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Google I/O

  1. Watch the Google I/O Presentation for “Android L”

    Oh hai, new Android.

    Google I/O 2014 is underway and we have the live stream right here. Get the first look at the next version of Android, currently being referred to as "L" but you can also probably expect a cute codename soon. Lollipop? Lemon Drop? Lembas?

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  2. Google Officially Takes on Spotify, Announces Google Play Music All Access

    People really seem to enjoy music, so Google figured they'd get a little more involved in the music scene. They just announced the cumbersomely named Google Play Music All Access. They were pretty sparse with details, but All Access appears to be for all intents and purposes Google's version of Spotify.

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  3. Watch Google I/O 2013 Conference Live With Us Today [Live Stream]

    Google's I/O developers conference goes live from San Francisco later this afternoon. If you want to know what the company has planned for the coming year -- and let's face it, you totally do, because whether you like it or hate it, it's going to have a lot of impact -- you're going to want to be tuned in, and we've got you covered with the live stream starting at noon ET/9am PT today. 

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  4. It Took Six Weeks, 25 Cameras, and New FAA Rules to Make the Google Glass Wingsuit Jump Possible

    The Internet was pretty collectively stunned just two days ago when a group of skydivers wingsuited down onto the Google I/O conference. That alone wasn't really that noteworthy, but the fact that they livestreamed the experience in a Google Hangout using Google Glass was downright jaw-dropping. Now, we finally get a look at how they pulled it all off.

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  5. Chrome for iOS Shoots to Number One App in One Day, But is it Any Good?

    At Google's I/O conference yesterday, the company announced that an iOS version of the much beloved Chrome browser would be available in the app store. Released several hours later, the app quickly became the most downloaded app on the store. However, if you're expecting the lightning-fast desktop browsing experience you've come to expect, you might be disappointed.

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  6. Google Demos Google Glass With Sky-Diving Stunt, Announces Limited Pre-Order

    In addition to the new Nexus 7 tablet and the Nexus Q streaming device which will be available in the very near future, Google trotted out their more futuristic piece of hardware at their I/O conference keynote: Google Glass. Actual devices that are even close to what you might consider consumer-ready are still a way off, but working prototypes abound, and Google has made use of that to create an insane spectical. During today's keynote, some dudes jumped out of a plane wearing the high-tech glasses, and streamed video of their fall live to a Google+ Hangout. We're living in the future, folks.

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  7. Google I/O Keynote Breakdown: Nexus Q, Nexus 7 Tablet, Android Jellybean

    The bulk of the opening keynote of Google's I/O conference is now over, and they've left us quite a bit to talk about. The search engine giant has announced several bids to increase their already impressive reach with the new Nexus Q streaming media device, as well as the Nexus 7 tablet, and all on top of a swanky new version of Android. It's a good day to be a droid.

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  8. Watch the Google I/O Keynote Live Right Here

    Apple is out trying to sell its new, awkwardly-named MacBook Pro with Retina display, and Microsoft is getting all stoked about its awkwardly-named Microsoft Surface for Windows RT, but what kind of awkwardly-named new hardware will we be able to purchase from our friends at Google? We might be about to find out. Google's I/O conference is starting today, and you can (and should) watch their keynote live to catch the all-but-certain announcement of a Google-branded tablet -- possibly with a very awkward name -- or possibly some news on Project Glass, Android, and Google TV. Tune in below.

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  9. Google Announces Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer, School and Enterprise Rental Plans

    On day two of its 2011 I/O Conference, Google unveiled two different models of what it calls the Chromebook, inexpensive, Chrome OS-powered laptops that are designed with web use rather than extensive desktop use in mind. One, made by Acer, will start at $349; the other, made by Samsung, will start at $429. Both laptops boast 8-second boot times and "instant" resumption, 3G and WiFi options, and tweaks that Google says will optimize their web performance. Both will be available to order from Amazon and Best Buy beginning June 15th. Google also announced two rental plans for its new laptops: Chromebooks for Business is a package which covers software, hardware, support, and warranty and replacements for enterprise customers for a $28 per user monthly subscription. Chromebooks for Education offers the same to schools and government entities for $20 per month per user. Specs below:

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  10. Google Music Beta: This Is What Music Lovers Have Been Waiting For

    At today's I/O Conference, Google announced the introduction of Music Beta, a new system for storing and syncing music collections on the cloud. It launches today as an invite-only service for US users: You can request an invite on the Music Beta page. The service allows the storage of a whopping 20,000 songs, blowing Amazon's similar, 5 GB-capped service out of the water, and Google said today that it will be free for at least as long as it is in beta. One Twitter user jokes that based on Google's lengthy beta track record -- Gmail was in beta from 2004 to 2009, for heavens' sake -- that it will probably be free for five years. Even if it isn't, Music Beta brings something new and exciting to the table.

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