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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


what is this I don't even

Noelle Stevenson’s Comic Shop Experience Makes Us Sad

Noelle Stevenson, aka Gingerhaze, is an accomplished creator. She creates the weekly webcomic Nimona and her latest outing is the fabulously named Lumberjanes from Boom. But you see, that all amounts to nothing when entering certain comic book shops.


It is a gift!

The Mary Sue’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Art

The holidays are coming, swifter than Guillermo del Toro announcing another project that he probably won’t have time to do. Not seeing more del Toro films is nothing but sadness, but luckily your holiday shopping doesn’t have to be. If you plan ahead, that is. All this week we’ll be posting holiday gift guides to help you pick out the perfect present for that nerd or geek in your life. Category the first: Art!


There And Back Again

The Hobbit Elves Strike A Pose On The New Empire Magazine Cover

Tauriel looks pissed about not being able to face forward, Legolas is firing an arrow at the craft services guy for not having Diet Coke, and Thranduil is wondering if his elk is missing him. (By the by, I can no longer disassociate Thranduil with Gingerhaze.)
(via Empire)

Previously in The Hobbit


Together At Last

Noelle Stevenson Illustrates Famous Fictional Couples from Buffy, Miyazaki, ’90s TV, And More

There’s a reason we love Noelle Stevenson (a.k.a. Gingerhaze) around here, and the reason is that she draws stuff like this. And her mad skills at depicting ’90s hair and fashion. And her San from Princess Mononoke. And her propensity for stripes. (Fine, fine, I can’t speak for Susana and Jill on that one—I just really like stripes and plaid.)


Oh Mah Glob Guys

Fionna and Cake Go After Their Stolen Sweaters in a New Adventure Time Comic by Noelle Stevenson

Under the cut are two pages of the The Mary Sue favorite Noelle Stevenson‘s “The Sweater Bandit” from the upcoming Adventure Time With Fionna & Cake #1. For various covers ‘n’ things, visit Comics Alliance.

I don’t watch Adventure Time (it’s on my New Year’s Resolution “To Watch in 2013 List”), but I like sweaters and Stevenson, a.k.a. Gingerhaze, so I think this is pretty cool. How ’bout you?


i'll just leave this here

Hawkeye Responds to the Hawkeye Initiative

Poor Hawkeye. Those back-breaking poses can’t be fun (or physically possible, but, y’know). The Mary Sue am sympathy, too. :(

(Art by Noelle Stevenson, aka Gingerhaze, via her Tumblr)

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Power Grid

Our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes the joy—or stress, depending on how you look at it—of giftgiving. If you’re not quite sure about that perfect gift for your parent/sibling/friend/significant other/etc., you might find yourself tempted to resort to the dreaded gift card. But, dear reader, we believe in you. We know that you have it in you to do better. But everyone needs a little help, and that’s where our Holiday Gift Guide comes into play.

Whether the giftee in question is a comics geek, a film geek, an animation geek, whatever—there’s something to be found for them on this list. You can thank us later.


and let it be known

Get Your Spend On With Our Favorite Geeky Cyber Monday Deals

It’s Cyber Monday, the day when we can all get deals on products, geeky and non-geeky alike, without having to venture out into the craziness of the holiday shopping season. (Or, God forbid, Black Friday. *shudder*) Because we love our readers and we want you to be happy, here are some of our favorite offerings from the various fan artists, publishers, and misc. geek-friendly retailers offering deals today and today only.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Tom Hiddleston Gets A Drawing Of Loki

This is a screen capture from Gingerhaze’s (Noelle Stevenson) tumblr of a screen capture she took from The Avenger’s actor Tom Hiddleston’s twitter. Someone gave him one of her Loki illustrations. Take note of what she typed under the photo. Yup, that about says it all. Actually, she later posted, “how am i supposed to do anything ever again.” THAT says it all.



A Totally Badass Black Widow, and Other New Posters from The Avengers

I gotta say, I haven’t been super enthusiastic about The Avengers photoshopped to death poster lineup, where it’s clear nobody was actually posing for the same photo and sometimes it looks like Captain America is ten stories tall. But the new round, where each poster focuses on one hero with another in the background (with a single exception), I can really dig. Scarlett Johansson looks like she is about to tear something apart, and that’s all I can really ask for.

Okay, here’s the rest of the team.