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  1. Revenge Pornographer Demands Google Erase His Past; Is Human Embodiment of Tiny Violin

    He's particularly concerned about some unauthorized photos.

    Craig Brittain, the man who once boasted that his revenge porn site offered “a higher level of hatred" than its 'competitors' and who posted photos of over 1,000 people throughout his time as the owner of, has filed a complaint against Google asking that "all unauthorized photos of me and other related information" be taken down.

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  2. Allow Neil Gaiman to Serenade You With the Honeyed Tones of His Song, “I Google You”

    *immediately goes to google someone*

    If you've never heard author Neil Gaiman speak, I highly recommend doing so should you get the chance. He's a wonderful orator, but as it turns out, that pleasantness translates to his singing voice as well (even if he doesn't think so). Gaiman and Amanda Palmer performed a special one-night show in Florida on Valentine's Day during which they performed his "I Google You," a different kind of sorrowful love song for the digital age.

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  3. Britain Will Soon Change Its Traffic Laws to Account for Robot Cars

    What, no one else thinks of Putt Putt when we talk about self-driving vehicles?

    Robots are really great at a lot of different tasks. What they're not so good at yet, however, is critical thinking and interpreting rules less than literally. That's why an official review of the British traffic laws will suggest that the entire system be rewritten so that the future self-driving cars we'll all one day own won't cost us hours of commute time while they painstakingly wait at every intersection for the optimal time to turn.

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  4. Google Exec Warns Of A “Forgotten Century” & the “Digital Dark Age”

    What exactly is going to happen to all of our data when we go through the next mass shift in technology?

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  5. The View-Master Is Back With Virtual Reality Powered by Your Phone

    Let's party like it's 1939.

    In my day, it was powered by moving your index finger. So... pretty similar to your phone.

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  6. Get Free Cloud Storage From Microsoft and Google—102GB of It

    I just need some space.

    Free stuff! Well, space. 102GB worth of space. But it's free! Provided to you by Microsoft and Google.

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  7. Google Now Serving Fact-Checked Medical Search Results

    So 99% of medical searches will just return links for hypochondria, then?

    There's a lot of great, in-depth illness information on the Internet, but there's also a lot of weirdos who hate any medical advice more modern than "I'll need to check your humours." Now Google will help all the hypochondriacs (and actual sick people whose doctors may or may not be failing them) out there with fact-checked medical search results.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Doctor Who & Wall-E LEGO Are Coming!

    We figured it was a sure thing but it's still cool to hear official word that LEGO will be selling official Doctor Who and Wall-E sets.

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  9. Up Is Down, Black Is White: Google Starts Work on Car Service While Uber Has Plans For Self-Driving Cars

    Meanwhile, I still want nothing to do with Uber or self-driving vehicles of any kind.

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  10. Google Donates Three-Quarters of a Million Dollars to the Cause of Diversity in Tech

    Intel yawned.

    Gaze into the staged smiles of the ever-improving future.

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