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  1. Diamonds and Gold Take Cell Temperature, May Be Key to New Cancer Treatment

    Accurate nanothermometers are a girl's best friend.

    Cells are tiny, which makes it pretty hard to take their temperature. A recent study published in Nature, however, suggests that diamonds and gold fragments can be used to read the temperature of individual cells. This could open up new avenues of research regarding cell behavior, and may be the first step toward a more deft method of killing cancer cells.

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  2. Every Earthquake Has a Silver Gold Lining

    We all know that earthquakes are bad, m'kay? But if you're willing to look past all the destruction they cause, they have a bright, shiny, golden bright side. New research shows that earthquakes can produce gold veins almost instantaneously. Admittedly, you'd have to be pretty greedy and callow to completely look beyond an earthquake's destructive power and say "Hey, look! Gold!" We're not here to judge you, so we'll just explain how the process works.

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  3. Stop Whatever You’re Doing And For God’s Sake, Look At This Dude’s Gold Shirt

    Ok, we're usually a little lukewarm at best on conspicuous consumption and idiotically gaudy displays of wealth, and Indian businessman Datta Phuge's solid gold shirt is definitely both of those things. Here's the thing, though -- this is kinda working for us? It's so stupid and so gaudy that it raises each to a sort of art form. We're into it. Or maybe it's just the moustache. Or the matching bracers made out of the leftover gold. Oh, you haven't seen those? Keep reading for the full glory of this getup.

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  4. Got $15,000? Buy This Solid Gold LEGO Brick

    If you, by some infinitesimal chance, happen to be one of the two winners of yesterday's $587.5M Powerball jackpot, then have we got something you'll most certainly want to spend your abounding disposable income on: This solid gold LEGO brick being sold at the paltry sum of $15,000. Rest assured, this isn't some grandiose knockoff, this is a 100% official building piece straight from LEGO itself.

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  5. Edible Spray Paint Makes For Flashy Foods

    Not content to eat your food as is? Not content to paint it with edible normal paint or put LEDs inside it? Well now you have another option: Edible spray paint. It's gold in more than one way. Doesn't get better than that. The product was developed by The Deli Garage and a small food factory that knows its way around food coloring. The result is a little can of paint you can use to transmute your food into gold. Kind of. The spray is completely edible, and as a bonus, has no taste, so it's great for everything.

    There's only one catch, it's not available in the states yet. But not because of the FDA or anything. No no no no. It's just a shipping thing. At least, that's what they're saying now. If you're not from the U.S. of A. however, knock yourself out. By using it on your food, not huffing it or something.

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  6. U.K. Man Sets Fire To Apartment Trying to Turn Feces Into Gold, Receives Jail Time

    Despite what you may have assumed, alchemy is not dead. While there's pretty much no doubt that it will never work, people are still trying it. Recently, Paul Moran from Northern Ireland attempted to put a twist on the old lead-into-gold trick by turning feces into gold. No word on whether this modification to the recipe was out of necessity or a indomitable sense of adventure. Either way, the process involved leaving feces, along with fertilizer, on top of a heater. While this process did not manage to transmute the feces into gold, it did manage to transmute his entire apartment into a blazing inferno.

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  7. ATM Dispenses Gold in Abu Dhabi [Video]

    In a story that brings to mind the excesses of a certain Sex and the City 2, Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace hotel has redefined luxury by releasing an ATM that turns cash into gold. However, alchemy this is not. The machine, Gold to Go, updates according to international gold prices every 10 minutes, making transfers as accurate as possible.

    The gold coins and bars it dispenses even have customized designs for you collectors out there. Video after the jump:

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