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  1. The Mary Sue Exclusive Premiere: The Doubleclicks’ Ghostbusters (the All-Female Cast Cover)

    They ain't afraid of no male Ghostbusters remake!

    When The Doubleclicks heard about the all-female, Paul Feig-directed Ghostbusters film that's headed our way, they literally burst into song! In celebration, allow us to present The Mary Sue Exclusive Premiere of The Doubleclicks' latest video for their cover of Ghostbusters!

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  2. Enter Our Vitamin String Quartet Giveaway To Win A Copy Of Their New Geek Wedding Album!

    Make beautiful geeky music together!

    Do you love great music? Perhaps wonderful string covers of your favorite geeky tunes? Then you're going to want to enter our giveaway for the Vitamin String Quartet's new album, the Geek Wedding Collection!

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  3. Catch a Doubleclicks Concert Livestream Right Here Starting 3 O’Clock EST!

    Obligations be damned.

    Happy Friday, team.

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  4. Get Your Nerd Groove On With These Excellent Geeky Jams

    Geek out!

    I adore music. All kinds of music, from Tchaikovsky to Bad Religion and from Kate Miller-Heidke to Tech N9ne. What I also love is when people get super clever, and super nerdy, with their music (be it an original or a parody). So, here are just a few of my favorite nerdy songs from my music library.

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  5. Review: I Ship It Is The YouTube Tale Of A Pissed Off Hufflepuff And The Power Of Wizard Rock

    Puff pride!

    Wizard rock bands are one of those special aspects of the Harry Potter fandom that make me smile. Like fan fic and fanart creators, wizard rock bands take the Harry Potter canon and write songs about it. Sometimes it’s about actual settings or characters, but sometimes it just uses themes from the books (like love and heartbreak) as allegories. I Ship It is a short film about one girl’s chance at wizard rock stardom, emotional closure and maybe a little payback. Or a lot of payback.

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  6. Disney Parody of “Counting Stars” Has All the Villains Sing About How Evil They Are—Together, for Once

    Counting Scars will be my new method of falling asleep.

    Wow, this never would've happened under Mufasa. OH! Hey, Scar. Uh... qué pasa?

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  7. “Now The Spell Is Broken” Is A Gorgeous New Musical Tribute Album To Sailor Moon

    All this EP needs is a gender-fluid band from outer space.

    "Now The Spell Is Broken" is a new EP out from composer and songstress Mary Bichner, and it's basically a big love letter to the final season of the original Sailor Moon. Our pure hearts can't take it!

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  8. Schrödinger’s Cat, Refuted Beautifully By A Singing Cat [VIDEO]

    Surely she has some thoughts on string theory, too?

    Sarah Donner has a set of pipes, a pack of cats, and a greater understanding of physics than I do. Why wasn't high school this engaging?

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  9. Go Behind the Scenes With Bear McCreary As He Crafts Agents of SHIELD’s “The Cellist Theme”


    [Editor's note: The official blog of composer Bear McCreary (Agents of SHEILD, Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead) is a great resource for anyone who wants a deeper look at the music of some of their favorite geek shows. We especially took a liking to his post on creating the theme for Agents of SHIELD's cellist, played by Amy Acker, which he graciously allowed us to repost in its entirety.] In the April 22nd episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Coulson must defend his former flame from a super-powered stalker. As we have known for a while, he used to date a cellist. At last we get to meet her and hear her play! In my new video blog, go behind-the-scenes to the recording session where we recorded the virtuosic cello solo for this uniquely musically-themed episode.

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  10. The Dragon’s Daughter, A Game Of Thrones Auto-Tune Single, Is My New Jam [VIDEO]

    John D. Boswell (aka @musicalscience) has created an amazing Game Of Thrones (Season 1) tribute song which includes not only Daenerys, as you probably already guessed, but Mr. Snow, Jon Snow (and other Westeros natives), singing. I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT. Previously in Game Of Thrones

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