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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Gangnam Style

The World Doesn't End Because the Doctor Dances

Andrew Garfield’s Dance Skills & Pop-Culture Knowledge Are Tested On Ellen [VIDEO]

If you’re booked on Ellen it’s a known fact you will probably be asked to dance at some point during the show. The context may not always be the same but it’s always something to watch. In this particular instance Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield was asked to perform several different types of dances on the spot. For each one he got correct, $1000 would go to charity. The thing is, most of the dances required some significant pop-culture awareness, something I’m sure not a lot of actors actually have considering they’re too busy being a part of that very culture. Regardless, Garfield pretty much nailed them all. Give it a look.


Fans Do Cool Things

The Real Lo Pan Stars In This Big Trouble In Little China Gangnam Style Parody

John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China starring Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, and Dennis Dun is definitely a cult classic. And we all know classics are open season for parodies. But what makes this latest Gangnam Style parody so special? Well it’s brought to you by Wesley Freitas, aka Wekejay, the guy who gave us the amazing “Call Me Maybe” Batman parody, but it also stars Lo Pan himself, actor James Hong!

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Ghostbusters Gangnam Style Works Frighteningly Well [VIDEO]

You may be ready to call the Gangnambusters on Psy and all related parodies but give this one a try. It’s the Ghostbusters theme mashed up with Gangname Style and for whatever reason, it totally works.

(via The FW)

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To Boldly Go

Gangnam Style, Performed By A Klingon, In Klingon

I’m not too hip to this whole Gangnam Style phenomena but this…this is impressive. In honor of the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Comediva put together a parody of Psy’s hit but in Klingon. Yes, actual Klingon. Kristen Bobst made the translation and they got Felix Malmenbeck, an expert, to help with grammar. A Qapla’ if ever I saw one.

(via Comediva)