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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Gary Oldman

And Fansplosions Abound

Gary Oldman and Nick Frost Talk Call of Duty

Gary Oldman is the best. THE. BEST. And Nick Frost is pretty cool too. Anyway, Gary Oldman has done voices for multiple Call of Duty games, and in this clip he talks about it and shouts a bit. Nick Frost, meanwhile, explains to Toni Collette what Call of Duty is and talks about the difficulties of being a gamer dad.

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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Facehugs For Everybody

Joey Spiotto‘s Alien (and Predator) prints in the style of Little Golden Books are for sale. (See Geeks are Sexy for links to each.)


Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes.

Gary Oldman Has Been Approached About Star Wars, Might Have Time For This Mickey Mouse Bullshit

Gary Oldman being in Star Wars: Episode VII isn’t even remotely close to a sure thing. You can tell that because he’s talking about it. But still. Hyperventilating I’m hyperventilating I’m hyperventilating.



Jay Baruchel Geeks Out Over Batman Actors On The Set Of RoboCop

“I got to work on the remake of ‘Robocop’ with Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman. And pretty much all my scenes were with Keaton. Oldman was in most of ‘em and Jennifer Ehle and Marianne Jean-Baptiste. And so here I am with Commissioner Gordon and Batman from two different generations together and I was there privy to the moment where that penny dropped and they realized that. It was like, ‘Wait a second, you’re in the new one? Who you playing, Gordon?’ ‘Yeah, Batman.’ It was like, ‘Oh my God!’ But then to hear production stories about ‘The Dream Team,’ about ‘Johnny Dangerously’ and fucking ‘Batman,’ ‘Beetlejuice,’ I mean — and then from Oldman I got to pick his brain about ‘State of Grace,’ about ‘The Professional,’ the Nolan Batmans. And that’s the thing, it’s like it’s like a bit of an agreement. I think they’re fine talking about it if I’m actually interested. And they saw that I am [really] a movie nerd. That’s the one thing I’ll be super fucking arrogant about and say I know my shit. And so when they talk to me they can see that. And it was just like it’s a movie nerd’s dream to get to be with fucking Keaton and Oldman every day.”RoboCop reboot actor Jay Baruchel speaking with


Cautiously Optimistic

The RoboCop Reboot Has A Trailer, Awesome Actors

I’m not the biggest fan of reboots (not a fan at all, actually) so I guess that’s why I hadn’t been paying too much attention to the progress of the RoboCop reboot. Suddenly, we have our first trailer and I realize it stars amazing folks like Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton, and Samuel L. Jackson. Not only that but, I have to admit it doesn’t look half bad. Admittedly, many films with great trailers turn out to stink so I’ll wait and see, but at least they’ve got me excited for something I didn’t want in the first place.

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Just Go With It

Talia al Ghul, Commissioner Gordon Reunite in New David Bowie Music Video

Gary Oldman, stop yelling at singing prophet David Bowie. And Marion Cotillard, you’ve got red on you.

Warning for breasts, blood, creepy eyelashes, and extreme religious symbolism.

(via: Vulture)

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this exists

Watch Gary Oldman Freak Out. A Lot. [VIDEO]

Even in the worst movies, Gary Oldman is a shining beacon of heavenly light. And it may be he’s at his best when he’s completely freaking out. Decide for yourself after watching this fabulous supercut which includes lots of shouting and cursing.

(via The High Definite)

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Officially Official

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Casts Gary Oldman as the Leader of the Human Resistance

A fair number of big news items have popped up today. The Hobbit is being pushed back by five months. Tim Curry will be in The Clone Wars. Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have some interesting post-Potter films lined up. But there’s only one thing that made me squeal at my computer. And that’s that Gary Oldman has joined the cast of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. This was my reaction.


Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: This Jazz Age Justice League is the Cat’s Pajamas


The Dark Knight Rises, But Not Above Impossible Expectations [Spoilers]

Christopher Nolan is nothing if not an exacting director. Under his guiding hand, the films he’s best known for are idea-laden, exposition-loaded rambles of stark, intense action. They demand sharp intakes of breath from audience members, a certain gripping of armrests. They ask for focus, concentration, and belief. In The Dark Knight Rises, the closing chapter of his Batman trilogy, he delivers, for the most part, what was ordered; a terse, gritty piece about a war-zone struggle. There are ruthless leaders, hopeless negotiations for relief from the outside, and noble heroes in dire peril, striving to save all the lives they can with meager resources. TDKR is an action thriller with goosepimple moments aplenty, something Nolan & Co do well. It almost feels like a shame that, amidst this fantastic setup, they are contractually obligated to include Batman.