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  1. Germany Tells Us What We Already Knew, The Internet Is Essential

    and let it be known

    Because, like, you might not survive if you can't look at things like this. According to a new ruling in Germany, that is.

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  2. The Oldest Life on Earth Still Dominates at This German Cold Spring

    Do you want to get a glimpse of the life that dominated Earth during prehistoric times without being menaced by hyper-intelligent raptors? A German cold spring with a unique environment can offer you a look back into our planet's past, to a time when simple life forms known as archaea made the rules. Granted, it's not exactly Jurassic Park.  You'll need a high powered microscope just to see these prehistoric creatures, and they're not exactly as exciting to watch as a triceratops. Then again, they're also not going to try to murder and eat you, proving once again that life is a series of compromises leading inexorably to bitter disappointment. As if there were any doubt.

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  3. Clone Saga: German Scientists Want to Clone Christmas Trees

    Nothing puts me in the holiday spirit like cold hard science. That's why the news that German scientists are planning to clone the perfect Christmas tree has me feeling so festive. The plan is to increase the percentage of saplings that grow to mature Christmas trees of a popular species. This should make the tree selection process a lot simpler, since they'll all be pretty much identical.

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  4. Progeny’s Piracy Not Problem of Parents, Preteen Pirates Probably Pleased

    Pirates that also happen to be children might have just been given a free pass. After a 2007 case saw the parents of a then 13-year-old pirate get stuck with a bill of 5,380 euros for lack of parental supervision, the duo appealed on the grounds that they had told their son it was illegal. They argued that, by informing, they'd met their parental obligations. Yesterday, Germany's Federal court agreed and dismissed the case entirely.

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  5. Twitter Uses Local Censorship for First Time, Bars Account From Appearing in Germany

    Twitter's not often one to involve themselves in somewhat controversial actions. Twitter users, sure, but not the company itself. This is why their announcement back in January that they now could effectively censor tweets that break local speech laws was seen as an issue. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, dissenters said, and this kind of prohibitive action would make future social uprisings far more difficult. Yesterday, Twitter officially used this power for the very first time to censor the tweets of a group called Besseres Hannover from appearing in Germany.

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  6. German Parliament Bans Laptops, Pirate Party Shows Up With Typewriter

    We can all agree that, at times, the incessant clicking of keyboards can be a noise issue. If you're in the library, and folks are elaborately typing away to either side of you, it's certainly a situation worthy of a sigh or two. This is also how the German parliament feels, as they're now wanting to officially ban laptops from their meetings. In protest of this proposed action, Patrick Breyer and Torge Schmidt apparently showed up to today's meeting with a typewriter.

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  7. Zebras Give 10 Polar Bears Herpes (Yes, You Read That Right)

    How did all of my polar bears get herpes? It's an uncomfortable question that we've all been forced to ask ourselves at one point or another. At least, all of us who are zookeepers at Germany's Wuppertal Zoo, where no less than 10 polar bears came down with the virus in 2010. Still -- awkward, right? The good news is this: there is probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for how this happened, and chances are it involves no weird cross-species makeout sessions. The bad news? Nobody knows what that answer is. Right now, it's just a story of bizarre new strains of herpes virus and a dead polar bear, which we can all agree is super-sad.

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  8. Did You Know There Was A Giant LEGO Bridge In Germany?

    It is a gift!

    Would you drive your car over a bridge made of LEGO? Well don't be too scared, this isn't exactly what it looks like. street artist Megx decided one bridge in Germany would look better if it was made out of LEGO bricks. So how was this look actually achieved? Hit the jump to find out. 

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  9. Do You Recognize This Kid Who Claims to Have Lived in the German Woods for Five Years?

    Last September, the kid pictured above appeared in Berlin, Germany and asked for help at City Hall. He said that his name was Ray, that he had no memory, and that he had lived in some woods for five years. German police are now releasing his picture hoping to find anyone who may recognize the young man. More importantly, does anyone remember the story of Kaspar Hauser?

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  10. German Court Grants Motorola Injunction Against Windows 7, Xbox

    There's some potentially bad news for Microsoft in Germany; the Mannheim Regional Court has awarded Motorola an injunction that could effectively block all sales of Windows 7 and the Xbox 360 in Germany. The whole case revolves around a pair of patents that Motorola Mobility holds, concerning "adaptive motion compensation" and "adaptive compression of digital video data." The court found that Microsoft's Media Player, Internet Explorer, and Xbox 360 all infringe on the patents held by Motorola, and the resulting injunction blocks the distribution of the infringing products and allows Motorola -- in theory -- to order the destruction of all physical copies of Windows 7 and any Xbox 360s currently for sale in the country. Whether or not the injunction will actually be enforced, however, is another point of contention entirely.

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