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Google Hangout

  1. Learn More About Jupiter’s Shrinking Red Spot In This Livestreaming Google Hangout

    If we were really mean, we'd link you to a Lump Maroon All That sketch. But we didn't.

    Jupiter's Red Spot has been slowly shrinking in diameter since the 1930s, but its rate of shrinkage has increased pretty tremendously over the past few years. Today at 4pm EDT, astronomers Tony Darnell and Dr. Carol Christian will meet in a Google Hangout to discuss these observations, and we've got the feed for you right here.

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  2. Awkward Pauses in Online Calls Make the Other Person Think Less of You, Just Like You Always Suspected

    Being vindicated never felt so massively upsetting.

    It's happened to everyone at least once: you're talking to someone over Skype or Google Hangout, and there's a connection problem that causes you to interrupt your conversation partner. Rational logic would dictate that you'd both understand the situation and take it in stride. Your anxiety disorder says the opposite. Guess which one's right?

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  3. Have All of Your Saturn Questions Answered Today on NASA’s Cassini Mission Live Google Hangout [Updated]

    Talk to NASA about space. Have all of your dreams fulfilled.

    NASA will hold a live Google Hangout today to presumably talk about how great the pictures from Cassini have been (as well as some science stuff, probably) and where it's going in the future. If you like amazing space pictures as much as we do, watch the hour-long live chat with NASA scientists at 3:30PM EST.

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  4. Check Out WeLoveFine’s First Ever Google Hangout at 5PM EST Today

    Batman leggings for everyone!

    You're a fan of wearing symbolic representations of your favorite TV shows and movies on your body in cool ways, right? Of course you are. Then you probably already know the geek fashion website WeLoveFine. Later today they're doing their first ever Google hangout broadcast event to talk to Geek fashion icons and creators about this budding industry.

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  5. White House Doing a “We the Geeks” Google Hangout Tomorrow

    Despite Obama being the one to get hard-core nerds all in a tizzy by confusing Star Trek and Star Wars last March.

    With politicians making noise over American graduates moving to other countries, the White House is using this issue as a jumping off point for comprehensive immigration reform and aiming to attract "geeks" from around the world to immigrate here. Thus they are hosting a Google+ Hangout on "Making the U.S. a Geek Magnet" tomorrow at noon, EDT.

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  6. Check Out The Live Feed For the White House’s Google Hangout About Robots at 2pm

    Hooray for robots!

    In honor of Geek Week, the White House's We The Geek program will host a google hangout at 2pm E.S.T today about robots and science education. Plus everybody's favorite YA novelist-turned-vlogger John Green will be there, too! Party on.

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  7. NASA and LEGO Get Together on Google Hangout to Talk About “Imagine and Build” Competition

    You got your NASA in my LEGO! You got your LEGO in my NASA!

    Ever thought of what you would use to build your own spaceship if you were to design one yourself? LEGO has, of course, and while their bricks aren't quite strong enough to withstand interstellar travel just yet, that's not stopping the company from teaming up with NASA for a space-themed LEGO building competition.  At 11am EST today, representatives from LEGO, experts from NASA, and actual astronaut Leland Melvin will jump on a live stream via Google Hangout to talk about the contest, and we've got a feed of it right here for you.

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  8. Watch Live as SETI Institute Announces Official Names of Pluto’s Smallest Known Moons

    The public voted and decided the names should be "Vulcan" and "Kerberos", but it won't be official until SETI says it is.

    Today at 12:00 PM EDT you can jump on a Google Hangout with SETI to hear the official naming of Pluto's two smallest known moons. SETI held a vote a few months ago, and the winning names were "Vulcan" and "Cerberus." Cerberus is already the name of an asteroid, so to avoid any confusion they're expected to use the alternate Greek spelling "Kerberos." We've got the live video right here.

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  9. Bill Nye, Lori Garver and More Answer Your Asteroid Questions During Google Hangout This Afternoon

    The White House's latest 'We The Geeks' Hangout will either put you at ease about asteroid strikes or utterly terrify you. Let's find out which together!

    Today, you've got a chance to get caught up on all the latest news and science on asteroids courtesy of We The Geeks, a Google Hangout presented by the White House. At 2pm EDT this afternoon, you can join Bill Nye, NASA's own Lori Garver, astronaut Ed Lu, IAU astronomer Jose Luis Galache and aspiring asteroid miner Peter Diamandis of Planetary Resources for a round table discussion on all things asteroids -- from how we could harvest them for minerals to what happens if we have to try and dodge one.

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  10. Hangout With J.J. Abrams, Astronauts, and Cast of Star Trek Into Darkness Today at Noon

    Today at 12:00 PM EDT J.J. Abrams and the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness will have a Google Hangout with astronauts, including Chris Cassidy, one of the astronauts aboard the International Space Station who recently went on a space walk to fix an ammonia leak on the station. You can watch the whole thing right here, and we even have the details on how you can try to get a question in.

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