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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Hear Me Roar

Goats Scream the Game of Thrones Theme Song

Look, video maker, I can tell that at a certain point you just let this video descend into a mash of clips of yelling goats, and also that one of them is a sheep, and I want to call you on that. I also want you to know that I don’t care, because yelling goats. So learn from that what you will.

If goats aren’t your speed, Geekosystem has Game of Thrones theme kittens, so long as you understand that you are picking the lesser animal option.



Monday Cute: Women Apparently Make Pretty Good Trampolines for Leaping Baby Goats [VIDEO]

I volunteer! How much can it hurt, really?

(via: Neatorama)

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Monday Cute: Giant Pile of Baby Goats Nuzzle Helpless Woman

And that was the last we ever saw of Sheila.



Monday Cute: Baby Cat Meows Like Baby Goat, Your Argument is Invalid

Look, cats, I know you’re feeling threatened by the supremacy of goat videos lately. First there were goats screaming like humans, goat screams being used as human screams, and even humans screaming like goats screaming like humans. But you, cats, are still top of the internet animal hierarchy by a long shot. Goats are a fad. You are the internet. Relax.

And I don’t want to see any humans meowing like cats meowing like goats videos, okay? That’s a bridge too far.

(via Laughing Squid.)


Today in things that make us scream incoherently

Hollywood Needs More Screaming Goats. Here’s Your Proof. [VIDEO]

You know what the Wilhelm Scream is? You’ve seen that video of goats screaming like humans? I present to you the greatest mashup you will ever see: The Goathelm Scream.

Get on this, Hollywood. There’s even a handy link to a .zip file of screaming goat WAVs in the YouTube video description, so you have no excuse for not importing them into Final Cut and making all your movies from here on out Goathelm-o-rific.

Nope. No excuses. None. I won’t hear them.

(via: The Daily What)

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