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George R.R. Martin

  1. San Diego Comic-Con 2014: While You Were Sleeping, Part 1

    Dany looks different...

    What went down on day one of Comic-Con? George RR Martin getting his Daenerys Targaryen on! Benedict Cumberbatch trolling the assembled masses about Doctor Strange! Tatiana Maslany as Shaun (of the Dead)! And mulleted Peter Dinklage welcoming us to the electric dreams factory, suckers.

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  2. George R.R. Martin Stuns Fans By Refusing To Kill Someone, Writes Adorable Letter Instead

    All for the wolfies!

    U.K. boy donates all of his pocket money to George R.R. Martin asking to be a character in the upcoming novel. Martin politely declines, but instead donates $10,000 to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in the boy's name.

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  3. What Are The Chances Ned Stark Will Return To Game Of Thrones? Sean Bean Has Some Thoughts

    One does not simply return to Game of Thrones...

    Ned's dead, baby. Ned's dead. But could Sean Bean's character make a return to HBO's Game of Thrones anyway? Book spoilers ahead!

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  4. Oh, Right, Westeros Isn’t Real – The Game of Thrones Season 4 VFX Reel Is Pretty Amazing

    But... can dragons be real? Maybe? Please?

    Sunday nights just aren't the same now that we can't hang out with all our besties in Westeros (and Braavos and Meereen and north of the Wall). This VFX reel from the most recent season of Game of Thrones serves as a stark reminder (yeah) that GRRM's magical worlds actually aren't as real as they seem. Tragically.

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  5. Experience The Wonder of ASOIAF From a First Person Perspective—Namely, George R.R. Martin’s [Video]

    Killin' your darlings since 1970.

    First person shooters are old hack these days. How about a first person writer instead? Because let me tell you, if this video by Mr. TVCrow could be turned into an actual video game, I would play it all the live long day. Well, maybe not the "live" long day, considering the brutality of the George R.R. Martin's source material. Pillows and poison for everyone!

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  6. George R.R. Martin On Dragons, White Walkers, and a Possible Movie In Game of Thrones‘ Future

    Sīkudi nopāzmi!

    Earlier this spring, George R.R. Martin mused on the possibility that the HBO series inspired by his work might need to wrap up with a big-budget feature film. Since then it's pretty much all anybody can ask the people behind Game of Thrones about, and Martin wants to set the record straight: it wasn't his idea, but he's into it.

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  7. HBO Execs Talk Game of Thrones (Not) Catching Up With the Books, Whether There’ll Be a Movie

    Such optimism.

    At no point during the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour did any HBO execs mention the possibility of George R.R. Martin dying, which means the man himself didn’t swing down from the ceiling wearing a harness and shouting "F*** YOOOOOOOOU" through a megaphone. I kind of wish they had. That would have been awesome.

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  8. Infographic Shows the Most Talked About Characters From Game of Thrones Season Four

    But what of Ser Pounce?

    We've got nearly a year to wait (I KNOW) before Game of Thrones returns, but in the meantime we can at least give season 4 a proper post-mortem. TVShowTime compiled this infographic for The Wrap that shows which characters were discussed the most this year, and surprisingly, all men did not need to die to gain viewers' attention. [Season 4 spoilers]

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  9. George R.R. Martin Has an Answer to Fans Who Say He Might Die Before Finishing ASoIaF: “F*** You”

    Don't look a gift author in the mouth.

    George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books are massive, and he's not exactly known for being quick about writing them. Hey, quality takes time (though it maybe doesn't help that he writes on DOS). Still, he's not too keen on fans who are concerned about his health seemingly only as it relates to his writing, and he's got a pretty succinct message for those people.

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  10. George R.R. Martin Has Previewed What’s To Come In His Next Game of Thrones Novel (We’ll Give You 3 Guesses)

    Rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns, right George???

    When I say details, I mean details. Do not read this post unless you're totally ok with reading spoilery things about the next A Song of Ice and Fire novel, The Winds of Winter.

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