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  1. No, Your Phone Doesn’t Have a Virus; Those App Store Redirects Come From Difficult-to-Stop Ads

    We're sorry. We're so sorry.

    We here at The Mary Sue can sympathize with annoying ad behavior from autoplaying, unmuted video to redirecting users to other sites entirely. Mobile browser users with Android and iOS devices have been getting app store redirects for a long time, and though the problem is difficult to stop, it isn't cause for concern—just annoyance.

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  2. Google Is Now Making Human Skin; at Least That Means They Won’t Take Yours

    For rad Google Doodle tattoos?

    Google has begun manufacturing human skin for research at its Life Sciences facility, and it actually has nothing to do with designing disguises for the cyborgs that walk among us.

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  3. Google Apologizes and Gets Rid of Homophobic Translator Responses

    Let's not teach more people to talk like this.

    When we worry about software going off the rails and harming humanity, throwing discriminatory slurs around isn't exactly the first thing that jumps to mind. Unfortunately, it wasn't on Google's mind, either, and some nasty words and phrases found their way into its translator. You just can't take your eyes off those machines for a second.

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  4. Enjoy the Irony: WikiLeaks Is Mad That Google Handed Their Emails Over to the FBI

    WikiLeaks is not a fan of leaking information to the goverment.

    WikiLeaks, which has kind of a habit of making secret information publicly available, is pretty upset that Google gave in to a Department of Justice order to hand over data including emails and IP addresses associated with several WikiLeaks staff members. Who could blame them? No one likes to be on the receiving end of that level of irony.

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  5. Google Is Sponsoring a SET Award for “Best Portrayal of Women in Tech,” & YOU Can Nominate the Winner!

    Can we also nominate this award for an award?

    The SET (science, engineering, and technology) awards are adding a great new category this year: Best Portrayal of Women in Technology. With the help of Google and the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT), they're looking to find out who in technology best represents you, the women out there, by asking you directly. Hopefully that will avoid the awkward snub problems that some other award ceremonies have.

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  6. 2015′s One Second of Time Travel Expected to Cause Internet Problems

    When this planet hits slightly slower rotation, you're going to see some serious shit.

    Despite sounding like an extra course in a hobbit meal, leap seconds are a very real thing that cause us to change clocks and effectively time travel backwards a little bit every so often. Unfortunately, the Internet doesn't like time travel, no matter how many Doctor Who GIFs it contains.

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  7. Man Arrested for YouTube Comment Threatening Cops, Claims He Never Intended to Follow Through

    The excuse that keeps on excusing.

    Tensions have been high around law enforcement lately, to say the least. So when a YouTube commenter left a fairly specific murder threat in a comment thread, Google took it very seriously, despite his claims about its intent.

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  8. Google’s Top Search Data for 2014 Is Out and Just as Full of Frozen and Jennifer Lawrence as You’d Expect

    Let it Goooooooogle!

    Google has released its data for the top searches of 2014, so let's see if we can have some fun with it. In U.S. searches, Flappy Bird beat the Ice Bucket Challenge, while worldwide the ALS awareness stunt edged it out, and ALS also came in as the top "what is... ?" search. Now will the "it's self-serving and obnoxious!" complainers give it a rest?

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  9. 10 Things Your Phone Hates About You, Because It’s Better Than You at EVERYTHING

    "Anything you can do, I can do better." -Phones

    Your phone is sick of hearing about all the things you wish it did better, because it does them all way better than you do. It really wishes it could upgrade you to a less whiny model.

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  10. Google Doesn’t Need Those Annoying CAPTCHA Text Puzzles to Tell If You’re a Robot Anymore

    We didn't always trust robots enough to just ask, but we're growing as people.

    Filthy humans, the Google hivemind can now tell you apart from robotkind simply by your mouse movement. Now you can't even hide from us in cybersp—oh, sorry. I meant, "Hey, fellow humans! Google is getting rid of those annoying CAPTCHA security things with new technology to tell you're human just from a click! Yay!"

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