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  1. Here’s An App That Tells You When You’re Near Somewhere Women Made History

    I'd guess once this gets thorough it will be most places

    When it comes to what we're taught about history and the historical faces and names we encounter and remember most routinely, women and their participation often get shoved to the background. But that's hardly a representative or healthy habit, even if it's an institutional one and one that's pretty tough to beat. One thing that helps is actively reminding yourself of the truly astounding ways women have participated in and made history.

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  2. Time to Pay Up: Google Apps No Longer a Free Service for New Businesses

    With such a miniscule job market in these harsh economic times, many people are combating their unemployment rut by founding their own businesses and becoming their own boss. As such, these bold entrepreneurs rely heavily on the small business services offered by companies such as Google. For years, businesses have taken advantage of the basic service packages over premium versions as a cost-cutting measure, but due to the expansive growth of these small businesses and their needs, Google is eliminating their Google Apps basic package entirely, with the premium becoming the standard -- annual payments and all. This is one detrimental move sure to leave prospective customers searching for more cost-effective solutions.

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  3. GoDaddy Stands By Pro-SOPA Position, Becomes Focus of Boycott

    For the most part, the technically-inclined world is against SOPA and it seems that only big businesses like Viacom and Universal Music Group are for it. There is one strange exception though: GoDaddy. After customers started asking about the company's position, GoDaddy came out with this statement, one of the few arguments for SOPA. Needless to say, this has a lot of people upset, the kind of people who have a number of domains, the kind of people who are now calling for a boycott.

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  4. The Most Disruptive Companies In Tech [Infographic]

    It may seem a little weird to call innovators "disruptive," but it's a term for a reason. As much as innovation is awesome for those who benefit from it, it puts some serious pressure and stress on the guys who were doing things quite well the old way. Innovation, when it takes off, very literally disrupts the entire market. Remember a few years ago when practically no one used tablets? Netbook-centric companies probably aren't too thrilled.

    Focus has put together an infographic that rounds up some of the most innovative and disruptive tech companies of our day, picks out some products, and breaks down their numbers to give you a real feel for the sort of effects they've had. It also provides some hints of the kind of havoc they're likely to wreak on markets in the future. Some of the disruptive products are the kind you'd think of off the top of your head, like Netflix or the iPad, but there are a few more that I'd never really considered. And who knows what's just around the bend.

    Infographic after the jump.

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