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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


I'll Allow It

Germans Have Adopted “Shitstorm,” Didn’t Even Say Thanks

You can barely get through a sentence in English without using a word derived or straight up borrowed from French or Latin, so it’s somewhat ironic that our own mongrel language should be producing words that get borrowed by German, a language that we actually share linguistic roots with. And frankly, I couldn’t be prouder about the German adoption of our “shitstorm.”


and let it be known

Germany Tells Us What We Already Knew, The Internet Is Essential

Because, like, you might not survive if you can’t look at things like this. According to a new ruling in Germany, that is.


It is a gift!

Did You Know There Was A Giant LEGO Bridge In Germany?

Would you drive your car over a bridge made of LEGO? Well don’t be too scared, this isn’t exactly what it looks like. street artist Megx decided one bridge in Germany would look better if it was made out of LEGO bricks. So how was this look actually achieved? Hit the jump to find out. 


it's time to play the music

Accused Communist Kermit T. Frog Flagrantly Flaunts German Law for Personal Gain

The Muppets aren’t winning any friends these days (sarcasm and exaggeration alert), what with being accused of communist leanings because they had an evil oil baron as a villain, a completely unique characteristic of communist, and only communist fiction, now group leader Kermit T. Frog is up on actually legitimate charges of illegal product placement in German television.


i'll just leave this here

Watch This 86-Year-Old Gymnast Put Us All to Shame [Video]

This is Joanna Quaas, and she is an accomplished German gymnast. She is also 86 years old. She’s about to make you feel really bad about your current fitness level, so consider yourself warned. Yes, Joanna Quaas kicks all of our asses. After the jump, watch her on the parallel bars. The parallel bars.


There And Back Again

That Time That J.R.R. Tolkien Told Off the Third Reich

The Hobbit was published in 1937, the first work of fiction from Oxford professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien whose only previous claim to fame was writing one of the (still!) most influential essays on the interpretation of the Old English epic Beowulf. It was an overnight success, and it’s safe to say that the fantasy genre was never quite the same. But at the same time, in 1937, Adolf Hitler was consolidating his power as leader of the Third Reich. By May of the next year Germany had already annexed Austria, and Hitler announced his intention to use the utmost military force to subdue Czechoslovakia.

This was the climate in which publishing house Rütten & Loening, while attempting to secure the rights to publish a translated The Hobbit in German, asked J.R.R. Tolkien if he could provide proof that he was of Aryan descent.



Here Is the German Trailer for The Avengers — With Added Stark Snark! [Video]

A new German trailer for The Avengers is out today, and it includes some extra footage with Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) being a snarky jokester with Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). The video and translations of the Stark Snark after the jump! Montieren (Assemble)!


She Turned Me Into a Newt!

German City Will Re-Open the Case of Katharina Henot, Burned at the Stake for Witchcraft in 1627

One of Germany’s most notorious witch trials will be re-examined with the goal of clearing the name of a woman many believe was wrongly accused and executed for being a witch. Katharina Henot ran the post office for the city of Cologne with her brother, and apparently, the Imperial Court wanted in on some of their profits and started planning a central post office. So, when a local nun started pointing paranoid fingers at Henoit and her case went to the Imperial court, she didn’t exactly have many allies. While thousands were subject to the witch trials, the results of Henot’s was considered especially egregious, so much so that Henot was immortalized as a statue on the Cologne Town Hall building after her execution. Now, the city council that convicted her is taking another look at the case and trying to clear her name.


To Boldly Go

Germany Just Aired a 43-Year-Old Episode of Star Trek For the First Time (It Had Nazis In It)

First filmed in 1968, “Patterns of Force,” an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, has finally been aired in Germany after the country refused to show it on television. Why, you ask, would they have refrained from airing this particular episode of Star Trek? Well, it was the one in which Kirk and Spock dressed up like Nazis and referred to the World’s Most Terrible Genocidal Political Dictatorship as “the most efficient society ever created.” At a mere 20 or so years after the end of World War II, Germany had decided that at the time, airing the episode might be considered in bad taste. And they’re still extremely self-conscious about this Nazi thing — the episode ran at 10:00 PM and anyone under 16 was not advised to watch it. Set phasers to “too soon”!


Great Moments in Advertising

Heads Are Gonna Roll: Germany Thinks Up the Sickest Promotional Tool Ever

I say this as someone of German descent: Germans have a demented approach to things sometimes. But this? This is just the weirdest kind of hilarious I’ve seen all day. If you find the idea of sticking your fingers up a zombie’s nose in order to bowl with its head hilarious. Which I kind of do. But weirdness aside, what’s this all about? As it turns out, this is an advertising campaign to promote a new horror channel in Germany called 13th Street. Want to see more? Better yet, want to see zombie heads rolling down the lane? Warning: This post contains depictions of neck guts. It’s gross. We’re just telling you ahead of time because we care about your delicate sensibilities.