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Google Doodles

  1. Happy Birthday, Carl Sagan! We Are Sorry You (Inexplicably) Didn’t Get A Google Doodle

    Today is Carl Sagan's birthday, which, if there were any justice in the world, would be celebrated in the fashion we've become accustomed to for nerds of note -- with a Google Doodle commemorating the day that one of the world's best and brightest science celebrities was expelled from the womb. As there is clearly no justice in the world, though, Sagan's birthday was overlooked by Google's legions of doodlers, who were no doubt exhausted by celebrating Bram Stoker's big 165 yesterday. I don't think we need to tell you why this is clearly unacceptable.

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  2. Google Celebrates Turing’s 100th Birthday; Everyone Should

    You might have known that Google regularly creates special doodles for certain historic occasions. Today, of all days, is the birthday of Alan Turing -- the man often considered the father of computer science. He'd be marking his 100th were he still alive. To celebrate properly, the doodle even includes a rudimentary form of programming language.

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  3. Google Doodles Are Now a Thing You Can Buy

    The ephemeral redesigns of Google's iconic logo have been amusing the Internet since their introduction in 1998. Though these so-called Google Doodles only last a day, they've become increasingly complex over the last few years, with the addition of animated and interactive elements. Now, those spectacular doodles will be preserved on Google's redesigned doodle archive, and you can even buy the doodles from Google's new Zazzle store.

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  4. Google's Got Some 'Splainin to Do

    Today's Google Doodle depicts an old television in honor of Lucille Ball's 100th birthday, if she were alive today. In place of the "I Love Lucy" script that appears in the heart, "Google" appears, drawing itself in similarly to how the original logo logo draws itself in. Click on the channel knob and the Doodle plays various popular clips from the show, including -- obviously -- the chocolate conveyor belt scene, as well as a whole bunch of her iconic, screeching whining.

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  5. Google Celebrates Jules Verne’s Birthday With Controllable Undersea Doodle

    If venturing to Google today, one will find a Google Doodle comprised of portholes looking out at gently bobbing waves, celebrating the birthday of Jules Verne, author of noted works Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, A Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Around the World in Eighty Days. Pretty Doodle? Of course--but see that lever to the right of the ocean view? It's manipulatable with a mouse, and allows one to waste away their work hours on a Google Doodle undersea voyage. Be sure not to let go of the lever, or else it'll automatically revert back to the middle and you may not be attacked by the giant squid lurking in the Doodle's depths.

    UPDATE: If you're on a newish MacBook and using Chrome as your browser, you can pick up your laptop and move it around, controlling the lever on the Doodle.

    (via Google)

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  6. Fun Facts About Google’s Holiday Doodle

    Anyone venturing to Google from now until the end of Christmas day will notice a pretty-but-barely-legible rendition of the famous logo. Google Doodles have become a fun surprise over the years, though we generally aren't made aware of their sometimes interesting history. This interactive doodle, however, comes with a fun history lesson that teaches us that the design took five artists, who started their work in July, over 250 hours to create.

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  7. Geekolinks: 10/31: Halloween Edition

    The Thriller House (KJ92508) 6 Wicked Werewolves (Comic Book Resources) Horror! A Book of Pre-Code Monster Comics (Wired) Grab a Halloween Episode of Sam and Max for Free This Weekend (Joystiq) Red Undead Redemption Review (GameRant) 2010 Halloween Google Doodles (Geeks are Sexy) What Made it To the Minecraft Halloween Update (Kotaku) (pic seen at the Rally To Restore Sanity, via Bleeding Cool.)

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  8. Today Is The Flintstones’ 50th Birthday

    50 years ago today, on September 30th, 1960, the first episode of The Flintstones aired on ABC. Google is celebrating the show's birthday/anniversary with the above doodle, which I didn't even notice spelled out 'Google' at first. (Pretty subtle.)

    The Telegraph has put together a nifty list of Flintstones-related trivia that's worth checking out. The most interesting item by far (and the most surprising, given the wholesome, family-friendly image which we associate with The Flintstones) is that for its first two seasons, the show was co-sponsored by Winston cigarettes and was aimed at a more adult audience. When Welch's grape juice became the primary sponsor for Season 3, baby Pebbles was born, and the show shifted from animated Honeymooners clone to something more watchable by kids.

    Surreal Flintstones cigarette commercial below:

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  9. Google Celebrates Pac-Man’s 30th Birthday with an Awesome Playable Google Doodle

    As you may know, there is no great shortage of time-wasters on the Internet, but who'd've thunk that Google's homepage would get in on the action? In what may well be the best Google Doodle yet, the good people of the Googleplex celebrate Pac-Man's 30th birthday with a playable Doodle. That's right: You can play a fully fleshed-out version of Pac-Man right on Google's homepage. Presumably, it'll transfer to Google's Doodle archive once the weekend is over. Pac-Man's actual birthday is tomorrow.

    If you're up to the challenge, you can even make it 2-player and bring Ms. Pac-Man into the loop! Click the "insert coin" button again and you'll be able to control her with W, A, S, and D on your keyboard. And according to Gizmodo, the Pac-Man doodle is playable up to the kill screen on level 256.

    Just as impressively as the very existence of this thing, to the web-geeky among us, it appears there's almost no Flash involved:

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  10. Google Doodles, Google Doodlers Explored on CBS; A Few of Our Favorites [Video]

    Yesterday, when the doodle on Google's homepage depicted the Hubble Space Telescope, you may have just glanced at it with hardly a further thought; oh, if only you knew. On today's CBS Sunday Morning, ever-charming and perpetually bow-tied host Charles Osgood explored the hidden world of so-called "Google doodles" and the doodlers behind them; while the four core artists involved seem to have a lot of fun at their jobs, it's pretty clear that it's serious business as well.

    Video after the jump, along with a slideshow of a few of our favorite Google doodles:

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