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Google Street View

  1. Take a Tour of Adam Savage’s Pop Culture-Packed Workshop In Google Street View

    It's the best episode of Hoarders ever!

    First off, can we all agree that the phrase "Man Cave" is generally kind of dumb? That said, I'm willing to let Adam Savage call his studio in San Francisco whatever the hell he wants, because it is every nerd's dream. Now with the help of Google Street View, you get to see every nook and cranny for yourself.

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  2. Google Is Curating a Massive Street Art Project

    Everything's a Google Doodle, now.

    Street art is ephemeral, but the Internet is forever--so in their unofficial position as masters of the World Wide Web, Google has announced a new project today dedicated to documenting transient art and making it accessible for everyone with Internet, everywhere, all the time.

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  3. How to Make an Awesome Google Street View Video

    To me, the Street View function of Google Maps is generally more entertaining than necessarily helpful, but it's a good tool for scoping out a place you intend to visit. But the creative people of Teehan+Lax have found a new way to use the tool: Google Street View Hyperlapse, a Chrome-based gadget that lets you make an awesome video sequence out of Street View images. Basically, it allows you to pretend to be the Flash anywhere the Google Street View car has been, thereby fulfilling at least several childhood dreams here in the Geekosystem office.

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  4. Google Adds Their Secretive Data Center to Street View, No Secret Handshakes Required

    Google keeps a pretty tight lid on the amount of access they allow to their various data centers. Considering the sheer volume they deal with on a regular basis, this is undoubtedly a good thing. After all, there's nothing worse than a privacy breach when your company prides itself on handling data. Though they've long been sharing data on their servers, only a select few Google employees were actually allowed on the server floor. Until now. Google has now added the data center in Lenoir, North Carolina to their Street View service.

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  5. Google Doesn’t Rest on Laurels, Refreshes 250,000 Miles of Roads in Street View

    One might think that Google could take it easy, what with all the free marketing folks are doing by comparing Apple's new maps to their own, and rest on their cartography-related laurels for a bit. That's not their plan, apparently, as Google Street View has just released what they're calling their biggest update yet. The strategy instead appears to be to take advantage of this press surge and release everything they can. Considering that they just refreshed 250,000 miles of roads, we'll take it.

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  6. Google Adds Six Gorgeous Underwater Locations to Street View, Taunts Apple by Being Awesome

    No longer satisfied with including things like Inuit villages and space centers, Google Street View has finally reached its logical conclusion. Where they're going, they don't need roads. Specifically, they've added panoramas from six different beautiful underwater locations. Now, for the first time, one can explore the Great Barrier Reef in much the same way as one might explore Seattle or New York without actually being there.

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  7. An Inuit Village You Can’t Drive to Coming Soon to Google Street View

    Google has been making some rather interesting decisions when it comes to what they add to their Google Street View service. Between the cars and tricycles, they can squeeze into a number of spaces -- even those typically without real traffic. One of their latest projects is mapping Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, an Inuit village so far into the Canadian Arctic that it is only reachable by plane for the majority of the year.

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  8. Redditor Sees Google Street View Car in Burn Notice, Other Redditor Finds Street View of the Episode Filming

    Google Street View is a pretty amazing service.  Not only can we check out if the only GameStop in the state that is carrying Ikaruga is in a sketchy area before we venture into the unknown, but the service allows simple folks with a web browser and an Internet connection to become armchair sleuths. Redditor 154james was watching an episode of USA's veteran spy-MacGyver show, Burn Notice, and noticed a familiar car driving through the background. What you see behind Michael and Madeline Westen is the now-famous Google Street View car. 154james was curious as to where the shot was filmed, and crowdsourced the sleuthing to reddit. As one may expect, someone found out where the episode was filmed, but also happened to locate a shot of the filming on Google Street View, most likely taken from the very car that appeared in the episode.

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  9. Google Street View Now Takes You Into NASA’s Kennedy Space Center

    Is there anything that hasn't been mapped by Google? Google Maps has teamed up with NASA to bring the Kennedy Space Center to the Internet. Now we can walk the path of astronauts and people who take humanity to its farthest. See what they see, what's behind our loftiest achievements, and dream of slipping our surly bonds.

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  10. Go Globetrotting In Your Living Room With Google’s New World Wonders Project

    Google Maps Street View can be fantastically useful for getting a feel for a neighborhood, or taking a virtual walk between point A and point B if you are spectacularly bad at following directions, like I am. Now, in a bid to make its name even less relevant, Street View is once again expanding its scope beyond streets with the World Wonders Project. Now, you can "Street" View your way around over 100 famous historic sites.

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  11. FCC Clears Google for WiFi Snooping, Proposes $25K for Obstruction of Justice

    To those who haven't been following along, Google's "Wi-Spy" shenanigans back in 2010 landed them in some hot water when it was discovered that they were "accidentally" collecting personal data with their street view cars. However, the Federal Communications Commission ultimately decided that there was a lack of evidence to conclude that Google had committed any wrongdoing. That is to say, any wrongdoing up until the point where the FCC started asking questions.

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  12. Frenchman Sues Google Over Street View Shot of Him Peeing in His Garden

    Google's Street View project is a pretty interesting and widespread endeavor. It can come in handy for plotting out by-sight directions from one place to another or can help you waste time "walking" around places you'll probably never visit. It can also publish a candid shot of you peeing into your garden, thereby making you the laughing stock of the small village in which you live. That's exactly what happened to an unfortunate Frenchman who is now suing Google to get the image removed.

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  13. Google Street View Now Provides Look at Post-Tsunami Japan

    In July, Google said they were going to digitally archive the areas of Northeastern Japan that were hit by the March earthquake and tsunami. Yesterday, Google -- as they put it themselves -- made good on the promise, and have made the digital archive available to the public on Google Street View.

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  14. South Korean Government Raids Google Office in Street View Probe

    This spring, Google got in hot water in Europe and in the US over the tendency of its Street View vehicles to scoop up and store private data from people's unsecured domestic Wi-Fi networks. Google has apologized for the data breach and said it will "continuing to work with the relevant authorities to respond to their questions and concerns." But that didn't stop South Korean authorities from raiding the offices of Google Korea yesterday:

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