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  1. Just in Time to Ruin Valentine’s Day, Here’s a Horrifying GIF of What a Kiss Looks Like From Inside Your Gross Mouth

    Humans are disgusting.

    Ugh. Gross. I think deep down we all know kissing is at best a little gross, but we just kind of accept it because, well, it's fun. But the view from inside your mouth while you do it is some next-level stuff.

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  2. Star Wars Unveils Its Official Tumblr With the Best GIF Ever

    Help me, Xkit! You're my only hope!

    Good news for people who really enjoy wasting time on social media! Now that Star Wars has an official Instagram, it was really only a matter a time before they jumped on the Tumblr train as well. We can't wait to see them mess everything up about the nuances of social justice politics with the best of 'em.

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  3. Shut. Down. Everything. There’s a Company That Prints Gifs.

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

    Through the magic of lenticular printing—you know, those pictures with two separate images on them, and you switch back and forth by moving it around—Brooklyn-based startup gifpop is printing the pinnacle of human artistic achievement: The gif. Yes, you can upload your own, though the limit is ten frames. You can even choose two still images—like, for instance, happy Bilbo and Bilbo flipping everyone off. There has to be a catch, like you're not allowed to use gifs from copyrighted material or something. The website doesn't specify, but the universe cannot be good enough to allow me to have a physical copy of Nathan Fillion being judgey to carry around with me, close to my heart. (via: PetaPixel) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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  4. Turn GIFs Into Old-Timey Flip Films With The Giphoscope

    It was so hard not to turn this post into a full-on GIF party.

    We love sharing GIFs online - emails, Tumblr, Facebook; wherever, GIFs are always the appropriate response. Luckily for us, some folks over in Turin, Italy have taken GIF-sharing to a whole new level, creating the Giphoscope: a beautiful and functional piece of GIF art for your home.

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  5. Without the GIFs and Images, Buzzfeed Articles are Hilariously, Terrifyingly Surreal

    But how will I be able to tell people what I'm feeling without screen caps from Mean Girls??

    Like 'em or not, you've gotta hand it to Buzzfeed -- they've turned sharing GIFs on the Internet into an art form. But when you strip all the images away, what's left? Nothing but curiously vague bits and pieces of phrases. Honestly, after reading some of these, it really should have occurred to us earlier that a Buzzfeed staffer was behind @horse_ebooks.

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  6. The Moon and Venus Snuggle Up Close Tonight, Here’s How and When to See It in GIF form!

    Moon <3's Venus 4evah, maybe not 4evah, but definitely tonight.

    Tonight you'll be able to see a beautiful view of the Moon and Venus next to each other in the sky. Sure, they'll still actually be millions and millions of miles away from each other, but it's all about perspective, and tonight's perspective will be lovely. Here's how to see it in seven easy steps and eight silly GIFs.

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  7. Ask and Ye Shall Receive: Tumblr Asks are Now Rebloggable

    And So It Begins

    If you're not on Tumblr, you might not be experiencing exquisite joy and relief right now. I mean, sure, you might be for some reason unrelated to the internet or social media. Takes all kinds. But just in case you aren't a Tumblr user, you should know about a particular long overdue and clamored for feature that's just been added to the site, so that you might better understand your Tumblering brethren. The reason why they're so excited? Asks are now rebloggable.

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  8. Curiosity Rover Makes GIF of Phobos Passing Deimos, Wins the Internet

    It's like... Curiosity gets us, you know? Like, really gets us.

    Earlier this month Curiosity got a unique view of two Martian moons passing each other. It witnessed Phobos passing Deimos, and NASA put out a nice video showing the event, but if the Internet loves anything more than videos it's GIFs. That's why they released a GIF of the event. I wonder what we'll post it in response to on Reddit.

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  9. Automated Bot Makes New GIF of The Wire Every Hour and Posts It To Tumblr


    Robots may snap up all the menial blue-collar jobs in the world but they can't replace our deep and oftentimes personal obsession with the Internet -- can they? Of course they can. Not even your Tumblr GIFS are safe now, because somebody's programmed a bot to create and post an animated image from HBO's The Wire once every hour.

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  10. New Tool Lets You GIF Your Face to React to Anything on the Internet

    Now you can say anything you want with a GIF, meaning it should be the only form of communication we use from now on.

    Have you ever been in a position where you want to react to something on the Internet, but you can't find the right reaction GIF? Kiss those worries goodbye, because now there's an easy way to make your own. FaceToGIF is an HTML5 tool that records right from your browser and converts the file to a handy GIF format.

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