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  2. Find ALL OF THE THINGS With These Tiny GPS Enabled Chips From Tile

    These GPS chips ensure you'll never lose your keys again. Plus, now you can geocache pretty much anything you own!

    If you are gifted with the same talent I have for losing anything important the instant it comes into your possession, help may be on the way. Tile is bringing tiny, GPS enabled tags and an app to track them to iOS, and the system looks like a great way to track down everything from stolen bikes to where you put your wallet.

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  3. Garmin Reveals Windshield Navigation Heads-Up Display

    It's not flying cars, but it will do. For now.

    GPS navigation device and app maker Garmin has announced its first portable heads-up display for vehicle windshields. The heads-up display, known by the incredibly original name HUD, connects to smartphones running Garmin navigation apps and projects information on a transparent film on the windshield, enabling you to follow directions without holding your phone in front of you at all times.

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  4. Hell is Other People: Anti-Social App Helps You Avoid Running Into Your Friends

    If you could figure out where all your friends were at any given time, you'd probably want to avoid them.

    Ever had a day where you just don't want to have to deal with other people? Ever taken a different path than usual because there's someone you really don't want to run into on the way? Good news, an app developer has leveraged social media to direct you along routes where your friends aren't. The app, called Hell Is Other People, is an experiment in anti-social media. It monitors your friends' check-ins on Foursquare to figure out where they might be and then creates a map with "optimally distanced safe zones" to decrease the chances that you might cross their paths.

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  5. Storm Chasers Use GPS Coordinate Initials to Memorialize Their Fallen

    After Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young died tracking tornadoes in the Midwest, colleagues spelled out their initials across three states.

    Chasing down tornadoes, as will surprise no one, can be a dangerous business. Researchers and amateurs alike put themselves in the harm's way seeking to gather data that meteorologists can use to better understand extreme weather, and sometimes things don't go as planned. That was the sad case this weekend when noted storm chasers Carl Young and Tim Samaras, as well as Tim's son Paul Samaras, were killed gathering data about a powerful tornado moving through Oklahoma.  While the team is gone, they're not forgotten, as colleagues used their GPS coordinates to spell out the initials of the lost storm chasers across three states.

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  6. New York Pill Bottles Get GPS Tags to Combat Drug Theft

    Crimes related to the theft of pharmaceuticals are a growing problem in and around New York City. Have no fear, though -- the city's police department has the answer, and it's only mostly a George Orwell wet dream. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly announced today that the NYPD would take the unprecedented step of attaching GPS tags to prescription pill bottles, allowing the bottles -- and the person they're with -- to be tracked in the event that the drugs are stolen.

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  7. 5 Amazing Things That We’re Totally Glad Can Talk to Us Now

    Isn't technology great? At this rate, everything we create in ten years will be able to immediately provide us with feedback in some way, if not audibly. Our gadgets and gizmos giving us clear and concise updates out loud, rather than via some sort of text interface or gauge, is simply the best. Better than all the rest, in fact. It's not like we've been ignoring things from the past, either. Hit the jump to check out our five favorite things that we're totally glad can talk to us now.

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  8. Biker Uses GPS For Line Art, Makes Baltimore His Own Personal Etch-A-Sketch

    Biking can be a great way to get around, or stay in shape, or just have a little fun, but I'll bet you never considered that it could be a way to doodle. Neither have I, but WallyGPX has, and he's gotten quite good at it. By plotting intricate rides around the Baltimore area, WallyGPX -- real name Michael J. Wallace -- has GPS-painted dozens and dozens of images using the city like a giant Etch-A-Sketch. He's been doing it a while, but he just got a surge of attention when the official Angry Birds Twitter account made note of their favorite piece of his.

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  9. AT&T To Reinvent GPS Guidance With Haptic Steering Wheel

    GPS has all but done away with the physical map, and pre-trip planning for that matter. While GPS screens are less dangerous to look at than, say, a full-sized map, they still take your eyes away from the road, and that perceived ease of the glance probably discourages people from letting their copilot navigate, as they might otherwise. All that said, GPS probably contributes to more on-road distraction than you might think. Some are aiming to turn the windshield into a screen, but AT&T Labs is trying to change up the whole game by eliminating the screen entirely and relying instead on a haptic steering wheel.

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  10. GPS Shoes Do Exactly What You’d Think They Do

    If you want to track someone's whereabouts, you can do something sneaky like put a bug on their car, or hack their cellphone, or just stalk them. On the other hand, you could take the easy route and just give them a stylish pair of Aetrex GPS tracking shoes. Before you get too confused, these shoes were designed with a very specific purpose in mind, keeping tabs on those individuals suffering from Alzheimer disease or dementia. They aren't for spying; they are not nearly suave enough for that.

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