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  1. The Moon and Venus Snuggle Up Close Tonight, Here’s How and When to See It in GIF form!

    Moon <3's Venus 4evah, maybe not 4evah, but definitely tonight.

    Tonight you'll be able to see a beautiful view of the Moon and Venus next to each other in the sky. Sure, they'll still actually be millions and millions of miles away from each other, but it's all about perspective, and tonight's perspective will be lovely. Here's how to see it in seven easy steps and eight silly GIFs.

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  2. Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Tumblr Asks are Now Rebloggable

    And So It Begins

    If you're not on Tumblr, you might not be experiencing exquisite joy and relief right now. I mean, sure, you might be for some reason unrelated to the internet or social media. Takes all kinds. But just in case you aren't a Tumblr user, you should know about a particular long overdue and clamored for feature that's just been added to the site, so that you might better understand your Tumblering brethren. The reason why they're so excited? Asks are now rebloggable.

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  3. Curiosity Rover Makes GIF of Phobos Passing Deimos, Wins the Internet

    It's like... Curiosity gets us, you know? Like, really gets us.

    Earlier this month Curiosity got a unique view of two Martian moons passing each other. It witnessed Phobos passing Deimos, and NASA put out a nice video showing the event, but if the Internet loves anything more than videos it's GIFs. That's why they released a GIF of the event. I wonder what we'll post it in response to on Reddit.

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  4. Automated Bot Makes New GIF of The Wire Every Hour and Posts It To Tumblr


    Robots may snap up all the menial blue-collar jobs in the world but they can't replace our deep and oftentimes personal obsession with the Internet -- can they? Of course they can. Not even your Tumblr GIFS are safe now, because somebody's programmed a bot to create and post an animated image from HBO's The Wire once every hour.

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  5. New Tool Lets You GIF Your Face to React to Anything on the Internet

    Now you can say anything you want with a GIF, meaning it should be the only form of communication we use from now on.

    Have you ever been in a position where you want to react to something on the Internet, but you can't find the right reaction GIF? Kiss those worries goodbye, because now there's an easy way to make your own. FaceToGIF is an HTML5 tool that records right from your browser and converts the file to a handy GIF format.

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  6. 6 Animated GIFs Lone Signal Should Beam Into Space

    Its mission: To boldly go where no dancing baby has gone before.

    Every once in a while, humanity decides to send a document of its achievements into space on the off chance that it might get picked up by another form of intelligent life. In 1974, NASA beamed a binary encoding of a double helix. In 2008, they beamed a recording of "Across The Universe" by The Beatles. Today, the interstellar communication company Lone Signal will be beaming an animated GIF of a random white guy scratching his mostly-bald head into space. No offense to that dude, but is that really the best we can do as a species when there are so very many spectacular GIFs wandering about the Internet?

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  7. Things We Saw Today: X-Men Poster Is As Dark And Brooding As The Wolverine Will Be

    Things We Saw Today

    Marko Manev's new X-Men print is very noir-- I half expected the title to be "The Maltese Phoenix." Check it out over at Slashfilm

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  8. A GIF Guide to When It’s Okay to Use Your Phone in the Theater So Someone Else Doesn’t Throw It Away

    Last night, National Review Online writer Kevin Williamson lived out our collective dreams and tossed the phone of a fellow audience member into the wings of a small outdoor theater. Part of us wants to call Williamson a hero, but polity brings us up short on that point. The cure for rudeness shouldn't be more rudeness, and grabbing someone's phone is likely to land you in some legal trouble or a fistfight, depending on the demeanor of the person whose phone you just threw. It's just bad behavior all the way around, and though it's tempting to, we can't condone any of it.

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  9. There’s an Official White House Tumblr Now, Because Of Course

    I guess it was only a matter of time. The White House has slowly made itself completely and totally a part of the Internet by invading social media like Twitter, so it's not all that surprising that they'd branch out to engage with people in other ways. Still, an official White House Tumblr? Yeah, that's a thing that exists now.

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  10. Community is Officially Desperate, Wants You to Post GIFs for Puppet Episode

    NBC is reaching out to an ever-shrinking demographic, Community fans, and asking them to post their favorite puppet-related GIFS to Tumblr for tomorrow night's episode "Introduction to Felt Surrogacy" -- the show's much anticipated puppet episode. They'll even give you free things if you post the best GIF to their GIFathon! You guys like free things, right? The whole shebang even has a hashtag, #CommunityGIFathon, so you know it's thing on the Internet. It's an act that's as transparent as asking an ex out for coffee because you just want to catch up, and about as dignified, and I don't know what makes me sadder: What it says about the state of a show that was a favorite of mine until mere months ago, or the fact that I only barely care.

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