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  1. Why GitHub’s Unconvincing Investigation Harms Women in Games Development


    Two years ago, Julie Ann Horvarth had a simple message for women in software development: Know your stuff, don’t talk about feminism, make great things and you’ll be fine. Last month, Horvarth had a public about-face, claiming she was bullied out of a job at one of the most prestigious companies in tech - bringing harassment allegations against GitHub that shocked the tech industry. Github founder Chris Wanstrath immediately promised a “full investigation.” He personally apologized to Julie, and said he was “certain that there were things we could have done differently.” The results of the investigation came out yesterday.

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  2. Coder Cracks Mega Man 2’s Password System, Makes 1988 Less Difficult

    In the olden times of video game history, consoles didn't have built in storage. Some games had to be beaten in one sitting or not at all. A primitive method of saving one's progress was for games to offer passwords to players. Some game passwords just brought the player back to a point in the game's time line, but the Mega Man games were more complicated. There wasn't one set order of levels, so passwords had to mark which levels were or were not beaten. Now, almost 25 years later, someone has cracked the code used to generate Mega Man 2 passwords. My five-year-old self just got very excited.

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  3. Girl Posts Ad Looking for Boyfriend on GitHub, Probably Nerdiest Personal Ad of All Time

    We take a moment today to offer mad props to one Noriko Higashi. Noriko is a programmer in Tokyo who, tired of the state of the dating scene, decided to take her romantic fate into her own hands in maybe the best way we've ever heard, posting her list of romantic preferences (and yes, a few requirements, too) to GitHub in the hope that there is a romantic connection waiting in the wilderness of open source pet projects. We don't know how sanguine we'd be on that point, but when you're looking for a man who not only runs his own server, but will let you help him maintain it, well, there's a fighting chance that GitHub is just going to beat the pants off of OkCupid on that front.

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  4. Site Confirms You Knew Social Platforms Before They Were Cool

    There's a particular phenomenon popularized on the Internet wherein users who consider themselves early adopters look down on those who were late to the party. Now, thanks to, folks can figure out exactly how much cooler folks are than other folks. The site asks for authorization to Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and Github. After being authorized, it spits out where that account exists, in percentage points, when compared to all other accounts.

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