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Google Chrome

  1. Google and LEGO Let You Build Whatever You Want, Wherever You Want, Right in Your Browser

    Google's methods for world domination are endless.

    If you haven't played with it before, Build with Chrome is a great Google Chrome experiment that lets you build whatever you want with LEGO bricks on a virtual map. Today, Google announced that the map is no longer limited to Australia (the browser app was created by Google Australia), and you can now build on any patch of land in the world.

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  2. Block Spoilers Forever With This New Chrome App, “Unspoiler”

    River Song will be so disappointed.

    Back in the day (which day isn't important), you used to have to watch TV shows when they aired or you'd miss them entirely and wouldn't be able to talk about them the next day. Now if you don't watch them when they air, nobody will be able to talk about them the next day -- because they'll all be worried about spoiling you. Well, not anymore with the Unspoiler app!

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  3. How to Make an Awesome Google Street View Video

    To me, the Street View function of Google Maps is generally more entertaining than necessarily helpful, but it's a good tool for scoping out a place you intend to visit. But the creative people of Teehan+Lax have found a new way to use the tool: Google Street View Hyperlapse, a Chrome-based gadget that lets you make an awesome video sequence out of Street View images. Basically, it allows you to pretend to be the Flash anywhere the Google Street View car has been, thereby fulfilling at least several childhood dreams here in the Geekosystem office.

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  4. Take A Tour Of The Galaxy In Your Chrome With 100,000 Stars

    Google Chrome is once again making a name for itself as the go-to browser for neat stuff, weird toys, and all kinds of stupid browser tricks that are kind of awesome. The latest gizmo to be added to Chrome's toy chest is 100,000 Stars, a three-dimensional guided tour of stars throughout the Milky Way. Whether you're looking for a better way to get a sense of your place in our incomprehensibly vast universe or just looking to kill some time between meetings, we highly recommend checking this thing out today.

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  5. Pinkie Pie Once Again Finds Chrome Exploit, Takes Home $60,000 Pwnium 2 Prize

    In case you missed it, Google just hosted their Pwnium 2 competition at the Hack In The Box conference in Malaysia. Like the name implies, this is the second such competition hosted by the search engine giant in order to improve the security in their Google Chrome browser. Pinkie Pie, for the second time this year, won the $60,000 prize for successfully producing the first Chrome vulnerability at the conference. Sadly, the name is just a handle, but we couldn't resist the above image.

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  6. Google Chrome Successfully Cracked for $60,000 Prize

    Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it sure can buy a lot of other things. Google has recently been exploiting this fact by using it to buy hackers, essentially. After offering $1 million in prizes to potential hackers as a part of their Pwnium contest, Google is going to have to pay up, about which I'm sure they're happy. On the very first day, Russian University student Sergey Glazunov cracked Chrome wide open, snagging a $60,000 prize, marking the first time Chrome has been hacked in a public competition. He wasn't the only one to pull it off either.

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  7. Google is Offering $1 Million in Prizes to Hackers Who Crack Open Chrome

    With Chrome gaining more and more of the world's browser share, it's important that it be secure; important enough that Google is going to be offering prizes totaling $1 million to hackers who can uncover exploits of varying intensity in their popular browser. The prizes are being offered alongside the sixth annual Pwn2Own contest where hackers will compete to use and abuse Internet browsers. Those taking on the Windows 7 version of Chrome stand to win individual prizes of $20,000, $40,000, or $60,000 depending on the l33tn335 of their 5k1llz.

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  8. Chrome Browser Comes to Android, Extends Reach Even Further

    Late last year, Google's Chrome browser finally overtook Firefox in global usage. Now, Chrome is making new strides in its quest for dominance and coming to Android. For the moment, it's still in beta and relatedly only available for Ice Cream Sandwich users, but even so, it looks pretty sweet. Along with speed increases and better UI, mobile Chrome intends to make good use of its desktop sibling.

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  9. New Chrome Beta Will Load Pages Before You Finish Typing

    There's an ancient proverb that states: "You gotta go fast. You gotta go fast. You gotta go faster. Faster. Faster, faster, faster." The new Google Chrome Beta browser has taken this principle to heart and added functionality that will actually start pre-loading pages before you've finished typing their addresses. If you're not familiar, the Google Chrome Beta browser has all the space age functionality that isn't yet fit for a standard Chrome release, and is available to anyone who wants to play with it. The question is, are you really comfortable with having Google Chrome reading your mind?

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  10. Good Guy Google Punishes Itself For Breaking Paid Links Rule, Reduces “Download Chrome” PageRank

    Just the other day, some intrepid bloggers turned up several instances of Google breaking it's own paid link policy by indexing paid links pointing to the official "Download Google Chrome" page. It was revealed to be a technical mistake on a blogger's part, caused when said blogger forgot to throw in a nofollow tag. Nonetheless, Google had broken its own rules and has always been strict about dishing out punishment. That being the case, Google has punished itself, ranking the offending, sponsored-content blogpost as "untrustworthy" and reducing the Download Google Chrome page's PageRank for 60 days, knocking it off the first few pages of results.

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