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  1. NBD, Just a 17-Year-Old PhD Student Programming Robots to Learn From Humans

    Dear Tesca, Please use your robot army for good. All the best, Humanity.

    Google's Made With Codeinitiative is all about getting school-aged girls coding, and part of that is simply inspiring them to want to code. This video of 17-year-old Tesca, a Georgia Tech robotics PhD student -- did we mention she's 17? -- is certainly inspiring. You can watch more of these on the Made With Code YouTube channel.

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  2. Google Wants to Pay for Women to Learn How to Code

    Not being evil.

    Since tech companies like Google started releasing their diversity numbers it's become quickly apparent that those numbers skew heavily towards white male employees. It's a problem, but one Google acknowledges and wants to fix. They've announced a plan to pay for women and minorities to learn to code.

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  3. Watch the Google I/O Presentation for “Android L”

    Oh hai, new Android.

    Google I/O 2014 is underway and we have the live stream right here. Get the first look at the next version of Android, currently being referred to as "L" but you can also probably expect a cute codename soon. Lollipop? Lemon Drop? Lembas?

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  4. The Gender Gap in Tech Could Shrink If Google’s “Made With Code” Initiative Has Anything to Say About It

    Take THAT, gender gap in tech!

    Google's Susan Wojcicki, CEO of Youtube, knows coding is kind of a big deal. She also knows there's a serious gender gap in the tech field, and she wants to change that with Google's new "Made With Code" initiative -- a program to get school-aged girls coding early.

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  5. Google is Sending Pokémon Masters Their Own Fancy Business Cards

    And they didn't even have to challenge the Elite Four!

    Most of us saw and participated in Google's elaborate Pokémon challenge game for April Fool's Day this year, but not all of us actually had what it took to be very best that no one ever was and actually catch all the Pokémon scattered across the map. That's why those select few got rewarded with a very special gift from Google headquarters: the coveted role of Pokémon master.

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  6. Google Is Curating a Massive Street Art Project

    Everything's a Google Doodle, now.

    Street art is ephemeral, but the Internet is forever--so in their unofficial position as masters of the World Wide Web, Google has announced a new project today dedicated to documenting transient art and making it accessible for everyone with Internet, everywhere, all the time.

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  7. Conan Highlights the Kitten-Trampling Dangers of Google Driverless Cars

    Did you mean "electrocute us?"

    We all saw that impressive video from Google last week that highlighted the safety and comfort of their self-driving cars. If they can carry a bunch of old people and children without killing any of them in a fiery crash, that's a win, right? Wrong -- according to Conan O'Brien, Google only showed you what they wanted you to see in that first cut.

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  8. Google Finally Releases Its Staff Diversity Numbers, Admits It’s Overwhelmingly White and Male

    Elsewhere on the internet

    "Don't be evil" is Our Great Overlord and Master Google's unofficial motto, but there's one area where they're having trouble keeping to that: Staff diversity. According to data just released by Google itself, the web behemoth's staff of just under 50,000 is whiter and more male than the Republican National Convention.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Eat Angelina Jolie’s Face With This Creepily Realistic Maleficent Cake

    Things We Saw Today

    This is by Tattooed Bakers, the same company that made that rainbow unicorn cake we shared with you a while ago. Backing away slowly... (Jezebel)

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  10. Cringeworthy Map Showing What Each State Googles the Most


    The great people over at Estately have compiled an infographic that should hit close to home for anyone who lives in the U.S. Here's a map showing what each state Googles the most, and, yeah, I don't think there's a lot of cause for regional pride here. This is just weird all around, America.

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