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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Glen Mazzara

what is this I don't even

Former The Walking Dead Showrunner Glen Mazzara Is Writing a Prequel to The Shining. Yes, Really.

Glen Mazzara might’ve found himself out of a job when he was canned as The Walking Dead‘s showrunner last December, but he’s gotten back on his feet, having just landed a nice, easy, pressure-free gig.

Oh, I’m sorry, what? He’s in talks to write a prequel to The Shining, one of the most beloved horror movies of all time?

He does like challenges, doesn’t he?


If we got angry about this kind of thing we'd be angry all the time

All The Walking Dead News From Yesterday (When We Were Busy Grumbling About The Finale)

The season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead left me more frustrated than ever (read our recap). My issues with the show have reached a point where I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching Season 4 but I’m still interested to hear why certain decisions were made. If you’re interested as well, hit the jump to hear what creator Robert Kirkman had to say about that particular character death, what the person who plays that character had to say, and how ratings were better than ever.


Today In Obvious

Gale Anne Hurd Compares The Walking Dead To Downton Abbey

We’ll get to the story in a second but first we must give props to for creating this photoshop because nothing could be more perfect for the top pic. Visit their site to see the full image and read their awesome explanations for why each character looks the way they do.

Ahem, now, click ahead to find out why Gale Anne Hurd thinks AMC’s The Walking Dead is like Downton Abbey plus thoughts on Glen Mazzara’s departure, a Walking Dead movie, and more! 



Glen Mazzara Says Fans Can Expect A Major Character From The Walking Dead To Appear Before The End Of The Season

Glen Mazzara must feel like a high school senior with one month left until graduation. We all know he’s being replaced as showrunner of The Walking Dead as of next season but seeing as how he’s still an AMC employee, he’s obligated to promote what’s left of Season 3. To wit, Mazzara recently spilled a few details on what we can expect when the show returns on Sunday, including a new character joining the show.


Oh Hollywood

Damon Lindelof Commiserates With The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara Over Network Woes

Late last year we learned AMC’s The Walking Dead was going to lose its second showrunner, Glen Mazzara. While everyone was dying to know why someone creating a successful show for the network would leave (or told to leave), Mazzara was fairly tight-lipped on the subject. To fans it made no sense and perhaps that’s why he was asked about it at a National Association of Television Program Executives panel with Damon Lindelof. Read on for what he had to say about his departure as well as how Lindelof could relate. 


Just Go With It

AMC’s The Walking Dead Hires Its Third Showrunner, Puts Superglue On All Office Chairs

We were fairly surprised last December when news broke of The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara leaving the show. Not so much for the decision of course but because this was the second showrunner to exit the popular cable series in as many years. Now a third individual has entered the apocalypse fray and we hope they last the night. 



AMC’s The Walking Dead Loses Another Showrunner, Gets Renewed For A 4th Season

Does The Walking Dead have cooties or something? 


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Two Guys, A Marriage, & A Comic Shop

Congratulations are in order for Ohio couple Scott Everhart and Jason Welker who tied the knot yesterday at Midtown Comics in New York City. The two had their first date at a comic-related event so it only made sense to get married in front of a wall of comics. All Astonishing X-Men #51 to be exact. (via The Advocate


Bloody Good Fun

Details Revealed About Season 3 of The Walking Dead, Plus New Gigs For Gale Anne Hurd!

This past Friday, a panel took place at North Hollywood’s TV Academy, where cast and crew members of AMC‘s The Walking Dead discussed the various goings-on of the second season as well as where the upcoming third season will take our harried survivors. No real spoilers ahead, unless you want to know absolutely nothing about the next season; details were more like character direction, confirmation of storylines, etc. Also around the same time as the panel, executive producer extraordinaire Gale Anne Hurd got some great news beyond the zombie front! She will be involved in even more shows that will be on television, and this is always wonderful to hear!



Danai Gurira Talks The Walking Dead’s Michonne, Glen Mazarra Talks Annoying Lori

Danai Gurira won the coveted role of Michonne on AMC’s The Walking Dead and it seems as if she can’t wait to dig in. While viewers are eager to see her in action, some are getting fed up with one of the other female actors on the show, namely Sarah Wayne Callies’ Lori. Hit the jump to hear what Gurira has to say about playing Michonne and what showrunner Glen Mazzara has to say about Lori haters.