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  1. Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman Are Expecting a Baby!

    Adam Young Palmer-Gaiman has a nice ring to it...

    The Mary Sue wants to extend HUGE congratulations to Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman on the impending arrival of their new baby!

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  2. The Force Awakens Adorable Jedi Babies And They Lightsaber Fight For Cupcakes

    I thought it smelled bad... in their diaper!

    This should be the movie. But wait! There's also Superbaby!

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  3. Parents Want to Make Snowmen Babies And Name Them Elsa, Katniss, Khaleesi, or Hazel

    Hermiones of the world, the pressure is now off.

    In give-or-take the next nine months, the world may receive living, breathing, pooping proof that strong female characters have an influence that resonates outside their respective mediums. According to Nameberry, many parents are considering names from Young Adult literature and movies.

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  4. Here’s A Game of Thrones Nursery Mobile to Captivate Your Little Khal or Khaleesi

    Winter Is Coming

    This Game of Thrones mobile is perfect to teach Stark babies that "Winter is Coming" and to ensure that Tyrell tykes are "Growing Strong."  I'm not so sure if "Fire and Blood" is the best combination for a nursery though. At least Etsy seller LullabyMobiles has made the direwolves, dragons, and krakens a lot cuter than they are frightening.  Check out close ups of all the stitched sigils after the jump.

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  5. Nerd Baby Nurseries, Our Secret Weakness

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    Look at that! Plush strawberries to go with a Firefly themed nursery set! For somebody who is extremely uncomfortable around little kids, I sure like looking at pictures of nerdy baby nurseries. Then again, I also have a Batman lamp from Kids Pottery barn above my bed, so there's that.

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  6. Watch This Adorable Baby Girl Get Into A Lightsaber Fight With Darth Maul


    The Force is strong with this youngling. What starts off as just fun and games turns into a deadly serious battle when this little lady discovers Darth Maul isn't a moving bank at all, but a true Sith Lord! Lucky for us she's quick to act and even quicker with a lightsaber. Get him, baby! GET HIM! May the fourth be with you all!

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  7. Holy Adorable, Batman! Baby Cozies For Your Geeky Newborn


    One day, there will be a Venn diagram created to illustrate the staff member of The Mary Sue who like babies, Batman, and/or both. In the meantime, we would like to bring your attention to these crochet patterns for newborn cozies available at the Etsy shop for Calleigh's Clips and Crochet Creations. For your tiny little nerd babies.

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  8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Footage Sends Woman Into Labor, She Waits Until It’s Over to Have Baby

    Meddling Kids

    We here at The Mary Sue are a fan of strong women, and we will not hesitate to put the spotlight on strong women who become mothers while still pursuing their dreams. Like, literally, they give birth/go into labor while in the middle of something related to their dreams. So when one woman went into labor upon viewing new footage from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at QuakeCon and then waited until the end of the presentation to go to the hospital, we have to wonder: Is it our birthday? What did we do to merit this utter prize of a story? But it gets even better when you hear how the new parents met and what they named their little girl.

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  9. This Baby Will Turn Out Awesome Either Way

    Meddling Kids

    Lara Ryan thinks Jemima is a rediculous name, and suggests another for their kid. I'm partial towards "Ripley" myself. (via Offbeat Mama's montage of a bunch of babies who are sure to join the Geek Side as they get older.)

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