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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Sock It To 'Em Ada

STEM Hiring Managers Often Favor Male Candidates, Says Yet Another Study


These findings aren’t groundbreaking, but they shine more light on a very real problem: Hiring managers, both men and women, often perceive male candidates to be better qualified for science and tech jobs, even when their actual on-paper qualifications say otherwise. Fixing the STEM gender gap isn’t just about encouraging interested students — it’s about making sure those students can get jobs one day.


Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

BuzzFeed Swaps Actresses for Actors in Sexist Commercials

BuzzFeed’s closing line on this is “seeing men like this is ridiculous, so why isn’t it with women?” and I can appreciate that as a beginning educational standpoint for folks out there who’ve never considered the roles that male and female bodies and stereotypes play in advertising. But frankly, I think all sides look ridiculous in this video, both in the original and remade ads. And I would like to take a stand, now, for a future where all people have an equal opportunity to be the ridiculous Dorito seducer, the ridiculous sports fan, the ridiculous supermodel, the ridiculous nerd, and the ridiculous burger-eating-on-a-beach-sexy-person, regardless of what genfer they identify with.

Previously in Advertising



Indie Game Dominique Pamplemousse Tackles The Gender Binary Through The Majesty of Song

Typically, when I’m looking for a new game to play, I do a bit of research first. I watch trailers and gameplay previews. I read interviews with developers. If it’s a game that’s already out and I’m not reviewing it, I look up reviews elsewhere. But when Dominique Pamplemousse crossed my radar (thanks to the slew of IGF nominations it picked up), the only pitch I needed was the quote on its website.

Dominique Pamplemousse in “It’s All Over Once The Fat Lady Sings!” is a unique and offbeat stop motion animated detective adventure game about gender and the economy. Also, all the characters frequently burst into song.



Okay You Primitive Screwheads

Annual Report On Women In Media Is Predictably Angry Scream-Inducing

Hey everyone! Good news! The Women’s Media Center, founded by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem, has released a report summarizing research done by various academic institutions about the state of women both in front of and behind the camera. It’ll hopefully raise awareness about that subject and maybe even lead to some positive change at some point in the future.

The bad news: Everything that’s actually in the report. There’s no “from bad to worse” here, because it’s all terrible. So let’s just say “from awful to also awful” and get this party started.


Good News Everyone!

Facebook Now Gives You Gender Options Besides “Male” and “Female”

Starting today, Facebook has about 50 different terms that one can use to identify one’s gender. And they’re also upping their pronoun game. Are these… positive feelings I’m having toward Facebook right now? I’m not used to this. What’s happening?


Our Adorable Past

What Does the Girl in the Most Internet Famous Vintage Lego Ad Think About Them Now?

This 1981 advertisement for Lego sets has been given a renewed life in the reaction to Lego’s Friends line, a line of Lego products that remain the only ones marketed expressly at girls, with minifigures that are incompatible with other Lego products. Apparently this mostly passed by Rachel Giordano, the thirty-seven year old naturopathic doctor who was once the little girl featured in the ad. Women You Should tracked Giordano down to interview her and recreate the photo with a modern Friends set (a news caster van thats interior contains, not broadcasting equipment, but a makeup vanity).


Today in Boobs

Technology Does Weird Things: Oculus Rift and Gender, Robot Ethics, and True Love Bras

What has future technology done for us lately? Well, Daft Punk won five Grammys in a single year.* Lets take a look!



Join Me For Unabashed Gushing Over Assassin’s Creed: Liberation‘s Female Protagonist

As a whole, Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD is not a very good game. The PC port of this former PS Vita exclusive looks gorgeous, but that doesn’t hide the problems underneath. The maps are huge, without providing any real reason to explore (beyond a few bland side quests and collectible items). The pacing is choppy, indicative of its easy-to-set-aside handheld origins. Bugs are everywhere, ranging from unprompted costume changes to finicky usable objects to falling rocks hanging in mid-air. Stabbing, climbing, and being stealthy are normally my jam, but within a couple hours, the missions felt routine. There were a few bright points, but overall, I was underwhelmed.

And yet, I can forgive Liberation its flaws. This game fell short of the adventure I was hoping for, but it’s worth playing for one glorious, shining reason. Her name is Aveline de Grandpré.


Today in Awesome

Attack on Titan Creator, Publisher On Character’s Gender

Manga artist and writer Hajime Isamaya created Attack on Titan, a manga and anime that is beautiful, dark, and complex…and also extremely popular.  It also features a character named Zoë Hange who, despite their female first name, is consistently not gendered in the course of the manga or anime.  Isamaya has clearly done this deliberately, as he’s repeatedly avoided giving Hange (or Hanji as the name is often written) a specific binary gender. Publisher Kodansha has now gotten in on the discussion via their Tumblr account and is attempting to keep the Attack on Titan manga as close to Isamaya’s vision as possible.


The Mary Sue

The Mary Sue’s Most Looked At Posts of 2013

On Tuesday we showed you our most commented on articles of 2013. It was a post full of the most contentious subjects in geekdom today: online and convention harassment, white washing, and, of course, the casting of Wonder Woman in a major movie adaptation.

But chatter is only one way to know that a post grabbed a lot of attention. There’s also views! So here are our 2013 posts that were seen by the most eyeballs. Your eyeballs.