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  1. Let it Goat! Peppa Lass Shows off Her Frozen Cosplay, Singing Abilities

    She'll finish your sandwich, sure.

    Just when I think we've hit peak Arendelle, someone dresses their disgruntled goat in Party City kid costumes. Peppa Lass, you the best.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Everything Is Awesome! At the BAFTAs, Anyway

    Take that, Oscars.

    The LEGO Movie got the appreciation it so richly deserved at the biggest awards ceremony in filmmaking: the BAFTAs. Fun fact: There used to be an award show people really liked called the "Academy Awards" or  "Oscars," and then everyone got the sense that they were out of touch and stopped caring.

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  3. Gotham Gab: “Spirit of The Goat”

    Totes MaGoats.

    I'm here for the goats.

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  4. ATTN: Vikings, We’ve Found Your New Star—Butterfly the Baby “Geep”

    Part goat, part sheep, all adorable.

    Prepare yourself, Hollywood—Butterfly the baby geep (that's a half-goat, half-sheep, obviously) is coming through, and she's going to make the world a better place.

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  5. Comic-Con Interviews: We Asked Vikings’ Travis Fimmel About The Baby Goat

    Totes McGotes.

    Yes, I had the opportunity to speak to the cast and creator of History's Vikings at San Diego Comic-Con, and the first question I asked Travis Fimmel (aka Ragnar Lothbrok) was about baby goats. I DO WHAT I WANT!

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  6. The Jurassic Park Theme Sung by Goats, Because This Is the Internet and What Did You Expect?

    Hold onto your goats.

    From the creators of the Game of Thrones theme song (with goats), here’s the Jurassic Park theme song (with goats). I have to assume Star Wars is already on Marca Blanca's to-do list, but can this whole "goat" trend not die out before they get to the Buckaroo Banzai theme, please? It doesn't get enough love. And speaking of Jurassic Park and goats:

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  7. Monday Cute: Many Baby Goats, Running


    These goats are in such a rush to get to goat-work! They should take some time to stop and eat the flowers.

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  8. You Should Be Following Kurt Braunohler’s #Roustabout Exploits on Instagram

    Get wet for goats!

    Last week, we told you about comedian Kurt Braunohler's plan to ride a jet ski from Chicago to New Orleans to help poor families in Africa. The trip is already underway, and he's been Instagramming it the whole time. You can follow his exploits for yourself, but if you need some convincing here are some of our favorites so far:

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  9. Monday Cute: I Don’t Say This Lightly, But I Think This Is the Cutest Baby Goat I’ve Ever Seen


    Frostie the Snow Goat from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

    You may know that since I started doing my Vikings visual recaps I've considered myself something of an expert on baby goats. Not that I am one, but that I consider myself one. So when I say this video of Frostie the baby goat learning to walk with his little baby goat wheelchair/cart thing is the cutest baby goat video in the history of baby goat videos, you can at least trust that I truly believe I am telling you the truth. (via: The Huffington Post) Previously in Goats

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  10. Kurt Braunohler Wants to Jet Ski From Chicago to New Orleans to “Get Wet for Goats” and Fight Hunger

    Plus the weirdest goat GIF we've ever made!

    Comedian Kurt Braunohler wants to help fight hunger, and he's doing it the only way he knows how -- public absurdity. In a new Comedy Central webseries, Braunohler will attempt to jet ski from Chicago to New Orleans to sent 500 goats and 1,000 chicken to hungry families in Africa. Check out his video.

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  11. Goats Sing the Game of Thrones Theme Song and Butcher It Completely Like Everything Else Goats Touch

    The honest obnoxiousness of goats can even bring levity to Game of Thrones.

    Goats are the walking paradox of the animal kingdom. They make everything better by ruining everything, and "Game of Goats" proves that fact by letting goats sing along to the Game of Thrones theme song and completely destroy it.

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  12. Goats Scream the Game of Thrones Theme Song

    Look, video maker, I can tell that at a certain point you just let this video descend into a mash of clips of yelling goats, and also that one of them is a sheep, and I want to call you on that. I also want you to know that I don't care, because yelling goats. So learn from that what you will. If goats aren't your speed, Geekosystem has Game of Thrones theme kittens, so long as you understand that you are picking the lesser animal option.

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  13. Goat Simulator Update to Bring You Multiplayer Because One Goat Wreaking Havoc Isn’t Enough

    The more goats the better.

    When Goat Simulator graced us with its presence, fans were granted the glorious ability to bring mayhem to the world and wreck everything. Now you don't have to do it alone. You and your goat friends can cause chaos together in the May update, which will bring split-screen multiplayer to your screens.

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  14. Monday Cute: Women Apparently Make Pretty Good Trampolines for Leaping Baby Goats [VIDEO]

    I volunteer! How much can it hurt, really? (via: Neatorama) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  15. Parkour Goat Leaps Over Fence Like It Ain’t No Thang [Video]

    Somewhere in Pennsylvania, Michael Scott is tremendously jealous.

    Ohh, goats. You make everything better, even Taylor Swift songs. This goat in particular, who belongs to Youtube user BrandosonR, decided to enrich our lives in his own unique way by scaling a 6 foot wall to jump over a 5 foot fence. Naturally he does it with all the grace and athletic ability of a character in an Assassin's Creed cinematic, because goats are the awesomest little dudes ever and there should definitely be more video games about them.

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  16. Monday Cute: Giant Pile of Baby Goats Nuzzle Helpless Woman


    And that was the last we ever saw of Sheila.

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  17. Monday Cute: Baby Cat Meows Like Baby Goat, Your Argument is Invalid


    Look, cats, I know you're feeling threatened by the supremacy of goat videos lately. First there were goats screaming like humans, goat screams being used as human screams, and even humans screaming like goats screaming like humans. But you, cats, are still top of the internet animal hierarchy by a long shot. Goats are a fad. You are the internet. Relax. And I don't want to see any humans meowing like cats meowing like goats videos, okay? That's a bridge too far. (via Laughing Squid.)

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  18. Hollywood Needs More Screaming Goats. Here’s Your Proof. [VIDEO]

    Today in things that make us scream incoherently

    You know what the Wilhelm Scream is? You've seen that video of goats screaming like humans? I present to you the greatest mashup you will ever see: The Goathelm Scream. Get on this, Hollywood. There's even a handy link to a .zip file of screaming goat WAVs in the YouTube video description, so you have no excuse for not importing them into Final Cut and making all your movies from here on out Goathelm-o-rific. Nope. No excuses. None. I won't hear them. (via: The Daily What) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  19. Man Who is Crushed by Cute Baby Goats is the Envy of Us All

    It's late afternoon on a Friday and, odds are, you're probably reading this at work. If that's the case, then we can be collectively envious of this yellow-shirted man (who is almost certainly someone's uncle) as he lays down in the grass and allows some goat kids to jump on his back for a while. It's probably the cutest thing you'll see all day. If this doesn't make you flip over your desk and run off to become a farmer, I don't know what will.

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  20. Silkworms Genetically Modified to Produce Spider Silk

    Your initial question might be something along the lines of why anyone would want horrible little worms producing the butt-threads of horrible eight-legged hell beasts. The answer is simple: Industry. Threads of spider silk have long been known to have amazing, properties, as Gizmag relates:
    It has a tensile strength similar to that of high-grade steel while only being one-fifth as dense, it can stretch up to 1.4 times its relaxed length without breaking, and it can maintain those properties down to a temperature of -40C (-40F).
    In large enough quantities, the silk of spiders could be used to repair human ligaments and produce bulletproof vests. Spiders are, however, harder to work with than their cousins the silkworms. For one thing, spiders have a tendency to eat each other in captivity, and are generally difficult to manage in large numbers. Hence, the need to create silkworms that carry the silk-making genetics of spiders. Two companies, Sigma Life Science and Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, began their work by inserting random spider genes into the silkworms. They claim that through this method they've produced threads far stronger than silkworm silk, though not yet as strong as true spider silk. Bolstered by their success, the companies plan to continue their work with more targeted genetic modifications, hoping to get pure spider silk. The idea behind the genetically modified silkworms isn't all that new. Goats with spider genes produced milk that contained high concentrations of silk proteins, which could in turn be crafted into super-strong materials. If Spidersilkworms are too horrific a concept, than perhaps Spidergoat will rest a little easier on your mind. (via Gizmag, Wikipedia)

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